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6 Trends in Telecom for 2020


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my webinar for AireSpring about the trends in telecom that channel partners can monetize

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6 Trends in Telecom for 2020

  1. 1. Preparing for 2020: 5 Trends That Will Save Your Business Managed Communications Provider & Supplier of Managed Network & ITServices Presented by Peter Radizeski RAD-INFO
  2. 2. Top Tech Trends 2020Top Tech Trends 2020
  3. 3. Create Value with Best Practices, Real World examples
  4. 4. 1st Trend
  5. 5. • To have a dialogue with your customer around mobility: – Managed wi-fi, MDM, wireless TEM • What would they like to get from 5G? • How can their business leverage 5G to be more productive, efficient, competitive? Where’s the Opportunity with 5G?
  6. 6. 2nd Trend 2nd Trend
  7. 7. SD-WAN Vendors
  8. 8. Fiber 4G/5G Wireless Satellite Fixed Wireless Give Your Customers Redundancy & Reliability with AireSpring Managed Network Connectivity Broadband
  9. 9. AireSpring Provides SD-WAN Choices Globally On SD-WAN: one size does not fit all.
  10. 10. 14 AireSpring Platinum SD-WAN Service FREE Pre-sales Network Design FREE Write Access to SD-WAN Portal FREE Read Access to SD-WAN Portal FREE Flex Licensing - Only pay for in tunnel traffic SD-WAN FREE 3rd Party Vendor Support - Non-AireSpring Internet Circuits Any Connectivity Medium (Ethernet, Broadband, TDM, LTE) with or without MPLS Full WAN Management by AireSpring Private Direct Connection to Cloud Providers via Multi- Cloud Connect
  11. 11. Los Angeles Dallas New YorkChicago Frankfurt Amsterda m Tokyo Seou l Beijing Taip ai Wuxi Shanghai Hong Kong Guangzho u Singapore GLOBAL SD-WAN • 15 Locations Globally • Highly available, dedicated access to-from Locations in China • Expand International Reach • Increase Application Performance AIRESPRING’S GLOBAL PRIVATE NETWORK AireSpring’s Global SD-WAN
  12. 12. • Finance • Retail • Hospitality WHY? • Agility • Performance • Visibility • Secure • Cost Effective • Optimized for XaaS SD-WAN Buyers
  13. 13. • What software is critical to your business? • Where does it reside? • How cloud-centric are you?
  14. 14. • How much does an outage cost? • What happens if the Internet is slow? –App and Voice Quality issues
  15. 15. Do you want to play a game? Trend #3
  16. 16. The term “artificial intelligence” was coined in 1956! “AI is a constellation of technologies—from machine learning to natural language processing—that allows machines to sense, comprehend, act and learn.” – Accenture IoT, Wearables, Machine Learning, Quantum Computing, Edge Computing, blockchain, Virtual Assistants, Big Data = one big system
  17. 17. • Robots • Speech Recognition • IVR • Virtual Agents / chatbot • CPaaS & CCC • Alexa, Siri • Wearables • Drug Discovery • Self driving cars • Insurance Personalization • Facial Recognition
  18. 18. Omni-channel Cloud Contact Center CPaaS Are they looking to automate some customer service or Improve CX? AI Opportunity
  19. 19. 4th Trend
  20. 20. IoT consists of many things including: Smart Homes, wearables, Connected Cars, LED lighting management, fleet tracking, and employee safety solutions.
  21. 21. IoT • Sensors or Hardware • Internet connectivity • Wi-fi or 4G/LTE • Cloud / Big Data sits • AI/ML - smarts • Output • UX Sometimes not bundled! IoT
  22. 22. • Retail • Hospitality • HVAC & Smart Bldg. • Monitoring • Agriculture Bundle!! IOT Opp!
  23. 23. • What verticals do you sell into? • How are the biggest vendors in that space?  Dentivent • The more you know about your clients’ business the better you can serve them.  When my other banks buy this, they buy..
  24. 24. 5th Trend 5th Trend
  25. 25. • DID + E911 • SMS • Dial-tone • APIs • Layering functionality on top of voice Communications Platform as a Service
  26. 26. • GAFAM is slowly replacing the PSTN – iMessage, Facetime, WhatsApp, Hangouts, Skype
  27. 27. Are You Leveraging GAFAM?
  28. 28. 1. Sell to a Department. Land & Expand. 2. Do you have a dept (A/R, Service, Appoint) that has 3 or more people? ACD, IVR, CCC 3. Is your contact center compatible with social media? Create the Opportunity
  29. 29. When you hear “Digital Transformation”: • A digital workplace requires cloud collaboration. • Remote workers work best with cloud collab. • Clients look for: – Collab & Cloud Comms, various flavors of cloud apps, and Big Data options, – Wi-fi / connectivity/redundancy – AI/chatbot/automation, and – ultimately will need Security & Managed IT
  30. 30. 6th Trend 6th Trend
  31. 31. • IoT, AI, SD-WAN • Everything attached to the Internet • Not much of it secured • Compliant is different from secure Cyber-Security
  32. 32. • 1H 2019 have seen more than 3,800 publicly disclosed breaches exposing an incredible 4.1 billion compromised records. • Ransomware on police, govt • Breaches at every level of SME Breaches
  33. 33. • Cyber-Security Insurance • Anti-Phishing training • Cloud Backup!* Cyber-Security
  34. 34. “If you’re continuing to pitch to the IT staff, that’s somewhat of a winning proposition, but I would ask you to expand that to the line of business,” she said. “And when you do that you’re going to explore all of the various opportunities and solve the business’s real problems with solutions.” AT&T’s Stacey Marx
  35. 35. Verticals
  36. 36. UCaaS IP Voice CCaaS Collaboration Security AireSpring Cloud-hosted Applications Can Be Layered Over Various Underlying Connectivity Options SD-WAN
  37. 37. Questions
  38. 38. 51 AireSpring SPIFFs & Commissions • 1X MRC on SD-WAN • 1X MRC on Global SD-WAN • 6X MRC Voice & Cloud • 1.5 X MRC Connectivity & MPLS • $1600 Cash Bonus TF • $800 Cash Bonus LD Svc Q4 PROMO – EARN AN AMAZON GIFT CARD
  39. 39. 52 Meet with AireSpring … ASK ABOUT OUR FREE EXPO HALL PASSES
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