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How to set dun connection with sierra wireless


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How to set dun connection with sierra wireless

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How to set dun connection with sierra wireless

  1. 1. How to create a Dial Up Networking (DUN) connection with a Sierra Wireless HSPA/ LTE modem (Windows XP)? Keywords: sierra wireless aircard setting, sierra aircard 313u, aircard 320u, aircard 330u, aircard 312u, Rogers LTE Rocket Stick, bell turbo 4g lte stickThe dial up networking setting on Windows XP is applicable for following HSPA / HSPA+/LTE modems of Sierra Wireless: 1. USB306/307 2. USB305 (USBConnect Lightning) 3. USB301/302 4. USB308/309 5. AirCard 310U 6. AirCard 312U 7. AirCard 504 ( AirCard 890) 8. Compass 885 9. Compass 888/889 10. AirCard 313U 11. AT&T USBConnect Momentum 4G 12. Rogers LTE Rocket Stick 13. Bell 4G LTE Sierra Wireless 313U Turbo Stick 14. AirCard 320U 15. AirCard 330UBefore you begin, make sure that the AirCard modem drivers are installed and that themodem is connected to your computer.Requirements* A valid SIM card.* Valid profile information, including a username and password.You can find this information by accessing the Profiles screen in Watcher. Once you haveyour information, exit Watcher.Disable connection software autolaunch 1. In Watcher, click the Menu icon and select Options. 2. Click the General tab and select Startup/Shutdown.
  2. 2. 3. Select No from the Auto-launch on device insertion drop-down menu andclickApply > OK.Disable USB modem shutdown on exit 1. In Watcher, click the Menu icon and select Options. 2. Click the General tab and select Startup/ Shutdown. 3. Select Do nothing from the On exit drop-down menu and click Apply > OK.Add initialization command1. Open Device Manager.2. Right-click Sierra Wireless HSPA ( or WWAN) Modem under Modems.3. Click Properties.4. Click the Advanced tab.5. Type the following initialization commands in the Extra initialization commandsfield: at+cgdcont=1,"IP","apn" where apn is your Access Point Name (e.g. for AT&T, you would typeinat+cgdcont=1,"IP","ISP.CINGULAR")Add a new network connection (DUN) 1. Open the Control Panel. 2. Double-click Network Connections. 3. Under Network Tasks, click Create a new connection. 4. Click Next in the New Connection Wizard. 5. Select Connect to the Internet, then click Next. 6. Select Set up my connection manually, then click Next. 7. Select Connect using a dial-up modem, then click Next. 8. Select the Modem - Sierra Wireless HSPA ( or WWAN) Modem checkbox, and thenclick Next.
  3. 3. 9. Type in your ISP name (you can type any name you want here), then click Next.10. Type *99# in the Phone Number field, then click Next. 11. Type in your username and password (provided by your carrier), thenselect Next> Finish. (In some cases, a username and password are not required.)12. Double click the newly created DUN connection and click Dial.Once connected, in the right-hand side of your screen in the task bar, you will see the pop-upsimilar to this one.Sourcing from: