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Marketing Your Gigabit Fiber


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Presentation from FISPA Live Nashville 2017 on how to market your gigabit fiber (broadband). More on that here:

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Marketing Your Gigabit Fiber

  1. 1. #FISPA2016 Marketing Fiber Peter Radizeski
  2. 2. This prezo is mainly for Resi (B2C) 2/16/2017 2 Nashville 2017
  3. 3. BE VISUAL Images & video, esp. on social media = Tells a story. Picture Worth 1000 Words
  4. 4. Visual comparison
  5. 5. 10
  6. 6. PRE-SALE AWARENESS 2/16/2017 Nashville 201711
  7. 7. Lots of pre-sale Lots of Noise ahead of
  8. 8. Everything is Marketing = WOM ** UX is in the details People took pictures of the boxes!!
  9. 9. WRAP BUSES; Banner up taxi cabs.
  10. 10. Well placed ads, make shift billboards. WRAP BUSES; Banner up Train Stations, taxi cabs.
  11. 11. MARKETING REMINDERS 2/16/2017 Nashville 201719
  12. 12. FiOS Target (only 42M)
  13. 13. Integrated TV Radio Newspaper Direct mail Billboards Online Website Email Social One Message
  14. 14. Think Useful Coupon for Udemy courses Home Tutor Resume Builder or LinkedIn expert Pinterest / eBay / etsy classes Personal Librarian-Internet tutor (1 hr/mo free) Bundle in Roku or Netflix or Hulu or Xbox or Chromebook or iPad or Android tablets Privacy Package …… No Cap!! Photo storage
  15. 15. Typical
  16. 16. ILECs uses a lot of sales letters! Direct Mail still works. Put the USPS to work for you.
  17. 17. TOOLS 2/16/2017 Nashville 201726
  18. 18. Use more Double Play ads (no quad) no contract, coupon, ‘as low as’, A/B test prices?
  19. 19. Target different Buyers – like Gamers, Boomers, Hispanic and Women (and LUXE/Premium) <message and bundle specific>
  20. 20. The Mission of the Postcard 3 seconds as it heads to the trash can! 4 Items: Headline, offer, logo, call to action What is the mission? To peak interest? Awareness? Takes repetition.
  21. 21. REPETITION 2/16/2017 Nashville 201730
  22. 22. Street Marketing • In July 2012, a team of 60 Google employees with clipboards worked 80-hour weeks in a 6-week blitz, chatting with neighborhood associations, going to town hall meetings and church meet-ups to spread the promise of Internet speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second. In order for a neighborhood to have access to the service, 5% to 25% of its residents had to sign up in advance to qualify as a fiberhood.
  23. 23. Influencers Here’s a fact: people trust recommendations from people they know. There’s a study putting the actual numbers at 92%. An additional 70% say they trust consumer opinions that have been posted online. Brands need influencers – 3rd parties that give the brand credibility and validation.
  24. 24. Make it share-able
  25. 25. Branding: GigaPower vs FiOS The power of a Brand
  26. 26. WHY? 2/16/2017 Nashville 201735
  27. 27. What does fiber mean to the Enterprise?
  28. 28. Why do they need Gigabit? Why should they pay for fiber? WHY YOU?
  29. 29. Why Do I Need Broadband?  The majority of Americans said that not being online was an impediment to finding jobs, using government services, and learning new things.  Homework  LinkedIn  Tele-Work / Freelancing  Tele-Health / Tele-Medicine  eLearning, Distance Learning, Online Courses  Cell phone offload  >>> More than just Netflix or Sling TV or FB
  30. 30. Why Do They Need Broadband “34 percent of the work force in the United States, 53 million people, now consider themselves independent contractors, short- term hires or other kinds of freelancers” (Mary Meeker) – the “on demand” economy – The connection economy Etsy, eBay, Pinterest = jobs for artists
  31. 31. BUNDLES 2/16/2017 Nashville 201741
  32. 32. Why Bundles are Strategic DIFFERENTIATE PRODUCT FIT 2/16/2017 Nashville 201742
  33. 33. Simple: just 3 Bundles
  34. 34. Lot of fine print – NOTE: no fine print in ours!
  35. 35. Comparison Ads (Burger King, Avis, TWC, T-Mo)
  36. 36. Bundle Better Bundle in Roku or Netflix or Hulu or Xbox Chromebook or iPad or Android tablets* Office 365 Backup, Photo storage Tech Support
  37. 37. Need help with this? Hire me. 813.963.5884
  38. 38. VZ uses a lot of sales letters!
  39. 39. Branded premium service offering (and launched mobile apps)