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Huawei E398u-18 4G LTE FDD USB Modem Review


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Huawei E398u-18 4G LTE FDD USB Modem Review

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Huawei E398u-18 4G LTE FDD USB Modem Review

  1. 1. Huawei E398u-18 4G LTE FDD USB Modem ReviewKeywords: HUAWEI E398 review, HUAWEI E398u-18, Huawei E392u-6, modem for band 8,datacard for 900Mhz, band 8 modem, 4g modem for 900mhzComparing with Huawei E398 other branch models, such as Huawei E398u-11, E398u-1 andE398u-15, Huawei E398u-18 should be a special one, its not because Huawei E398u-18 hasdifferent appearance as other models, its due to Huawei E398u-18 supports the special FDD LTEband 8 (900MHz), which is rarely deployed per current 4G network situation.According to the GSA report about 4G LTE network, the Band 8 (900MHz) is only available in fewcountries and areas, such as KT Corporation in South Korea, Telenor in Sweden. And in themarket, few 4G modems could support this band. Huawei E398u-18 is one of them.
  2. 2. Today, we get the Huawei E398u-18 4G LTE FDD Surf stick with Telenor logo. Telenor is theprovider in Europe and provide 4G network in three countries: Hungary, Norway and Sweden.In the three countries, Telenor provides different LTE frequencies as below:Hungary: FDD 1800MHzNorway: FDD 2600MHzSweden: FDD 900/2600MHz
  3. 3. So to save cost, Huawei E398u-18 could support all of the bands/Spectrum above: 4G LTE FDD900/1800/2600MHzWith same appearance of E398u-11 and E398u-15, Huawei E398u-18 has only one externalantenna connector at the side Micro SD slot. If user wants to use data card with MIMOtechnology, E398u-18 may not be a good option.Like other E398 Modems, Huawei E398u-18 could also work with 3G UMTS network and 2GGSM/GPRS network: 3G UMTS band is 900/2100MHz and 2G qual-bands. And the rotatable USBis classical features of Huawei E398.
  4. 4. As the brother model, Huawei E392 4G FDD TDD multi-mode data card also has one similarmodel, the model number is Huawei E392u-6. HUAWEI E392u-6 supports 4G FDD900/1800/2100/2600 Mhz, which seems more powerful than HUAWEI E392u-6.If you want any of them, welcome to buy it from .