Meet the Mahara User Group


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Presentation by Linda Anstendig, Martina Blackwood, Garrett Dell, Samantha Egan, Beth Gordon Klingner, Kristina D.C. Hoeppner, Keith Landa and Ellen Marie Murphy at the AAEEBL 2012 Annual ePortfolio Conference about the Mahara User Group on July 17, 2012.

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Meet the Mahara User Group

  1. 1. Meet the Mahara User Group A Panel DiscussionJuly 17, 2012AAEEBL Annual Conference:ePortfolios as a Catalyst forConnections
  2. 2. OverviewI.  Why Mahara User Group (MUG)?II.  Local benefitsIII.  About MaharaIV.  Going internationalV.  Applying MUG to our institutionsVI.  MUG activitiesVII. Future plansJoin us!
  3. 3. Creating MUG•  Initiator: Pace University, August 2011•  Purpose: connect with other Mahara-using institutions•  Reach: Initial regional focus•  Goal: create a community for sharing discussions about campus ePortfolio projects using Mahara
  4. 4. Inaugural meetingAugust 9, 2011, Pace University
  5. 5. About Mahara•  ePortfolio system•  Open source•  User-centric•  Community-oriented•  Collaboration in groups•  Dashboard feature•  Flexible permissions for sharing•  Integration with Moodle•  Embedding of external resources
  6. 6. Going localBenefits of a local MUG:•  Familiarity with each others institutions•  Working with similar bodies of accreditation•  Connecting with the larger Mahara community•  Connecting with institutions closer to home•  Meeting up at regional conferences
  7. 7. Going international
  8. 8. Link to •  Complementary to developer meetings •  Feature proposals •  User support forums •  Institutional implementation case studies •  Pedagogy discussions
  9. 9. Mahara @ Pace•  Started with pilot program in Spring 2010•  Currently have over 1,700 significant users•  Multiple uses: Classroom, Career Development, Tenure and Promotion, Student Life•  In the process of upgrading from version 1.2 to 1.5•  Pace and MUG
  10. 10. Mahara @ Purchase•  Moodle & Mahara•  Initial Mahara issues•  MUG interest•  Mahoodle setup•  Current projects •  Faculty review portfolios •  ePortfolio Institutes•  SUNY collaborations •  DQP initiative and SUNY transfers •  SUNY hosting •  SUNY Downstate proposal •  SUNY Learning Commons
  11. 11. Mahara @ AMCAlbertus ePortfolio Information•  Decided on Mahara at AAEEBL 2010•  Davis Foundation Grant – Fall 2011•  Currently have 300 users•  Running version 1.4•  Recent tie with Moodle LMSRelationship with MUG•  Work in larger ePortfolio Project•  Avoiding small school worldview•  Community involvement "raises our bar"
  12. 12. Mahara @ Empire StateWhat makes us different:•  Non-traditional college part of the State University of New York•  Individualized degree programs•  Recognition of prior learningMahara decision:•  Piloted Mahara this Spring for ePortfolios and Educational Planning•  Decision was made to use Mahara and discontinue Digication•  Will begin implementing a fully integrated Moodle/Mahara system in January 2013•  Roll-out expected to be complete by Sept 2013
  13. 13. Virtual activities•  Webinar meetings in October 2011 and January 2012•  April 2012 Student Showcase•  MUG Facebook Group established for connecting between meetings •  Over 90 members from across the globe
  14. 14. RecordingsApril Student Showcase virtual MUG sessions
  15. 15. Current issues•  MUG Facebook Group issues o  Rationale for initial adoption o  Facebook Group and growth of MUG o  Concerns about non-openness of Facebook o  Open governance initiatives and the open- everything movement•  Governance status for MUG o  Ad-hoc organization to date o  Members? Participants? o  Common principles? o  Focus on how the group can be useful to participants
  16. 16. Questions?•  Albertus Magnus College: Garrett Dell•  Catalyst IT: Kristina Hoeppner•  Empire State: Ellen Marie Murphy•  Pace University: •  Linda Anstendig: •  Martina Blackwood: •  Samantha Egan: •  Beth Gordon Klingner:•  Purchase: Keith Landa