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劉品君' Gallery

  1. 1. GRAND ILLUSION These two men are different from all other characters in the film. They were birth of blueblood. So, their temperatures were different from other people. Both of them have something tostick to. Although they realized that democracy had become a trend. Their background couldn’tmean anything. However, it seemed that there were some glories behind them. That was why theyrespected each other. We could see some aristocrat qualities in them. When Boeldieus was on amission, he would choose his good equipment which showed his noble taste. What they did wasfor their countries and their tradition. There were many times that Boeldieus’ comrades wantedto escape, Boeldieus,as an nobles’ offspring, he wouldn’t want to do for the low work, like diggingcaves. When we saw that, we would think that Boeldieus was too conceited. We couldn’t imagethat he would die for his two comrades. For Boeldieus,his sacrifice was for the last dignity ofnobility. And maintaining the morality and justice for their comrades.As for Rauffenstein, he justdid his duty. Out of pity, he had forgiven Boeldieus many times. Boeldieus’ death symbolized thatthe end of aristocratic era. What he would encounter to was a new era. He lost a friend who hetreated sincerely. The film’s background was war. However, we couldn’t see any scene about brutal killing. Theatmosphere was so happy like holding a big party. “GRAND ILLUSION” the title of the film wasrelated to the story. Soldiers fought for their countries, losing their lives, what they contributed tobe a big illusion. Ironically, we could only see the old ,weak and wounded troops in the prisoncamps. The film brought us a new war which was different from blooding war. Even, when theFrench would escape from the prison camps, the background music was so lively. WhenRauffenstein killed Boeldieus, the background music became to blank. As they escaped from theprison camps and saved by German housewife Ilsa, that was another heaven where made themremoved from war. Ilsa’s daughter’s bright innocent smile which couldn’t see any fear .That wasdirector’s carefully arranged which meant some anti-war.
  2. 2. “Rear windows”was the film which was used a large of obscure technique to express itssuspense. However, the director didn’t tell the story through actor’s mouth. What he usedwas editing. In the beginning, the director didn’t introduce Jeff ‘s job and the reason heinjured by narrating. He used the table ornaments and a series of photos to introduce themain actor. We knew that Jeff’s job was a photographer which had some hint to the nextstory. We could realize why he would peep at his neighbor’s lives. All he did seemed tobecome reasonable. In the film, we could find Jeff didn’t leave the room even the wheelchair. The camera waslingering in the apartment. What we could do just stay here to peep others’ lives as Jeff. Thedirector forced us to watch the event’s happened. Every home like a frame, each frame had astory playing out. All the apartment was build out a big check which let me connect to theBroadway’s show. Because our sight was limited, we couldn’t leave the scene. So, we wouldfeel nervous about what would happen to. We were imprisoned like Jeff. When the dog died,“who kill the dog”, the space was formed a circle, like a trial which wanted to find the killer.People surrounded the central that we would feel oppressed. The difference of lightening plays an important role in the film. In some scenes, we couldfind that the frame’s central was the brightest area. On the other hand, all around the framewere darker. Like the spot light’s effect. The director wanted to highlight what the event washappening in the central of the frame. Because Jeff used a telescope to peep at other people,what effect to present the telescope’s sight was masking. We couldn’t see what happenedoutside the frame, so we would feel nervous. By this way, it created some suspenseatmosphere. What the film wanted to explore was the relation between people. Each family has theirproblem. They were confined in the apartment. They distrust each other. We seldom sawthem communicating to each other. Even Jeff who was the leading actor in the film, justthrough the telescope which was inanimate contacted to the outside world. Maybe that wasthe reason why their problem was caused. I think one of the issues what the film exploredwas trusting between each other. The dog symbolized some quality of innocent, when it waskilled, not only represented what the murderer wanted to conceal his crime but symbolizedthe truth was wiped out. I remember the word what the dog’s owner said” Why killed him,just he loved every one of all? ” The word revealed another aspect what the film wanted toexplore was trusting. The dog was the only one which trusted everybody living in theapartment.
  3. 3. SING IN THE RAIN 1 What do you enjoy most in this film? The movie showed the very period that films were evolved from silent films. However, it can’t make audience feel bored like preaching. The film expresses a lively atmosphere. Among the movie is quality of music which attracts me most. I can’t believe how an excellent actor to perform so easy. In other words, they should be positioned on performers, artists, not merely actors. Each scene can be seen as an individual show. When the film was played, it seems that there had an invisible tempo existing in the film. The temple affected the flow of film which likes a stream. Even actors in the film were talking to each other has rhythm. How strong quality of music the film was! That was the most attracting me when my emotion ups and downs with the development of film. 2. What have you learned about film business from this film? I realized the development of film. What a movie was produced. In the film, I have aquestion. Why did they not check a film before it was played in public? There was a scenethat Lina’s bad performance on her first time used microphones. With the playing of the badquality of the film, it made a lot of laugh. Whether should they make sure everything is finebefore playing the film? Through the film I realized the evolution of film business. Sound isimportant to make the movie more real, instead of just a development of technology. Itmakes us feel that as if we were standing in front of the scene and watching thingshappening. We always say that movie is a kind of visual art. However, sound makes thedevelopment of films more complete. Take Lina for example, she had a good appearance, butdidn’t have a good voice. Sound can affect a feeling to something, which can support thereality. Nowadays, not every film should have the sound. Sometimes, directors use silent toexpress the artistic quality. It depends on what they want to present to the audience.3. Do you know any other similar films? I have watched a film like this. Chicago is a similar film like” Singin’ in the rain”. It’s full ofsings and dances which made the film more musical. However, unlike ”Singin ‘ in the rain” ,Chicago used more exaggerate sound effects which were the product of the technology.Maybe, the modern atmosphere was what the Chicago wanted to express, so it used a lot of
  4. 4. technology to support the story. Both films used singing and dancing to link films. Wheneveryou watched films, you would shake with the tempo of films. Compared to Chicago, ”Sing inthe rain” was classical like an old piano’s playing. What a good film like this depends on theirperformance and how to link the story with songs and dances naturally, but not scattered.
  5. 5. Sunrise This film used a lot of contrast ways to portray humanity. All the things like on the both ends of scale for people to compare. In the beginning, a series of shots were used to catch the mistress’ facial expression. She dressed up herself carefully with heavy makeup, just like a black widow waiting for the pray falling into her web. Whenever she appeared, the strange background music was playing. To the farmer who had lived in a honest country for a long time, the city woman, was not merely a beautiful fantasy but a black bottle which had liquor in. when the husband saw the city woman, he lost his direction, like drinking the poison she had prepared first. The film expressed this dizzy feeling of man’s crash on the woman by using film acceleration and close-up lighting. In what ways does the silence makes this film a more moving story? Thatreally needed the actors’ and actress’ superb acting, and exaggerated facialexpressions to make the roles more vivid. I think that’s what a silent film powerfulplace, without the support of lines how to catch the audience’s heart, making themimmerse in the film? In addition, the use of light can increase the vividness of thefilm. When the husband decided to murder his wife, the light spotted on his face, thechange of light and shadow made his face sinister, as if the evil in his heart devouredhis gentle. The Change of light is used to portray humanity profound, making the audienceeasier to distinguish between good and evil, there are many elements in the film areopposite, such us: country and city, farm and capitalism. The director portrayedboth wife and mistress in an opposite way which made the film more moving. I haven’t seen other films like “Sunrise”, however, there are many dramas inTaiwan have a similar story like wife’s and mistress’ battle, which was lack of thequality of artistic.
  6. 6. 400 blows The 400 blows was a film which was full of conflicting. Sometimes, what a filmwants to express is endless contractions. Through the contractions, the directorwanted to attract our attention so that we could aware of something and thinkingdeeply. There were many contractions and conflicts in the 400 BLOWS. At first time,the director gave us a big shock. Our visions were leading by the shot, as if thedirector took us to the Paris. However, as soon as we got to Paris tower, the steelstructure was heavy which like a cage forced us out of breath. Similarly, the towerimprisoned the boy’s mind. At the first time, the director gave us a big hint. In thefilm, the image of prison was emerging constantly. Not only symbolizing the body‘simprison but also the spirits’. The tower was taken with low angle which made thetower heavier. It took the dominant palace in the frame. The director wouldn’t makeus who was looking the tower. The person was so small that couldn’t present in theframe. In the next film, we couldn’t find that the boy’s space was compressedconstantly. In the school he was punished by his teacher, standing behind theblackboard which separated him from his classmates. At home, he slept on the paththat made him doesn’t have many space to move. His position was constantlycompressed. In the end, he was sent to the asylum, the outsides colorful and his bad mood hada big contrast. We almost couldn’t see his face as if he didn’t want us to approach.Ironically, the back ground music was so lively which had a bigger conflict. To him, hewas a child; the music seemed to remind us, why they couldn’t give him more space.There were many times we could see his space was compressed, even to outside ofthe frame.
  7. 7. 單車失竊記 Ladri di biciclette What about the film moved me most was the affection between father and son.We could find that no matter where did the father go, the son would be his father’sside. To some extent, I think the son was his father’s reflection. When they werefinding the bike, their action was symmetrical which had some classical aesthetics. Atthat time, I thought that the son was a part of his father. The camera used the longshot to make both father and son stand parallel, as if they were equal to each other.The use of long shot dwarfs them so that we could compare them and found thatthey were so similar. When the father couldn’t find the convict, venting the anger onhis son and drove away him. As he heard someone was drowned, he thought theperson was Bruno. As he ran faster to check, he ran outside the frame, becomingmuch smaller. On the contrary, the anxiety became bigger because we wouldn’t seewhat was happening outside the frame. The father’s echo vibrating in the air madeus feel nervous and the father’s helpless. At that moment, the feeling of losing madehim sober. He loved his son so much. There was some implication that the affectionbetween the relatives was more important than anything. The film like a documentary film which recorded the thing might happen in ourlives. The film didn’t use lots of montages; it described the matter detailed andaccurately which made me feel that the film didn’t want to modify and hide anything.It presented a social matter faithfully; the director didn’t want to beautify the uglyside of human nature and bad society. The film was so trivial that made me feel that Iwas listening an old man telling a bad story. However, the story was flowing easy andsmooth which didn’t make us feel drowsy. It was rich in narrative. In spite of the fact that the film didn’t use lots of movie techniques which made usfeel the director was showing off his talents. However, in some touching scenes, thefilm also used some techniques to emphasize the strong emotions. When the fathergot after the burglar with lost, the camera gave him a close –up shot to emphasizethe helpless on his face. The camera followed the actor’s steps forward as if theaudience would find the bugler with him. Then, the actor went to the crowds, hisform turned to small, finally, he became to a part of the crowd like melting in them.The camera used the long shot to make us see the actor’s all form which symbolizedthat the human was small on the world. Sometimes, we didn’t have power tostruggle to the fate. When we saw that the father was hard to post the posters which were his jobthat got not easily. We could find that he wasn’t good at posting the posters. Because,we could find that the posters weren’t posted smoothly. However, he must to do thejob, which was his duty to support the whole family. So, when he found his bike was
  8. 8. stolen, he still returned to do his job unwilling. To their family, he was so importantto support a family livelihood. That was why he must to find his bike. In the film, wecould find that no matter where he went he uplifted his bike instead of pulling hisbike. From this, we could aware that he very treasured his bike. Not only the bike wasn’t easy to get but also it was the tool to support his family. The film criticized some aspect of the society. In the beginning of the film, wecould see that the crowd came in great number to find a job. What caused thephenomenon? It could be originated from the war which influenced civilians’ lives.The bad fate caused the father’s bad behaviors. There were many contractions in thefather’s life. In the beginning, he didn’t believe in the shaman, however, when hecouldn’t find his bike, he turned for her help which was contrary to his belief. At last,he even wanted to steal a bicycle from the crowds. All the contractions of him weredue to the bad environment in the society. When his son and he ate in the restaurant,the son and the rich child’s eyes touch could make us aware of the problem ofpoverty gap.
  9. 9. 我的父親母親 I can’t forget the last scene in “MY DAD AND MOM” which depicted the long funeral procession marching in the snow white. The scene was so silence that like there was an invisible stream of sadness flowing in their heart. Everywhere was covered with snow white to support for the feeling of sadness and solemn. To my opinions, white is a color which can flow unconsciously. This snow white land is an important spot, when teacher Lou dedicated himself to rushing to build a school the land had left his steps. Finally, his life ended in the same place. The film didn’t portray a lot of scenes about teacher Lou’s form in the bone-chilly winds and snow. However, as the procession marching in the silent snow, it seemed that we could see his form and realized how great teacher Lou was. The way to express actor’s struggling in his heart was so special that impressing me. As he decided to revenge to his rival in love, the director used the change in stream of light to emphasize his mood conversion. When he sat in the restaurant facing with his rival, the over white light spotted on their faces presenting the nervous atmosphere and contractions. The use of a large number of light to express the relationship between people in urban. Furthermore, it pointed Out the relation between people which was difficult to image. I prefer “MY DAD AND MOM” to “KEEP CALM”. The director used the contrasttechnique to express the difference between present and past. The director used themanner of flashback, the story started from black and white screen, making theaudience realize that the reality was strictly cruel. At first, the dialogue between sonand mom was so dull that made me consider the film as a documentary film. Asmother insisted on weaving for his father, it seemed that today had a link with thepast. The scene came back to the past. Immediately, the screen became so colorful,all the feeling pouring out suddenly. At that time, the real story just started over.The reason why I like this film wasn’t merely the narrative technique but thetouching romance which made me immerse in it. I have seen “HERO” which was directed by Zhang Yi-mou. The film’s scene was so magnificent that made me gaze steadily. I found the fact that Zhang Yi-mou liked to play color game. Each scene consists of different colors. Maybe, he was a rich director like to use the technique of counting the bowl movement was U.S. That’s the production of high-cost. We can find that in his films, the use of red is seen quite often. For instance, the film 大紅燈籠高高掛.It seems that he had a crash on red. Red symbolizes festival in the traditional Chinese. However, the over festivity made me feel gloomy. How
  10. 10. strange was! Compared to his films, red is used to emphasize a kind of intenseemotion, just like a stream of blood flowing and stirring up an intense feeling inyour body. I like to his technique to produce films. He continues to create a kind of visual pleasure. However, I don’t like the film “Hero”, because there has some ideology in this film. Virtually, the film has become a tool of demonstrating their country’s thought.
  11. 11. Mise-en-scène and Symbolism in 400 Blows and Roshomon Pin Jun Liu Professor Wenchi Lin EL2033 Introduction to Film Studies (Final Paper) 2011/1/12 Roshomon was a city gate which worn down by the years without repairs. Therewere three people took the shelter from the rain under the gate. They discussed acrime. A drench of rain coincided with the theme. The rain symbolized the collapsingof humanity which throughout the whole film. Before that, a man ran in the heavyrain we couldn’t see him very clear. The scene in the film was very blurred and dirty.The ground was miry and the man was splashed. We could find that all the sceneswere dirty and old: a broken gate, the muddy ground which was caused by the rain.The beginning of the story, the director gave us the filthy scene that had animplication of humanity. “Humanity “was the theme that running through thebeginning to the end. However, what we flashed back the happening process had tothrough these three people’s narrations. Their mouth was the only media that werealized the whole story. As a result, when our sight was taken to the temple, whatwe heard first was the man’s murmur. The three man presented the different aspectsin the humanity which made me think about the personality that Freud‘s StructuralPsychology. The monk was superego, the servant was id, and the woodman was Egothat made a balance between the superego and Id. The entire film was conferring different aspects of humanity. When they talkedabout the crime, the rain formed as the curtain. It symbolized the collapsing ofhumanity. However, the film didn’t take sides. So, the director almost gave them theequal space. The camera took them from the same distance and position. Even gavethem a close up shot to present their argument as if they did a confession to theaudience. The whole film was very orderly which presented the beauty of classical.The main role was put in the middle of the frame. We could see their complete figureto present their argument. The film didn’t have lots of dialogues. The black and white presented a feeling ofsilence film. The use of light shade becomes very important. When the woodmanwalked into the forest, the director used a low angle shot to present the mottled light.He also used a high angle to show the woodman’s advancing. The camera followedhis steps, which made the scene more dynamic and flowing. We could find that thewoodman’s figure was covered by the tree just like there was something freaky in ourlife .We might be hoodwinked by it. The forest symbolized people’s mind. The reasonwhy the director made this scene more flowing was he hoped that the audience
  12. 12. could follow the woodman’s steps to see the happening of a crime smoothly. Bydoing this the audience could go into the film’s world fast. On the other hand, therewas an implication that symbolized people always get into a maze of people easily. The use of contraction was the reason why the film had the appeal for the audience.The weather was hot that caused the lady masking a veil. People had a desire forpeeping at which made the lady more charming. The two factors were correspondingthat made the bandit have more desire for the lady. When the camera took the lady’shat which was placed in the side of the frame, the director gave the hat much time toshow some feeling of discomposed. To some extent, the hat and veil represented ahint of chastity. This way of setting up which made us realize something wrong washappening. When the woodman saw the dead body, he ran to the government officegate. The track in shot was stopped, his pace became to disorder which symbolizedhis senses was awake. When witnesses were talking about the crime, they were put in the middle of theframe very orderly. The form gave me some feeling of justice that highlighted theatmosphere in the office in local government. They did a confession to the audience.We realized the crime through their mouths. However, when the image whichshowed the different ways how the crime was caused, there weren’t many dialoguedto describe the crime. Even the scene which describing the bandit was falling to thehorse, such a image should be dynamic, there weren’t many dialogues. As if theexplanation was imposed on the image. That caused a contradiction between imageand langue. The image was an expression of esthetics which was an element that thedirector wanted to confer. So, he used this way to trace back the most primitiveesthetics. When the different people to describe the crime, they did an advantageousconfession to themselves. It symbolized that people have something which theywanted to maintain. That made a question to humanity. The physic was takenpossession by the samurai, describing the crime, It represented the implication “Lienever disappeared even you had been dead”. The end of the film, the servant was throwing the wood to make a fire. The weakfire which in the drenching rain, liking the last hope to the bright side of humanity.The servant’s position was in the front of the frame. He had a higher status than theother two people. Because, up to present of the film, what the director to do wasshowing the dark side of the humanity. However, the baby’s crying was the last testfor the humanity, when they found the baby, the position was reshuffled. Again, theyback to the equal status. When the rain was stopped, the sunshine appearing, whichappealed to the weak fire, it symbolized that there was bright side of the humanity.
  13. 13. The sharpest symbol in the 400 Blows was”imprison”. From the beginning to theend in the film, the topic was fastened on the film. In the beginning of the film, wewere brought to view the Eiffel Tower, which was the biggest bomb that the directorthrown to us. Apparently, the scene was companied with the stringed music; itshould give us the feeling of easy, however, the low angle shot to the tower thatmade it like a huge monster. It was like a monster which was impending and woulddevour the children’s spirits. The tower was made from steel which had the samematerial with the prison .In the end of the beginning of the film, we were even takento the underneath of the tower, it was the square shape as the shape of “prison”.This way of setting up was fasten on the symbol of ‘”prison” again. However, thesymbol of “prison” was not only the body’s restriction, but whole society suppressedthe boy’s thought. We could find that there was a partition in Antoine’s classroom, which was theimplication of “isolation”. As we thought, when he was kidding with his classmates,liking a general kid’s behavior, however, he was force to stand outside the classroomby his teacher. He was isolated from the right of education. The apartment where Antoine lived was black and old. However, the space whichAntoine had was very narrow. When he was sleeping, his would be squeezed out ofthe frame, just like his status in his family. Because, his room was small, when hismother closed the door, the door’s shadow would fall on his body. The shadow waslike a heavy burden which bulling his small body. Just like what the whole societygave to him. The plot that he escaped from his home and school was shown in the film manytimes. We could find that the road which he passing was full of obstacles. Instead of abroad way, what he brought us to pass were black and narrow lanes. These narrowlanes were hiding in the big society. By doing this, we could realize that there weremany black corners in the big city. When Antoine escaping from the school, even thesociety, pursuing to the freedom that he aspiring after, there weren’t places he couldstay. The factor where he stayed was full of machines and sacks. This time, he stillhad a narrow space to sleep just like the position that he could own in his family.That was a great irony. What he should get from the society, when he escaping fromthe big trap, the society still didn’t gave to him. Escaping from his family, he walked on the road by himself. It seemed that thefreedom was companied by the lonesome. We would show sympathy to him whenwe saw the scene. However, the director used the shining sigh in a shop window toenhance our sympathy. The scene and Antoine’s situation became to an intensecontrast. In the morning, he washed his face in front of the fountain. It symbolized his
  14. 14. comprise to the society. The camera took him from the far distance, making his figurelook so tiny. We suddenly saw the light, realizing that he was just a kid!Compared to the big society, his figure was so small. The director used the technique of documentary which making the film like a realstory. As Antoine was taken to the police office, he was imprisoned in the small jail.We could see that his figure was restricted under the jail, making his space smaller.He was isolated from the society. On the way to the reformatory, we could see his sightof his back, just like he kept away from us and telling us not to inquire about his mindbecause he was a kid who was abandoned by the society. The final scene that he escaped from the reformatory lasted a long time. It seemedthat he was eager to take us to see the world which symbolized by freedom. However,the director used a shaking shot to remind us that the story was just a film. Whatimportant was the implication behind the film. We should value the education systemand the family support. When Antoine looked after the camera, just like his accusationto the society. The words “Fin” in the last scene, was imprison to Antoine.References:再見楚浮/ Don Allen 著 張靜蓓譯 1991 遠流出版社武者的遺跡/ Stephen Prince 著 刁筱華譯 1995 萬象出版
  15. 15. Dr .Wen was a film that had a touch of sadness. Black and White aroused a feelingof memorizing. There weren’t much excitement in it. The director used an indirectway to tell the story. When the film talked about Dr Wen’s family life, he used manyvideos. By this way, it made the film like a real documentary in the field ofdocumentary. Even where we knew Felix was through Dr .Wen’s narration. Maybe,someone would think that all because Flip had been dead. Dr Wen’s gazed at hisson’s things, thinking of his son. The film’s shot was shaky, maybe that because the camera was handed. By thisway, it presented a way of natural which like the thing was staged in life. When theillness child was taken to Dr Wen, the camera gave he a close up shot companyingwith his mom’s narration. We knew the child by an indirect way. The shot’s focaldistance was changing unceasingly. The shot was very disorder, as if the film wastaken randomly. The film used lots of montages to present views ‘changing. The shotwas followed the car’s advancing, as if the shot was attached to Dr Wen’s body,becoming the part of his life. That made me associate with his job was doctor; thecamera was like his organ. The film suggested his son’s death continually. WhenDr .Wen watered for the swimming port, we saw his body was covered by thebalusters. His body was confined to the balusters that presenting a father’s helpless.Bubbles were emerging constantly which symbolized the passing of life. The film wasplayed to here; I smelled a feeling of uneasy. The water was fluid which dropped ahint of death. There were two boys in the film. The film compared the two. Felix and Sebastianwere very similar. However, both of them had the different fate, Felix chose tocommit suicide; Sebastian tried his best to survive. The film gave us the differentaspects to think about life. When Dr. Wen talked about his son’s death, he almostfaced to the right side; the camera took his face in profile, the camera kept a distancefrom it. As if he was stating the fact, however, to some extent, he was making hisown confession. After a while, the camera was closed to him, we could see his facemore clearly. Because, when he talked to his son’s death aroused the intenseemotion. The camera closed to his face, hoping we could feel the same way about hissad emotion. Then the shot was slowly moved to the ceiling. Describing the scenethat Dr Wen taught Felix how to shave. The shot was very close to the wall, wealmost could see the grain. Leaving some white to the scene, as if the film was tellingus that there was some depression in our life that we couldn’t bear.