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Advice for Freelancers @ BarCamp Tampa


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BarCamp Tampa talk about advice for Freelancers from Seth Godin and Michelle Welsh

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Advice for Freelancers @ BarCamp Tampa

  1. 1. 40 Tips for Freelancers Ideas Borrowed from Michelle Welsh and Seth Godin
  2. 2. 1) MINDSET
  3. 3. Be willing toListen.Be Coachable.
  4. 4. We get in our own way.Believe it, accept it, moveforward.
  5. 5. No one is going to give you permission.You have a choice.Dont be seduced into thinking otherwise.
  6. 6. “It seems that we spend most of ourtime in preparation, or circling, orconsidering.”
  7. 7. “We spend most of our time procrastinating and worrying. STOP.”Lizard Brain
  8. 8.  Create a list of whats holding you back - and work through it. Escalate your vision ‐ create deadlines for yourself.
  9. 9. All we have is our time. Theway we spend our time is ourpriorities, is our “strategy.”Your calendar knowswhat you really careabout. Do you?
  10. 10. Doing 2/3 of one thing and 2/3 of another Equals Zero.
  11. 11. There are an infinite choices. Pick one.If it fails, there will be another.Very few decisions are irreversible.
  12. 12. Failure is just an event.If you haven’t failed, you haven’t tried.
  13. 13. Question. Ask lots of them.
  14. 14. There is No Road Map!
  15. 15. “Movement is essential.Even if it feels like yourespinning in circles, youcan make it worth theeffort.”
  16. 16. 2)
  17. 17. Who (or what) can you connect? Everyone can bridge two people, two ideas, two companies.
  18. 18. “Access to tools is no longer sufficient. Everyone youcompete with has access to a camera, a keyboard, a guitar.Just because you know how to use a piece of software or adevice doesnt mean that there isnt an amateur whoswilling to do it for free, or an up and comer whos willing todo it for less.”
  19. 19. Lets not race to the bottom. (Seth)In our connected world, commodity producers are under intensepressure. The price of anything thats made to a spec, or that respondsto an RFP, is instantly known by all buyers.But the problem with the race to the bottom is that you might win.You might make a few more bucks for now, but not for long andnot with pride. Someone will always find a way to be cheaper or morebrutal than you.
  20. 20. “The race to the top isfocused on design andrespect and dignity andguts and innovation andsustainability and yes,generosity.” – Seth Godin
  21. 21. NOLearn to say it
  22. 22. RE-DEFINE PROFESSIONAL“you need to develop both skills and areputation for those skills that make it clearto (enough) people that an amateur solutionisnt nearly good enough, because youre thatmuch better and worth that much more.”
  23. 23. “Scarcity is a great thing for those that possess something thatsscarce. But when scarcity goes away, youll need more thanthat.”
  24. 24. “stand up and do your work, and do itin a way for which there are nosubstitutes.”
  25. 25. “Remember to think bigand embrace abundance.”“Know that the only truescarcity is your resistanceto embracing your owntrue self, your hopes anddreams, your capacity tothink big.”
  26. 26. TRIBE“the stuff that changes everything starts on the fringe,captures the imagination of a dozen, who bring alongcolleagues or friends, and then its a hundred and then...” -Seth
  27. 27. “People spend their time and attention and money in places that make them feel valued.”
  28. 28. Surround yourself withLike-minded People.
  29. 29. “Stop trying to sell to people you dontknow. Start with the people you do.” –Michelle(those dudes on Shark Tank agree)
  30. 30. Celebrate the wins. 
  31. 31. Its OK to ask for help. “Its impossible to know all there is to know about everything that is involved with running a business. Find people who can help and dont be afraid to admit ignorance.” -  MW
  32. 32. Peter Radizeski is a consultant fortelecom service providers offeringstrategy, marketing, go-to-market andsales training.His books are available, andAmazon