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My home town


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Published in: Education
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My home town

  1. 1. My home town- Sanxia1. Hello everyone. I want to introduce you my hometown Sanxia. Have you ever heard or went to Sanxia?2. You may heard killing of lord pig event in news on January 6th in lunar calendar. It is the most important event in sanxias New Year, attracting a lot of people.3. Sanxia is in the outskirt of Taipei connect with Formosa freeway It’s also near NCU, only 23km from NCU to Sanxia. We dont have MRT in Sanxia, but we have very convenient bus system. Some buses get on the freeway4. What we have in Sanxia? We have lots of delicious foods, monuments, and Natural Resources. Now I what to introduce two famous monuments and two my favorite deserts in is 祖師廟,also called eastern arts center. Built in‘s famous for its sculptures and rock columns. There is the largest number of rock columns in Taiwanese temple. It has been reconstructed three times because of war and earthquake.6. It is Sanxia Old Street, also the longest reserved old street in Taiwan. 260m long and it is built in Baroque architecture. In weekend there are always fill with large number of people.7. First dessert i introduce is golden horn its really famous, but there are lots of fake store. The real one is hiding in traditional market with no obvious sign only few people know its location but it still sold out every day.8. This is my favorite one tofu pudding, they using mountain spring water and natural Ingredients made. It only cost 25NT$ I really recommended this!!9. That’s all my report thank you for your listening!!