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Migrating the National Library of Naples’ Digital Heritage to DSpace-GLAM


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Presented at Open Repository 2018, Bozeman, Montana

The National Library of Naples is the third largest library in Italy. In 2007 a digital library system was created in order to enhance the immense cultural heritage stored in its warehouses. Today, after 10 years, the Library chose to move its Digital Library Management System to DSpace-GLAM. DSpace-GLAM is a specific DSpace-CRIS configuration for the description, management, analysis and preservation of digital cultural heritage. The choice of a solution built upon DSpace, the most used open source Digital Asset Management System in the world, supported by a large community and by the Duraspace foundation, is mainly related to sustainability issues.

During the first half of 2018, digital contents will be migrated into the new system. The presentation will illustrate the migration workflow and the expected results.

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Migrating the National Library of Naples’ Digital Heritage to DSpace-GLAM

  1. 1. Migrating the National Library of Naples’ Digital Heritage to DSpace-GLAM Gennaro Alifuoco, Claudio Cortese, Emilia Groppo, Andrea Bollini, Susanna Mornati, Riccardo Fazio, Matteo Perelli
  2. 2. An extension of DSpace built by 4Science to meet the needs of Cultural Heritage institutions Flexible and extensible data model inherited from DSpace-CRIS to manage relevant metadata standards and specific conceptual models With dedicated add-ons for digital objects curation, fruition and sharing In Brisbane…we presented DSpace-GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums)
  3. 3. Today…DSpace-GLAM…manages
  4. 4. The Biblioteca Nazionale di Napoli The 3° largest library in Italy 1,480,747 printed volumes, 319,187 pamphlets, 18,415 manuscripts, more than 8,000 periodicals, 4,500 incunabula, the 1,800 Herculaneum papyri. Managing a Digital Library since 2007, supported from the beginning by the team presently in 4Science • A rich collection of Neapolitans songs with texts and scores dated between 1850 and 1960 • Drawings of Herculaneum papyri (published between 1793 and 1876)
  5. 5. Why DSpace-GLAM? Built upon the most used Digital Asset Management System in the world DSpace is supported by the DuraSpace Foundation and by a large international community Simple DSpace procedures for installation and document management DSpace-GLAM brings more DSpace benefits in the field of cultural heritage
  6. 6. Challenges The old system made extensive use of: • structural metadata: to describe the complex structure of ancient digitized documents • technical metadata: for Digital Preservation purposes • high resolution images for thorough document analysis It adopted the MAG metadata standard (a specific italian standard for administrative metadata) It was interoperable with Internet Culturale (the portal for digital cultural resources of the Italian Ministry of Culture )
  7. 7. Challenges
  8. 8. Challenges
  9. 9. Methodology We used the advanced support for technical and structural metadata at the bistream level implemented in DSpace-GLAM We made extensive use of the DSpace-CRIS DBMS import framework based on adhoc simplified database tables to map the MAG metadata standard on DSpace data model and to perform operations on items and bitstreams metadata We used the IIIF Image Viewer to manage, visualize and analyze high resolution images and navigate structural metadata
  10. 10. Results
  11. 11. Results
  12. 12. Results
  13. 13. Results
  14. 14. Results
  15. 15. Conclusions All the features of the old Digital Library Management System have been supported by DSpace- GLAM Naples Digital Library now has a powerful, stable, sustainable, state-of-art, Digital Library Management System in order to manage, preserve, and enhance access to its digital collections in the next years DSpace-GLAM demostrated to be an excellent open-source solution to effectively manage complex cultural heritage digital collections.
  16. 16. Thank you for your attention Claudio Cortese <> mobile: +39 333 9340846 skype: claudio.cortese74 orcid: 0000-0003-4572-9711