Why Marketing Matters


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FISPA ATL2014 breakfast session on marketing. What is a brand? internal and External marcomm. Why market at all?

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  • Like all good things, it spiraled.
  • Forty years ago, Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead made some decisions that changed the music industry forever. You might not be in the music business and you may never have been to a Dead concert, but the impact the Dead made impacts almost every industry, including yours.
    In addition to grossing more than a few hundred million dollars during their career, the Dead helped us understand how tribes work. They didn’t succeed by selling records (they only had one top 40 album). Instead, they succeeded by attracting and leading a tribe.
  • Why Marketing Matters

    1. 1. Marketing for Breakfast Welcome to FISPALIVEWelcome to FISPALIVE Atlanta 2014Atlanta 2014
    2. 2. Why Should You Care About Marketing
    3. 3. What is Marketing? Every single touch of your customer or prospective market. Advertising, PR, social, physical, WOM, service, collateral, products, company, charity, website, employees, trucks, clothes, smells, attitudes, experience, every little thing with your company attached to. Marketing is verbal and non-verbal communications
    4. 4. What is a Brand? About 1K of memory about you.
    5. 5. What is a Brand? Brands work not because they have clever logos or taglines, not because they run a lot of ads, but because something about their story and their promise resonates with deeply held cultural beliefs. "People like us do things like this/buy things like this/like things like this," is the mark of a brand (a comedian, a clothing line, a store) that has become part of the zeitgeist, at least for a portion of the population. Most of all, it's, "people like us treat others like this."
    6. 6. Coke wanted to teach the world to sing Emotional connection
    7. 7. AT&T Reach Out (1980s) what it felt like to use the phone!
    8. 8. AT&T Reach Out (2003)
    9. 9. http://tomfishburne.com/2012/09/marketing-worth-sharing-google-keynote.html
    10. 10. Why Worry about Branding? A strong brand position makes selling so much easier:  Better quality leads: Your customers self- select if they’re a fit or not.  Quickly qualify prospects: Your sales people can qualify their leads faster, and prioritize where to invest their time and attention.  More referrals: It’s easier for partners to remember and refer your services.
    11. 11. Cause Marketing
    12. 12. You have to WOW your employees First.
    13. 13. Internal Marketing (Communication) Is a big piece!
    14. 14. Communicate value to Marketplace
    15. 15. What’s your Super Power?
    16. 16. Positioning 101
    17. 17. BTW, ENGAGE
    18. 18. GROWTH HACKING
    19. 19. Jon Spoelstra's book, Marketing Outrageously. In every department, you should be asking, "What would it take to make this the # 1 CLEC or ISP in the state (or #1 dept.)?" Because Spoelstra spent his career in the NBA, his example is "What would it take to have the best team in the NBA?" The answer could be a new Michael Jordan and Scottie Pipin. But the answer needs to get to the heart of the problem with a sky is the limit thinking. What's it gonna take?
    20. 20. What is the biggest obstacle to mega success for Your Company?
    21. 21. Service Provider Forum 2013
    22. 22. What do Buyers care about?
    23. 23. Buyers care about THEMSELVES Their Business Goals Their Business Problems
    24. 24. They don’t want your Product They want a Solution. That delivers a desired Outcome Sell Outcomes!
    25. 25. WHY DEMO?
    27. 27. What Can RAD-INFORAD-INFO Do For You? • Marketing • Strategy • Sales Training • Sales Quarterbacking • Circuits, bandwidth