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Luna and Hidalgo’s triumph (Rizal)


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Luna and Hidalgo’s triumph (Rizal)

  1. 1. LUNA AND HIDALGO’S TRIUMPH Rizal’s journey
  2. 2. Photo credits: National Historical Commission of the PhilippinesGroup of Filipino expatriates in Europe: (L-R) Prominently in front FelixResurreccion Hidalgo, Mariano Ponce, and Juan Luna. The rest could not beidentified.
  3. 3. Photo credits: National Historical Commission of the PhilippinesAlmost sober: L-R) Rizal (standing with right arm up trying to hit Antonio Luna,lying on his back and appeared to be intoxicated already, while FelixResurreccion Hidalgo, also drunk and barely could open his eyes, and anotherfriend trying to drink from the bottle.
  4. 4. Photo credits: National Historical Commission of the PhilippinesBaptism of Andres de Luna at the Luna House in Paris: (L-R) – Anunidentified friend, Jose Rizal, Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo, Nellie Boustead, PazPardo de Tavera, wife of Juan Luna, Julian Gorricho de Tavera, mother-in-law ofJuan Luna holding little Andres de Luna, only son of Juan Luna, next to her isNellie Boustead’s mother.
  5. 5. Photo credits: National Historical Commission of the PhilippinesFilipino costume party in Europe: (L-R) – Jose Rizal wearing a turban, JuanLuna’s wife Paz Pardo de Tavera, Nellie Bousted, with her mother (seating), FelixResurreccion Hidalgo and another Boustead sister.
  6. 6. Photo credits: National Historical Commission of the PhilippinesOrdinary Filipino expatriates drinking spree: (L-R) Jose Rizal, FelixResurreccion Hidalgo, Trinidad H. Pardo de Tavera and Juan Luna, standing manpresumed as the waiter serving them.
  7. 7. FELIX RESURRECCION HIDALGO  One of the first Filipino international artist  A friend of Rizal  Philippine Hero  Won the silver medal at the 1884 “Exposicion General de Belles Artes in Madrid”
  9. 9. MAS PINTURAS: La Marina, 1911 La Madre en el Claustro Horse Carriage Grove of TreesStudy for "El Asesinato del Gobernador La Barca de Aqueronte Cottage in NormandyBustamante y su Hijo"