NHS Sustainability Day - The Great Hall, St Barts'


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NHS Sustainability Day 2014

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NHS Sustainability Day - The Great Hall, St Barts'

  1. 1. Welcome to NHS Sustainability Day 2014 #Dayforaction
  2. 2. Welcome and Introduction Trevor Payne, Director of Estates and Facilities, Barts Health NHS Trust #Dayforaction
  3. 3. Duncan Selbie Chief Executive, Public Health England #Dayforaction
  4. 4. Sustainability and Health Dr Louise Newport Sustainable Development, Climate Change and Extreme Weather Department of Health
  5. 5. Outline • Challenges of climate change for health and social care • National Legislative Framework • Health and Social Care system • International Climate Change and Health • Health Co-benefits of lowering emissions
  6. 6. Extreme weather events and the National Risk Register Overallrelativeimpactscore 5 Pandemic Influenza 4 Coastal Flooding Effusive Volcanic eruption 3 Major industrial accidents Major transport accidents Other infectious diseases Inland Flooding Severe Space Weather Low Temperature /Heavy Snow Heat wave 2 Zoonotic animal disease Drought Volcanic Ash disruption Storms and Gales 1 Public Disorder Severe Industrial Action Non-zoonotic animal disease Greater than 0.005% Greater than 0.05% Greater than 0.5% Greater than 5% Greater than 50%
  7. 7. Health Effects of Climate Change (IPCC 4th Report)
  8. 8. Legislative Framework UKCP09 (projections) 2009 Policy and economic analysis Climate Change Act 2008 Climate Change Risk Assessment January 2012 National Adaptation Programme 2013 Adaptation Reporting Power Adaptation Sub Committee Review every 5 years
  9. 9. NAP ‘Healthy & Resilient Communities’ • Obj. 11. Reduce the risk of death & illness associated with severe weather events & CC… increase preparedness & resilience to impacts on public health… • Obj. 12. Ensure continuity of services & resilient assets / estates, adapt to expected increased demand from severe weather-related events… NAP Steering Group – DH, PHE, SDU, NHS England, Defra, EA How the health risks are managed…
  10. 10. Health Impacts of Climate Change • Assessing the risks to health since 2002… & CCRA • With benefits to health too…reducing NCDs …and the benefits of a low carbon lifestyle Lower carbon saves lives! – and money! Observed temperatures Simulated temperatures 2040s 2060s 2003 Summer 2003: normal by 2040s, cool by 2060s
  11. 11. Health Impacts of Climate Change Developing the UK evidence – 2002/08/2012 • Heatwave-related health problems • Aeroallergens – pollen etc • Air pollution – Respiratory & Cardiovascular effects • Indoor environment • UV - Sunburn, skin cancer and cataracts • Flooding / mental health consequences • Vector-borne diseases • Water & Food-borne disease • Extreme weather-related events (injuries / death) • But, decrease in cold-related illness & deaths
  12. 12. • WHO Resolution on Climate Change and Health (61.12), 2008. 2013 – workplan to be renewed. Global conference in August 2014. • Commonwealth Ministers agreement to cooperate on climate change and health. WHA, May 2008 • UK co-chaired the WHO (Europe) Climate Change Task Force, to develop a Framework for Action on Climate Change and Health for the European Region. • WHO European Environment and Health 5th Ministerial Conference, Parma, 2010 • DH chairs the WHO Euro Working Group on Health Impacts of Climate Change (HIC) • UNFCCC COP – Paris 2015 International collaboration ‘Climate Change is Global’
  13. 13. Health Co-benefits • Lancet co-benefits research, Nov 2009, LSHTM • Health benefits of low carbon actions in transport, built environment, food and agriculture, both in the UK and the developing world • Eg Health benefits from low car use – increased active transport – reduce obesity, – reduce urban pollution, – reduce road traffic accidents. – ‘Greener’ fuels also lead to reduced indoor and outdoor air pollution. • In WHO European region : 800,000 deaths/yr outdoor air pollution 1.5 million from indoor air pollution 1.9 million from physical inactivity 2.6 million from obesity • WHO ‘Health in the Green Economy’ series Lower carbon saves lives! – and money!
  14. 14. Greening Healthcare • Procurement is 60% of the NHS’s carbon footprint – Sustainable messaging in contracts ‘vanilla clauses’ – Procurement for Carbon Reduction (P4CR) – WHO looking at P4CR & greening healthcare, for use internationally / Pharma • New SD strategy – Health, Public Health and Social Care – Jan 2014 • WHO Euro ‘7 countries pilot’ www.sdu.nhs.uk
  15. 15. Levers for Action • National: - Health & Social Care Act 2012 - Climate Change Act 2008: Adaptation Reporting Power - SDU to report for health and social care sector - Scrutiny by Adaptation Sub Committee, reporting 2015 - Civil Contingencies Act 2004 - National Planning Policy Framework - Building Regulations - Flood & Water Management Act 2010 Local: - PHOF – SDMP indicator, - H&WBs, JSNAs, - Local Health Resilience Partnerships - Local Resilience Forums - Local Adaptation Plans - Local Flood risk mapping and strategies - Built environment / town planning Pivotal role played by councils
  16. 16. Sustainability is a leadership issue Think SD! - Supports growth, saves lives, improves wellbeing • Health and social care sector can provide leaders – People trust health care professionals – 1.3 million workers involved – Touches all of our lives • Raise awareness and communicate case for action – Public engagement, transformational behaviour change.
  17. 17. Summary • SD is a leadership issue. Board-level support for climate change adaptation / sustainability needed – and in the right place. • Consistent sustainable principles are required throughout the health and care sector. Complex interactions of partnership working over diverse areas – with the same overarching aim. • National drivers and tools (eg the new SD strategy and ‘Under the Weather’) are in place to help local action – eg climate change on risk registers.
  18. 18. Hospital food: rewarding excellence Joanna Lewis, Head of Policy, Soil Association
  19. 19. Should sustainability be an NHS priority? Our leadership will be tested in our commitment and ability to bring about the transformations required. We must take these concepts forward in our lives, our jobs, our teams and organisations, and with our communities. We must do so positively and inquisitively, with enthusiasm and with vigour. This agenda creates many positive benefits and it is already generating energy for change in people, organisations and communities. It also demonstrates our responsibility and commitment to a broader and more global perspective of health and wellbeing.
  20. 20. Should food be an NHS priority? Spending power: £500 million Staff health and wellbeing: 1.2 million staff 300 million patient meals Public health responsibility: Every Contact Counts Improved outcomes Cost to the NHS of diet related ill health: £5.8 billion (and rising) Quality of care
  21. 21. Feb 2013: Horse-gate “Our Education Catering Service is proud to hold the Soil Association's Gold Catering Mark”
  22. 22. Food for Life Catering Mark Quality assurance: • Independent accreditation • Backed by inspection • Nutrition, Quality, Provenance, Sustainability • Step-by-step
  23. 23. • > 160 million meals a year • >900,000 meals a day • >20% of school catering • >25% university catering • >30% at Silver & Gold Food for Life Catering Mark
  24. 24. DH rewards excellence “We also use PLACE to record whether hospitals comply with recommended guidance. We already ask about the government buying standard for food, and next year we will ask about the Soil Association’s Food for Life Catering Mark.” Earl Howe, Second Reading of Health and Social Care (food amendment) Bill
  25. 25. PLACE Incentives and measuring progress CQUIN (no. 295 in NHS England pick-list), ‘Improving Hospital Food by achieving compliance with recommended or best practice standards’
  26. 26. New CQUIN for hospital food "Our new commissioners, the Clinical Commissioning Groups and their leaders, will need to take the new quality incentive and kite mark seriously for two reasons. Firstly, because they are not only about good nutrition but also about knowing where the food has come from and about supporting British farmers, the local economy and sustainability. Secondly, the catering mark is independently audited by the Soil Association so that Clinical Commissioning Groups can easily check whether their local hospitals are actually doing what they say they are.“ Michael Dixon, Chairman, NHS Alliance
  27. 27. Hospitals and the Catering Mark Catering Mark-awarded North Bristol NHS Trust Nottingham University Hospitals Trust Hinchingbrooke Healthcare NHS Trust (Cambridgeshire) St Joseph’s (Wales) Working towards: Rotherham Hospital Bournemouth & Christchurch Specifying Catering Mark: Barts Health NHS Trust Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Trust “All this hard work has secured jobs for my staff. We're making considerable savings, sales have gone up by almost a third since we achieved the Catering Mark, and the staff are happier. Pascal Meril, Catering Manager, St Joseph’s Hospital
  28. 28. Hospitals and the Catering Mark Catering Mark-awarded: North Bristol NHS Trust - SILVER Nottingham University Hospitals Trust – now GOLD Hinchingbrooke Healthcare NHS Trust (Cambridgeshire) St Joseph’s (Wales) Rotherham Hospital Working towards: Bournemouth & Christchurch Specifying Catering Mark: Barts Health NHS Trust Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Trust + 68 more hospitals Over 4.5 million meals annually
  29. 29. Hospital pathfinder pilots “whole hospital approach” FOOD EDUCATION AND SKILLS e.g. support cooking and growing skills development A HEALTH PROMOTING SETTING e.g. leadership on developing a good food culture throughout the hospital CATERING QUALITY STANDARDS AND CERTIFICATION e.g. improve food quality through FFL Catering Mark: patients, staff and visitors PATIENT DINING EXPERIENCE e.g. dining experience tailored to maximise positive experience for different patient groups COMMUNITY AND PARTNERS e.g. Connect hospital and relevant social care settings in the nutritional support of patients into post discharge life
  30. 30. Hospital pathfinder pilots FOOD EDUCATION AND SKILLS e.g. support cooking and growing skills development A HEALTH PROMOTING SETTING e.g. leadership on developing a good food culture throughout the hospital CATERING QUALITY STANDARDS AND CERTIFICATION e.g. improve food quality through FFL Catering Mark: patients, staff and visitors PATIENT DINING EXPERIENCE e.g. dining experience tailored to maximise positive experience for different patient groups COMMUNITY AND PARTNERS e.g. Connect hospital and relevant social care settings in the nutritional support of patients into post discharge life
  31. 31. To find out more please contact: Joanna Lewis, Head of Policy Susannah McWilliam, Hospitals project manager Or come and chat at the end…
  33. 33. WHO IS GLOBAL ACTION PLAN? • UK’s leading environmental behaviour change charity • Projects endorsed by UNEP • Practical yet creative solutions that inspire people to act
  34. 34. HEALTH IMPACTS OF AIR POLLUTION • Premature death • Worsening symptoms in those with respiratory disease and cardiovascular disease • Low birth weight • Restriction of daily activity • Lung cancer
  35. 35. CLEANER AIR PROJECT • Reduce emissions from and around the hospitals • Help the most vulnerable reduce their exposure to pollution
  36. 36. CLEANER AIR PROJECT AIMS • Clean air for our hospitals • Clean air for our communities • Improved engagement and health intervention
  37. 37. CLEANER AIR WEEK – 24-28 FEB • Aim to engage 1000 staff, visitors and patients • Complete Cleaner Air Survey • Receive Breath Better Plan
  38. 38. NEXT 2YEARS • Clean Air Supplier or Courier Award • Hospital Clean Air Zones • Reduce idling • Increase subscription to AirText • Improve community based emissions
  39. 39. “Air pollution causes ill health and deaths from heart and lung disease. By working with communities Barts Health will equip them with the information they need to minimise their risk. We will also commit to reducing our impact on air quality by changing how we use transport and reduce emissions” Ian Basnett, Director of Public Health
  41. 41. NHS Sustainability Day The Great Hall, St Bart’s Thurs 27th March 2014 bromptondock.co.uk
  42. 42. Brompton bromptondock.co.uk
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  50. 50. Partners bromptondock.co.uk
  51. 51. £0.00 £5,000.00 £10,000.00 £15,000.00 £20,000.00 £25,000.00 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Revenue-SubsandHire200Members Percentage Dock Usage (Max 5475 hire days) Revenue per Use Chart (200 Members 20 Bay Dock) 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% Percentage of Frequent Users Frequent Member: 9 - 13 Leisure Member: 3 - 4 Frequent Member: 27 - 41 Leisure Member: 9 - 13 Frequent Member: 17 - 26 Leisure Member: 6 - 925% 75% 50% Average hires per member to achieve 25%, 50% and 75% usage bromptondock.co.uk
  52. 52. How it works bromptondock.co.uk
  53. 53. Pricing Tariff Annual Membership 24hr Hire Frequent £20.00 £2.50 Leisure £1.00 £5.00 bromptondock.co.uk
  54. 54. Visual instructions
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  58. 58. • ‘Ever get bored of commuting?!’ bromptondock.co.uk Poster Imagery
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  62. 62. Profitable bromptondock.co.uk
  63. 63. The smart bike hire solution to the urban transport challenge. bromptondock.co.uk The Future
  64. 64. Tea/Coffee & Networking #Dayforaction