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MyPortfolio: New features


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presentation at MoodleMoot NZ 2011 at Unitec in Auckland on July 28, 2011.

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MyPortfolio: New features

  1. 1. MyPortfolio:  New  featuresKristina  D.C.  HoeppnerCatalyst  ITMoodleMootNZ  2011Unitec  ‧  Auckland28  July  2011Presentation:  Creative  Commons  BY-­‐SA  3.0
  2. 2.
  3. 3. mypor
  4. 4. primary  school  theme:  initial  proposal
  5. 5. I  pr    Still   cla esen  grea t  start.   we ss  ( ted Yea  thiThis   is  a  shou ld  tal r  5   s  to ourn a l” asp ked stu  my thin k   “J a. re at e  are the ect  abo den   be  in  the  c n  I   s  o f  th ut  v ts)   wr i pai ario -­‐   te  w red e  sit us   ...  would  be  cool  if  there   wh hat  the e  an at  c  the m  u d   were  some  computers   oul y  lik p  to d  b ed     or  cameras  etc.  for  file   e  b and ett   r   sharing er . ea ss  (Y   Wicked!! cla ction y   a I  agre e  -­‐  gre o  m l  re and   it  t itia at  star d    in ”,   ...   The  bl ackbo t.   ho  Th we eir om ited e to  be   ard  ne I  s es xc a  whit eds   4/  “I5). ts  aw ry  e eboar s e nice. e  v as   d!!! wa  wer  w th w ey hich
  6. 6. revised  version  that  is  implemented
  7. 7. configurable  theme
  8. 8. Māori  language  support
  9. 9. user  search:  default  for  institution  only
  10. 10. institution  contact  overview
  11. 11. easy  embedding  of  external  content
  12. 12. embed  content  from  Google
  13. 13. improved  navigation  between  lots  of  pages
  14. 14. copy  collection
  15. 15. page  editor
  16. 16. internal  and  external  slideshow
  17. 17. continuing  professional  development  log
  18. 18. share  pages
  19. 19. comment  rating
  20. 20. multiple  file  upload
  21. 21. send  pages  to  DigitalNZ (MOE  metadata  project)
  22. 22. re-­‐usable  text  boxes
  23. 23. Institution(s)revisited  profile  page  access
  24. 24. display  list  of  blog  posts based  on  a  tag
  25. 25. limit  of  online  users
  26. 26. rewrite  of  groups
  27. 27. default  settings  upon  account  creation
  28. 28. revised  self-­‐registration
  29. 29. transfer  of  usersbetween  schools
  30. 30.  Taster  Sessions
  31. 31. @anitsirkStay  in  touch