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  1. 1. 984001021 企管系 2A 郭玟伶 Achilles versus Joan of Arc Heroes can be defined as a human being who does the thing thateveryone cannot accomplish it. That thing maybe hard to reach, ormaybe that is thought as a bad thing. Achilles is the one that reach thegoal that not everyone can get. It was because his innate ability. Hewas good to fight, and he was a warrior inborn. Joan of arc isabsolutely a heroine. She does what she can do for her country.We cannot confirm if a person really got the message from god.But Joan of arc has a heart to save her country. She wanted dowhatever she can, including taking part in the war. In her age,women were not allowed to be a warrior, not to say being theirsenior officer and commanded all soldiers. Joan of arc wascourage enough to set up her mind. She was afraid of dying. Andshe insisted her belife-a god living in her mind.
  2. 2. 984001021 郭玟伶 Professor Barton EL201410 June 2011 Differences between the Poems We read in Class Written by John Keats, Edgar Allen Poe, and Charles Baudelaire John Keats, Edgar Allen Poe, and Charles Baudelaire are poets of Romanticism. Inthe poem “Ode on a Grecian Urn” which was written by John Keats representedcompliments for urn as an unravished bride. He used the words “sweet”, “enjoyed”“unwearied”,” panting” that usually used for description of people. And that can beseen as the expression of Romanticism. He also made nature as the pipe and to praiseit for ever new. He described beauty and nature in different words but in the end theycan be seen as the same thing. What can be seen as beauty is what should really exist. In the poem” Annabel Lee” that written by Edger Allan Poe was a poet to praise awoman. He conveyed his love frankly. The word” love” repeated seven times toemphasize his love. Also, he repeated words “envy”, and” beautiful” to emphasize theenvy of angel and the beauty of Annabel Lee. In the poem” the vampire” that written by Charles Baudelaire, he didn‟t reaped thesame words again and again. He used different words to expressive the same thing.Also, all we can feel in this poem is gray but not depressive. The character in thispoem coursed the vampire and said that would not resuscitate. He show his bravery tofight the power of unknown. He used many strong words to emphasize how urgent thesituation was. All above used different technique to emphasize its motif and the character„semotion.
  3. 3. 984001021 郭玟伶 Western civilization II Professor David Barton Differences of Enlightenment between Tom Jones and the Earl of Rochester The process to enlightenment of Tom Jones is through roaming far away. As Kant’sessay on Enlightenment showing, the enlightenment requires nothing but freedom.In Tom’s journey, his kind-hearted helped the person who met troubles whether itwould make him get in trouble or not. For example, he made friends with soldiers atfirst, though they stole his money and left him in the house. In addition, Tom rescuedMrs. Waters from Ensign Northerton. On the way, passerby all look at them as if theyhad did something dishonor. But Tom didn’t leave Mrs. Waters alone, instead, hetook her to a inn and had a rest. All above can recognize that Tom Jones was akind-hearted person and responsible. If he would not go far away from his home, hewould not encounter many situations to stimulate his kindness and be enlightened. Rochester was sent into banishment by K ing Charles II for a year. In fact,he didn’t really care about whether h e stayed in London or not. WhenRochester was sent into banishment, he fell love with Elizabeth Barry whoacted the way of herself. Instead of booing her as audiences, Rochesterpraised her much. Elizabeth can be seen as a key open Rochester ’s mind.It was Elizabeth’s bravery and potential that Rochester wanted to coachher in acting. He wanted to share his talent with Elizabeth. And this canbe seen as a process of being enlightenment. Another process toenlightenment was after he embarrassed the king when welcome the visitof French Ambassador. He made the king anger and said to him “ let you-be you.” in the end of his abscond. It really made Rochester suffering tillhe did something for throne successor.
  4. 4. 企業管理系 2A 郭玟伶 Myth Prometheus is a symbol of cleverness, moreover he is rebellious too. He tried tohoodwink great Zeus’s wits and attention, had cheerfully butchered and served upthe succulent flesh of an ox. When Zeus aware of what Prometheus has done forgods and men, he cannot endure someone cheated him so that human beings canget flesh meat. However, Zeus is the god knowing every thing, he pretended he hasbeen cheated to punish Prometheus. Actually Prometheus is fore learner. Hisbehavior concealed his rebellious. Though Prometheus knowing he would bepunished, he did it bravely. “You are surely the cleverest man now alive” Zeus saidto Prometheus with irony. Zeus’s words meant Prometheus was a part of humansinstead of gods, still Prometheus retorted to him, fearless of the consequences. As apunishment, Zeus removed fire from trees where it had lurked before, available tomortals when lightning struck or when branches, rubbing against one another, burstinto flame. But Prometheus pitied his beloved mortals and stole fire from heaven byhiding it in a fennel stalk. Ever since Prometheus’ theft, human beings haveenjoyed the permanent possession of fire, although only constant labor at gatheringfuel can maintain it. Without fire, people would have to eat raw foods, and theycould not do anything after the sunset. “Fire” is a symbol of civilization in human’shistory. It also revealed a big progress to human’s lives. Fortunately, Prometheus
  5. 5. helped humans maintain fire. For this reason, Prometheus became protector ofmortals. However, Prometheus should pay for what he has done, for being anopponent of Zeus. Zeus bound Prometheus the schemer in inescapable fetters, atorment to bear, and through them he drove a mighty stone pylon, and sent a long-winged eagle to gnaw his incorruptible liver. By day the bird fed upon it, buteach night as much was replenished as was lost on the day before. Zeus punishedPrometheus for stealing fire, but he also punished man by imposing what Hesiodregarded as the greatest affliction of all: woman! Zeus gave human beings“woman” as a present. May they all be merry at heart, forever embracing thishorror! Pandora, who’s name is the meaning of all-gifted, was the present given tohuman beings, also known as the origin of woman, marriage, and suffering in theworld. Actually, Pandora was created with lies, swindles, and all sorts of thievishbehavior. The reason for a woman being a present to humankind is that peoplealways thought male were more important than female in the ancient world. AfterPandora opened the jar, life was labor, misery, and disease, with death at the end.Fortunately, we still have hope. Through whole process, there was a coincidencebetween Prometheus and Zeus. At the beginning, Zeus chose the fat and the boneshidden beneath. On the other hand, Zeus revenge is a woman that looked good on
  6. 6. the outside, but within was filled with” lies, with swindles, all sorts of thievishbehavior.” Both of them told that colorful or fine appearances are not always leadto same contents. Just as Zeus devoured his son to ensure the full extent of hispower, he put the punishment to human beings seemed to announce how great hispower was. He won’t endure any failure and rebellious actions.
  7. 7. 984001021 郭玟伶Professor DingEL1063-A28 April 2011 Rock and Roll can Really Change the World If You Really Want School of Rock (2003, USA), is a comedy film directed by Richard Linklater,written by Mike White, and starring Jack Black. In the film, Dewey Finn, a rocksinger and guitarist who always gets crazy when he has a performance, and itwas a result he kicked out from his band “No Vacancy”. Desperate for incometo avoid getting evicted by his friend Ned Schneebly and Ned’s girlfriend,Dewey pretended to be Ned, and took the job as a substitute teacher for afifth-grade class. At first, he did not teach anything to students. However, whenDewey overheard his students playing in music class, an idea suddenly cameto his mind, and he wanted to form his students into a rock band. He chose akeyboards player, bass player, guitarist, drummer, and chorus from hisstudents. They practiced in their class and gradually they were interested inplaying rock and roll. In the end, rock and roll has become an essential part intheir daily life. And they proved the world can really be changed by rock androll music. One linguistic sign in this film is “The Man”, when Dewey says the world isrun by The Man and The Man is everywhere. It means the world is always
  8. 8. controlled by the person who has authority. That person may have power toaffect something that happens in the world. That person can be interpreted asa principal, a government official, a millionaire, and so on. At first, Dewey madethem join in the band, and the band was worked by his authority. However,after his real identity was revealed, it was his students who went to his houseand took him to the competition. The relationship between them changedobviously. Dewey is not The Man any more, he became one of theirbandmates. Moreover, the relationship between parents and their children changed aswell. In the beginning, parents didn’t agree that joining in a rock band is goodfor their children. They just cared about what made their children smarter andget better grades. Nevertheless, students insisted on taking part in thecompetition and took the bus by themselves. It was a big change and it let theirparents become their audience and see how fantastic a performance it was.Hence, the attitude of parents changed, they will listen to their children moreand respect their opinions. Another important change of relationship is between Dewey and MissMullins. At the time they drank coffee together, Miss Mullins told Dewey howmuch stress on her it was to discipline the students and make good figure in
  9. 9. front of the parents. At this moment, the relationship between them was not theemployer and employee any more. Also, Miss Mullins isn’t The Man to controlher employee but a woman who told her worries to her friend. There are some connections between “school of rock “and “no vacancy”. Atfirst, Dewey was one of the members in “No Vacancy”, which was a band full ofarguments. For them, to win the prize was the goal they really pursued. Thereason that Dewey was kicked out of the band is not only his strange behavioron the stage but the point of view between them on making music was divided.There is a contrast between “No Vacancy” and “School of Rock”. “No Vacancy”played their music for a particular purpose. They wanted to win the competition.And that would make their performance as a routine without enjoyment. Theywere stressed when they played the music, for they had to cater for tastes ofthe public. However, “School of Rock” was a band that really enjoyed music.They performed the song that was written by their guitarist Zack instead of thesong written by Dewey. It is because Zack’s song conveyed the life of thestudents. And students sang aloud what they really feel when being astudent. In the end, “School of Rock” changed their world through playing rock androll music and established a world without The Authority. Though “school of
  10. 10. rock” did not win the championship, they won the chance for an encore. Itmeans their performance was impressive and accepted. They influencedpeople through their rock music. They were successful to strike at everybody’sheart and change their minds through their lyrics with their voice.Part of summary was cited from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/School_of_rock
  11. 11. 984001021 郭玟伶Professor DingEL1063-A19 May 2011 Summary2 draft1: Ways of Seeing In Chapter Seven of the book Ways of Seeing published in 1973, John Berger makeshis point that publicity creates wonderful images of the future to make people feeldissatisfied with their present way of life so that people will be convinced of spendingmoney to change themselves for the better. If you buy things it advertises, if promises, you may become better and be envied.In fact, publicity is a process of manufacturing glamour, and the main purpose ofmanufacturing glamour is making money. To achieve this purpose, publicity imitateoil paintings, use color photography, and manufacture anxiety. Oil paintings can be a symbol of wealth and spirituality, and the process ofimitating oil paintings reveals that the purchase being proposed is both a luxury and acultural value. On the other hand, color photography becomes a tool of reproducingthe color and texture and tangibility of objects. It can arouse the spectator’s sense ofacquiring the real thing which image shows. Moreover, making people anxious to benothing because of having nothing is often used to achieve publicity’s goal to makemuch money. They make people think the only way to eliminate anxiety is the abilityof spending money. The function of publicity is turning consumption into a substitute for democracy.And it makes us change our pursuance for democracy into consumption. Moreover,eliminating the contrast between publicity’s interpretation of the world and theworld’s actual condition is also become a part of making profit.
  12. 12. Wen-Ling GuoProfessor DingEL1063-A20 March 2011 Summary 1 Final Draft: Representation In chapter one The Work of Representation of the book Representation: CulturalRepresentations and Signifying Practices published in 1997 by SAGE and edited byStuart Hall, representation can as comprehended that it including two systems. One ismeaning, and another is language. Giving meaning can help people interpret the worldin an individual way. Also, people in different culture may have differentinterpretation of the same thing. We can say that people in different culture systembelong to the different concept maps. Therefore, meaning should be translated into acommon language so that people can communicate with each other. When we uselanguage, it is codes that help us translate concept maps through language. In sum,representation is a process to interpret meaning through language.
  13. 13. 984001021 郭玟伶 Professor Barton EL201429 March 2011 The role of Laura in selections from the Canzoniere In the “Selections from the Canzoniere”, Laura is described as a woman who haspower to change a man. Laura makes the man feel distraught. It is because he hasfallen in love with her. Thus, everything connects with Laura can impress him. “mylady, for your lovely eyes had bound me.” It is a strong feeling for the man whenLaura was close to him. In this poem, Laura can be recognized as a real woman, forher existence makes the man’s heart beat for her. Also, Laura plays a role either toencourage him or depress him. And it’s because love dominates the man. Though inthe end the man becomes white-haired and pale, get nothing from his love. It doesn’tmean Laura can be seen as devil. It is the man who goes crazy for her and desires herlove violently. However, Laura doesn’t have her own thoughts in this poem. In thesection from page 12 to 15, Laura doesn’t say a word and doesn’t respond anything tothe man. The man can only get some information through her eyes, from” It is truethat your sweet and soothing smile does calm the ardour of all my desires and rescuesme from buring martyrdom as long as I keep my gaze fixed in you.” The role ofLaura in selections from the Canzoniere is a person who can’t be express obviouslybut really exist and has power to a certain extent.
  14. 14. 984001021 企管二 A 郭玟伶 Travelling Around is Necessary In the east of the America national land, people have their daily life. Their busylives make them have less time to relax themselves. If someone feels down orconfused about his real life, he may try to travel to the western American. There canbe seen as glorious landscape. Also, it can make people realize how insignificantlysmall they are. In the movie” 127 hours”, the desert is huge enough to educatepeople and hurt them. The man in the movie was selfish at first. He always did whathe wanted to do without telling anyone even his families. However, when he feltisolated and think deep when he got alone with himself, he really knew somethingthat he used to ignore. In fact, power of nature can not only made him humble, butm a d e h i m s t a r t to l e a r n a p p r e c i a t e e v e r y t h i n g a r o u n d h i m . Apart from traveling to western America alone, two persons or more go togethercan be seen frequently, In the movie” City Slickers”, told a story about three men tofind something they lack by road traveling. When they took themselves away fromtheir familiar way, they were pushed to learn something new and change themselves.In fact, nature can really made people grown up. If you really want to conquer it, youshould show your confidence and courage. Most important of all, buddy relationshipcan really help each other grown up.
  15. 15. 984001021 企管系 郭玟伶 What Is Love? Love is desire for the perpetual of the good. Moreover, the function of love is thatprocreation in what is beautiful, and such procreation can be either physical orspiritual. People would love to approach something beautiful. Through procreate,people may have chance to reach the goal. Because procreation is the nearest thing toperpetuity and immortality that a mortal being can attain. To be immortal, a man tendto integrate with another woman, then giving birth to a baby who symbolizes theprolong of the man and the woman’s life. New ones come into existence and oldones disappear. However, knowledge is not merely that some appears and othersdisappear. Knowledge can be immortal. For example, nowadays what people studymay exist long time ago, maybe 500 hundred yours ago, or much longer. If you sayyou love something, then that may somehow a good thing for you, even conform whatyou are pursuing such as being immortal. Love can be defined from one instance ofphysical beauty to two and from two to all, then from physical beauty to moral beauty,and from moral beauty to the beauty of knowledge whose sole object is that absolutebeauty, and knows at last what absolute beauty is.
  16. 16. EL2014 Professor David Barton 9840001021 郭玟伶 April 21 2011 What Is the Ambition of Earl of Rochester? In the beginning of the film, Rochester was sent into banishment by King Charles IIfor a year. That was because his poem that he read aloud in front of the king. However,the king knew very well that there was few people can reach to the Rochester’s talentin literary. Though Rochester’s poems often irritated the king, he still neededRochester’s talent to help him consolidate his throne. Rochester did not agree the kingwho wanted to use his talent be a tool of politics. And that is why he always used eroticmaterials to embarrassed the king. He used cocks, dildos and sexual toys in his drama tosatirize the king’s indulgent life. All of above mentioned are the process to reach hisambition, to influence more people through exposed the king. When he made the kingembarrassed, he expressed the anger of people who had low standard of living because ofroyalty. Rochester made his every effort to the drama that would be used to welcome theambassador to France. It is because this drama would be the big chance that he can use tosay aloud what kind of the king was in his country. He did not care about the consequence.He did what he thought he should do. He did so for his patriotism. Finally, he made hisspeech when Parliament introduced the Exclusion Bill to deny James the throne. It is aproof that he wanted to do something to make his country better.