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Lessons in book publishing


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What I learned from self-publishing 3 paperbacks and 4 e-books. BarCamp Tampa Bay 2012 talk

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Lessons in book publishing

  1. 1. Lessons in BookPublishingby Peter Radizeski
  2. 2. Project Overview SELF abuse. Paperback Kindle eBook Lulu Amazon Covers
  3. 3. Why a Book?
  4. 4. "Ideas are worth little to nothing without: People to execute; Culture to select the right people; and Vision toattract the best stakeholders."
  5. 5. Self Publish??
  6. 6. Why I chose
  7. 7. Speed to Market = get published fast! Make more per book; More Control; Distribution; ISBN;
  8. 8. ISBN 1 for every format! Digital and Printed No changes allowed. Must be on the cover. International Group controls usage.
  9. 9. The Cover Copyright of image Font & Image back cover What size? Varies Greatly! Title ISBN Format
  10. 10. Book Covers 99designs eLance Google it!
  11. 11. Format Paperback Binding? Size? Digital? Epub, Kindle, PDF, etc.
  12. 12. Apple iBook
  13. 13. Which do you pick?Promote?
  14. 14. PRICE?
  15. 15. tribe
  16. 16. 1. Excerpt2. Preview3. Reviews*
  17. 17. Reviews = MustiOS bookshelf app
  18. 18. GiveawaysContestsPromotions
  19. 19. You can do Nifty Sh!t w/Kindle
  20. 20. With iPad too. Plan ahead.
  21. 21. Signing e-books!
  22. 22. Hire an Editor!
  23. 23. The editor I used: Hire an Editor!
  24. 24. 8 Steps From My Editor
  25. 25.  Not that expensive. You pay more for copy editing than for formatting. It was extremely helpful to have someone else format all the digital files. Step 1
  26. 26.  Provide a doc or docx file, with minimal formatting and with scene breaks and chapters clearly marked (a # symbol is perfect for scene breaks--no need to center them; no need for page breaks between chapters either, just bold your chapter heads and I will find them.). Step 2
  27. 27.  Copyright information for the work and the cover image, and credits for the cover designer, editor, and whoever else needs crediting. Step 3
  28. 28.  Table of contents  what a b!tch! Front matter: dedication, epigraph, acknowledgements, whatever. Back matter: Bio, a letter to readers, promo for other works, glossary, etc., anything else you want. Step 4-6
  29. 29.  Links to your blog or website. Put any links in a separate email rather than in the document file. Step 7
  30. 30.  It would be really helpful if youd provide the cover image and a one page synopsis of the story. Itll help give me "design" ideas. You can compile all the extra material in the document file, or include it in a separate attachment. Step 8
  31. 31. Amazon Costs 35% versus 70% You pay for book delivery on top of the commission Lulu = fixed rates You pay for reach (distribution, eyeballs) You pay for 1-click buying! Amazons Kindle Direct Publishing KDP Select
  32. 32. Peter Radizeski is a consultant specializing in sales training and strategy for telecom companies. His books are available on and Amazon.813-963-5884peter@rad-info.nethttp://rad-info.netTwitter @radinfo