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Rust finalproject

  1. 1. Brenda Manheim“Lego My World”
  2. 2. Location
  3. 3. On Location
  4. 4. Selection ProcessThe reason that I chose this piece of art isbecause I could tell that there was a storybehind the painting. When I was talking to thedirector at the Council For the Arts, she told methat the painting was of Brendas grandson, andI knew that there had to be a reason for herpainting it. Also, I saw two of Brendas otherpaintings while I was at the Council For the Arts,and I truly enjoyed her style of painting and theamount of detail that was put into each painting.I enjoyed the fact that there were so manyintense colors within all of her paintings. Fromthere I knew that I had to learn more about herand her paintings.
  5. 5. An expansion of BrendaManheims Paintings"New Generations"-18 x 24,mixedmedia,acrylic, marker"False Prophets of My Life"-mixedmedia, 12 x 12,acrylic, fabric
  6. 6. Words From The Artist“Cameron was 13 years old when this painting wasstarted.  I thought I would do something special for himbecause of his age and that would leave him anheirloom and a gift that would be extraordinary from aMema.”
  7. 7. History (Brief Biography ofSubject)Cameron was the only child for Brendas son, but he doeshave two older half siblings.Cameron was born on August9, 1999 in Wake County, North Carolina. Even though hewas born weighing six pounds he had to where preemieclothes but as he continued to grow he remainedunderweight. When Cameron was a toddler he wouldconstantly talk but no one could ever understand what hewas saying. He was diagnosed with dysproxia when hewas three years old. Cameron started school in 2004,and he was rediagonosed with high functioning autismwhen he was in first grade. He has trouble in school inthe beginning but he has improved quite a bit. Because ofthe autism, Camerons focus in life has been his LEGOs,he has thousands of them. At one point he slept with allof them on his bed. So because ofh is love for LEGOS,the painting has become a tribute to this part inCamerons life.
  8. 8. Artist BiographyBrenda Manhiem was born October 30, 1946 andwas part of the baby boomer generation after theend of World War 2. She was born in WilsonCounty, North Carolina and was raised in WayneCounty, in Eureka. Brenda was always a creativeperson. Growing up she would make her owndoll clothes out of paper. Once she got oldenough to sew, she learned how to use a sewingmachine. Brenda was always interested indrawing, however growing up and in school, theydid not offer any type of art programs. The artthat was incooperated into her learning wasincluded into other areas of study.
  9. 9. Artist BiographyIn the 1980s Brenda owned her own shop.There was not an actual name for the“business” nor did she make any actualmoney. She taught fabric painting classes,acrylic painting classes, and classes onmaking jewelry such as paper earrings. Shealso did classes at women groups and at herchurch. It was located in Duplin County.Brenda has a BFA in art education andworked in both Duplin and Lenior Countyschool districts. She first teaching job was apartial and was at Lenior in 1997.
  10. 10. Artist BiographyShe then worked in Duplin county, from which sheretired in 2012. She taught at North Duplin juniorand senior high school. She taught one highschool art class per semester but had multipleclasses for seventh and eighth graders. Hercurrent inspriations for her paintings are fromservices done at her church. Right now she isfocusing on worship art, which is where she willsit in the back pew on Saturday nights whilelistening to the service she sketches ideas andpaints. Sometimes she will get a random idea,and where she happens to be she will sketch outher idea, so she can expand on it later. Whileshe was in college she was focused on morerealistic paintings. With her paintings now she
  11. 11. An extension of BrendaManheims PaintingsElephant Ears At TheMarriottWho Says You Cant Pua Pig in Your LivingRoom
  12. 12. Formal Analysis“Lego My World” has both two and threedemensional aspects of work. The waythe object lay on the canvas determinewheather they are two or threedemensional. The painting itself it bothnaturalistic and abstract. With Brendasgrandon being the featuring piece of thepainting, it makes it naturalitic. But all ofthe different shapes in the backgroundmake it abstract. The feelings that Ipercieve out the painting are excitementdue to all of the bright colors on the
  13. 13. Compare andContrast“Lego My World” and “Numbers in Color” areboth canvas paintings, they are both verydifferent.”Numbers in Color” is a verylarge canvas painting of numbers in a vastnumber of colors. However, it is very hardto determine what colors are actuallywithin the painting. While in “Lego MyWorld” you can clearly tell what are themain colors within the painting. “NumbersIn Color” in more of an abstract painting,and it is all two demensional, while “LegoMy World” is both two and three
  14. 14. Compare and ContrastLego My World~Brenda ManheimNumber In Colors~Jasper Johns(page 69)