50 persuasive essay topics


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This brief slide deck provides 50 different topics that students may choose from to write a persuasive paper for college or high school.

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50 persuasive essay topics

  1. 1. 50 Persuasive Essay Topics iPersuasiveEssayTopics.com
  2. 2. The Following List of Easy andPersuasive Topics For Essays www.iPersuasiveEssayTopics.com
  3. 3. www.iPersuasiveEssayTopics.com• Should assisted suicide be legal in the case of people with terminal diseases?• Should students be required to contribute community service hours are part of their education?• Should alcohol manufacturers be banned from advertising on TV?• Should there be tighter controls on the use of alcohol?• Should businesses be required to higher a per-capita number of minority employees?• Should there be minimum jail times for specific offenses?• Should betting on sports be illegal?• Should gambling be illegal?• Should women earn the same amount as men?• Should the US put tariffs on imports from other countries?• Should world religion be taught in schools?• Should the pledge of allegiance be required for public school students?• Should minors that commit violent crimes be tried as adults?• Does the justice system remediate criminals?• Should talking or texting while driving be legal?• Should the state be allowed to euthanize any animal that bites someone?• Should teaches be required to wear uniforms?• Should the US be allowed to imprison suspected terrorists without due process?
  4. 4. www.iPersuasiveEssayTopics.com• Should students be required to pass a standard test in order to graduate high school?• Should tablet computers replace text books?• Should schools required students to wear uniforms?• Should genetically modified organisms be allowed to be sold as food?• Should there be requirements, associated with fines, for people that don’t recycle?• Should people be allowed to keep potentially dangerous animals as pets?• Should the government regulate the consumption of candy and fast food?• Should the 2nd amendment cover all types of armament?• Should people be allowed to freely access and share copyrighted work?• Should there be tougher government oversight on internet content?• Should all internet commerce be taxed?• Should cyber-bullies face suspension and possible legal action?• Is it appropriate for teachers and students to be Facebook friends?• Should high school athletes be forced to take drug tests?• Should performance enhancing steroids be legal for use?• Should students 10 and over be allowed to view R rated movies?