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Blogging on line


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assessment of learning environment in learning journals

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Blogging on line

  1. 1. Asma Al-Balushi (u068699) SQU,COE,ILT . Tech4102 course Blogging On Line (Journaling) Purpose : This instrument is designed to be used as a checklist for evaluating the learning environment in any blog-based journal . Instructions: put "Y" if the statement is achieved , and "N" if it is not , at each statement . Categories Statement Y/N Quality of Written in an interesting style and voice writing Deeply reflective Well organized doesn't include bias clear, concise, and easy to understand. Presentation The title of the Weblog reflect about its content The purpose is stated on the Weblog page The content is written in a readable manner, with correct grammar/spelling The information is updated on a regular basis Ideas and responses are communicated clearly and coherently Information is organized hierarchically, from the general to the specific, and the organization is clear and logical Pages are quick to scan, with ample headings and sub- headings and short paragraphs Hypertext has been appropriately used to structure content Multimedia Multiple pieces of multimedia Multimedia adds new information or perspective to post Community Several links to places that add to readers understanding Post is fully categorized and tagged