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Huawei e5151 wan lan mobile router review


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Huawei e5151 wan lan mobile router review

  1. 1. HUAWEI E5151 Mobile WAN LAN 3G WiFI Router ReviewKeywords: HUAWEI E5151, huawei E5151 review, HUAWEI E5151 specs, huawei mobile wifihotspot, HUAWEI E5151s-2HUAWEI E5151 3G Mobile WiFi Hotspot (also named HUAWEI E5151s-2) is one of the newmobile 3G router from HUAWEI. Focus on the application of businessmen, HUAWEI design thisnew model with one Ethernet port to input HUAWEI E5151 and transfer data to WiFi signal sothat users could access internet. This is the special and key features of HUAWEI E5151 PocketWiFi Hotspot.Today, let us have a look at HUAWEI E5151 mobile WiFi and it’s specifications.HUAWEI E5151 is in pocket size, like other HUAWEI E5 pocket WiFi models, which makes it veryeasy to take in hand or pocket. For most of users, it could be taken outdoors or with a trip,however it would not take much space in luggage. To meet the Ethernet connector, HUAWEIE5151 is thicker than other HUAWEI E5 mobile WiFi hotspots.On the face, there is a LED screen which is to indicate the working status of this mobile WiFi. Atthe left side, it’s the HUAWEI logo. When it’s working, it will show the connection users, signalstrength of 3G, battery status and SMS. At the right side, it’s the power button.
  2. 2. On the back, it’s a logo of HUAWEI mobile WiFi. With changeable battery, it could keep working 4-5 hours and almost one week standby time. Below the battery, it’s the slot for 3G SIM card.The SSID and WiFi key is on the back cover of HUAWEI E5151. Through this, you will connect theWiFi and surf internet.
  3. 3. At the below side of HUAWEI E5151, it’s the Ethernet port to connect the cable. This is the mostattractive features of HUAWEI E5151. For most users who usually go to different countries orareas, if they buy a mobile WiFi, there may be the compatibility problem, because the 3Gnetwork bands vary in different areas. But if there is Ethernet cable, this problem would be easilysolved.To recharge the battery, in the package, there is one USB cable to help recharge the power.
  4. 4. If you like this mobile WiFi HUAWEI E5151, welcome to buy it from .