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FIN 575 Week 3 Project Proposal


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Free Essays on Answers To FIN 575 Week 3 Project Proposal for students. Use our papers to help you with yours.

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FIN 575 Week 3 Project Proposal

  1. 1. FIN 575 Week 3 Project Proposal Copyright All Rights Reserved By By :
  2. 2. Write no more than a 450- to 1,350-word proposal which applies the methods for calculating a project’s viability. •Select one of the following organizations: •British Petroleum (BP) •Ford Motor Co. •Applied Materials Review the organization’s annual report by researching your chosen organization. University of Phoenix Online Course Guide FIN 575 Week 3 Individual Project Proposal Write a proposal advising the selected organization on obtaining funding and managing a project budget, to purchase equipment to increase worker safety. The initial investment is $25M and the yearly cash inflows are as follows: •Year 2 – $5M •Year 3 – $10M •Year 4 – $15M •Year 5 – $12M Assume all cash flows are at the beginning of the period and a discount rate of 10%. Copyright All Rights Reserved By
  3. 3. Include the following information in your project proposal: •Define business needs in an overview of the project, including high-level deliverables to solve the problem. •Describe the net present value (NPV), internal rate of return (IRR), profitability index, and payback methodologies for calculating the projects viability. Examine the strengths and weakness of each methodology. •Calculate NPV, IRR, profitability index, and payback method. Explain the rationale for accepting or rejecting the project based on its financial viability. Format your proposal consistent with APA guidelines. Copyright All Rights Reserved By
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