Top 9 Most Popular 42mbps DC-HSPA+ USB Modem & Surfsticks


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Top 9 Most Popular 42mbps DC-HSPA+ USB Modem & Surfsticks

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Top 9 Most Popular 42mbps DC-HSPA+ USB Modem & Surfsticks

  1. 1. Top 9 Most Popular 42mbps DC-HSPA+ USB Modem & SurfsticksKeywords: 42mbps USB Surfsticks, dc- HSPA+ usb stick, Huawei E372, HUAWEI E3251, VODAFONEk4605, AIRCARD 312U, AIRCARD 319U, ZTE MF680, ZTE MF683, NOVATEL OVATION MC547,NOVATEL OVATION MC545Summarize: The article explain the top 9 most popular 42Mbsp USB modem & surfsticks basedon DC-HSPA technology, including HUAWEI E372, huawei E3251, Vodafone K4605, sierra 312u,sierra 319u, ZTE MF680, ZTE MF683, Novatel Ovation MC547 and Novatel Ovation MC545.As the prospective 4G technology features, if a USB modem or Wireless dongle could supportHSPA+ 42mbps download speed, some people call them 4G stick or 4G modems. Since theirspeed is even double from their predecessor, and user may feel better psychologically when theysay they use 4G modems, not 3G surf sticks.Actually, the technology of HSPA+ is just prospective 4G technology. According the authority fromTelecommunication Association, LTE and WiMAX are commonly acknowledged as the 4Gstandard. And LTE and WiMAX network are commonly deployed all over the world. In somecountries and areas, the 4th generation is already launched to the public for commercial usage.Even though, HSPA technology is worthy talking about. For most wireless users, the maximumspeed of 42mbps (in some place, it says 43.2mbps, more accurately), is enough for 99%applications when surfing. And unlike the high cost from LTE and WiMAX, HSPA+ network couldprovide budget cost service comparing with its successor networks.To enjoy HSPA+ service, it would be necessary to have a HSPA USB stick or mobile WiFi Hotspot.Below are top 9 most popular 42Mbps HSPA+ surf sticks to recommend:Huawei E372:HUAWEI E372 USB Stick is one of the star USB modem from HUAWEI to support DC-HSPA+technology, and the peak speed is 42Mbps. It has great power to gain wireless signal, when usersin rural or countryside with low signal, HUAWEI E372 could support smooth surfing withoutlatency. It has the external antenna to give one more hand to get good signal. E372 supports qualUMTS bands which covers all the operators’ network all over the world.
  2. 2. Vodafone K4605:Vodafone K4605 USB Surfstick comes from the the factory model HUAWEI E372. Following theclassic compact USB design, Vodafone ordered K4605 to upgrade the upload speed to 11Mbpswhile E372 only supports HSUPA to peak speed 5.76Mbps.HUAWEI E3251:HUAWEI E3251 USB Stick is the new member of HUAWEI HiLink serial models. It ’s the fastest 3GSurfstick from HUAWEI with peak speed to 42Mbps. As the end of 3G USB modem, HUAWEIE3251 has new firmware which connects network in just 5 second, no software installation isneed. That’s why HUAWEI E3251 is much better than E372. And HUAWEI E3251 has somebranch models, such as E3251s-1, E3251-2, E3251s-6, to meet different market demand.
  3. 3. Sierra wireless AirCard 312u:As the top 3G Aircard of Sierra Wireless, Sierra 312u has a definitely new appearance than itspredecessor, such as Sierra 308, 306. To meet the high speed data rate transmission, Sierra 312uhas two external antenna connectors; it’s based on DC-HSPA+ technology and somewhat likeMIMO technology. The 312u is in big size than usual USB stick, this may need Sierra tore-optimize.
  4. 4. Sierra Wireless AirCard 319u:Sierra Wirless Aircard 319u is the high end 3G USB surfstick from Sierra Wireless. It supportsDC-HSPA+ technology and could reach peak download speed to 42Mbps with Qual-band UMTS850/900/1900/2100Mhz. It’s somewhat like HUAWEI E372 to work freely all over the world.ZTE MF680:ZTE MF680 HSPA+ Stick should be the most special one in the group modems. It’s designed inpink color and called Queen Rose, perhaps ZTE want more lady users for this cute modem. ThisUSB design is like HUAWEI E182E, the USB could be hidden in the modem body when it’s notworking.
  5. 5. ZTE MF683:ZTE MF683 DC-HSPA+ USB modem comes for North America operators such as Roger, T-mobile, ithas almost the same technical features as ZTE MF680, but the 3G UMTS bans are not the same.ZTE MF680 is more apt for Europe while ZTE MF683 is best for USA, Canada and Japan 3Gnetworks.Novatel Ovation MC547:Novatel Ovation MC547 dual-carrier HSPA+ Mobile Broadband USB Modem is the fastest 3G USBSurfstick made by made by Novatel Wireless supporting HSPA+ technology. Canadian operatorBell Mobilty upgraded its network to HSPA+ and introduces Novatel MC547 42Mbps USB modemto market. Its already launched into market by provider Bell. It’s also for North America Market.
  6. 6. Novatel Ovation MC545:As the sister model of Novatel Ovation MC547, Ovation MC545 supports different UMTS bands asMC547 and MC545 is more apt for Europe areas. With the same Dual-carrier technology, theyboth support HDPA+ 42Mbps downlink speed without limit.
  7. 7. Based on the functions of the high data rate, their price is no as cheap as common 3G USBdongles, their price range is around 170USD, more or less. So if you are looking for them forpersonal use or project applications, you can check and try the unlockedDC-HSPA+ USB dongles.