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4Science Submission Module Preview


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Outcomes from the Univ. Hasselt - 4Science project

Slides used during the live demo held on 2018-03-29 at the DSpace 7 Working Group Weekly Meeting.

Topics: Authentication, Submission and Workflow process implemented on the new Angular UI with advanced features such as the automatic extraction of metadata from PDFs.

Meeting notes:

Demo available on YouTube:

Published in: Data & Analytics
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4Science Submission Module Preview

  1. 1. Submission module proposal for DSpace7 Outcomes from the Univ. Hasselt - 4Science project
  2. 2. • Authentication • Submission process • Workflow process • What’s next Agenda IMPORTANT: What here presented is publicly available on GitHUB Angular UI: angular/tree/dspacecris_demo REST: LIVE DEMO Recoding:
  3. 3. • Support for external authentication (aka Shibboleth) • Login within the current page • Login page with redirect to protect direct access to restricted content Authentication
  4. 4. MyDSpace: list past and current submissions Process workspaceitems Start / Save for later / Resume / Delete / Deposit Import from File Capture metadata from Identifiers Upload and embargo Submission process
  5. 5. • Submission-form (aka input-form) and item-submission configuration • Validation • Authority framework • BTE, Integration with Grobid Submission process
  6. 6. • Searchable MyDSpace (with filters, facets, pagination, etc) • Collection change during the submission • Support for hierarchical metadata • Basic positioning of the field in the form • Simplified and extended configurability of file access conditions • Conversation with the “controllers” (users in the workflow groups) Submission process
  7. 7. In the Submitter’ MyDSpace both in-progress (workspace, workflow) and past submissions are listed
  8. 8. Facets and Search bar can be used to filter and easily find the item of interest. Facets are configured in the discover.xml
  9. 9. New submissions can be started putting files in the drag&drop area or using the “New submission” button
  10. 10. The user get visive feedback of the ongoing submission process
  11. 11. The user get visive feedback when the import is completed… a lot of information is automatically extracted from both bibliographic reference format (BibTeX, etc.) and PDF files using the Grobid Machine Learning and Deep Learning library
  12. 12. A partial support for hierarchical metadata is available thanks to the “group” input-type In this sample configuration the group consist of two fields: “authors” and “affiliation”. The author is the “main” field so It is shown in the tags section to summarize the value of each group value. Clicking on a specific name is possible to change the affiliation, etc. Tags can be reordered using drag & drop
  13. 13. The system supports the language attribute at single metadata level and provides multiple input-types. Here: Onebox, date but also textarea, twobox (now tags), qualdrop, dropdown, lookup, autocomplete are supported
  14. 14. Examples of other information extracted from the PDF. More information are available and can be mapped to the metadata locally adopted
  15. 15. …including the abstract
  16. 16. Panels to manage file upload, access conditions (open access, embargo, etc.) and the grant of the deposit license are available… more details on the live demo
  17. 17. • MyDSpace: list pending and claimed tasks • Process tasks: Claim / Unclaim / Execute (approve / reject) / Edit Workflow process
  18. 18. • Advanced configurable workflow • Submission form (aka input-form) and item-submission configuration • Reserved metadata • Reserved panels / different behaviours Workflow process
  19. 19. • Searchable MyDSpace, supporting: • Filters • Facets • Pagination, etc • Conversation with the Submitter Workflow process
  20. 20. Pool and claimed tasks are shown in the MyDSpace of validators offering the appropriate options
  21. 21. Support for fields visible only in a specific scope is included. Here demonstrated a “description” metadata only available in the workflow
  22. 22. Panels can have different behaviours during the submission and the workflow process, the license panel shows the decision of the submitter but doesn’t allow modifications
  23. 23. The validator can contact the submitter explicitly or reject the submission. The message is stored and sent to the submitter
  24. 24. .. The conversation is bidirectional
  25. 25. • MyDSpace • Administrators: visibility of all ongoing workflows and possibility to stop them • Supervised item: conceptually ready as it is based on indexing in SOLR - allowed to see the workspaceitems • Additional panels • Deduplication • Recycle What’s next?
  26. 26. The submitter can mark false positive or provide a reason for duplicate
  27. 27. The submitter can update the choice if needed
  28. 28. The validator see the submitter notes and must provide a “final” decision for the administrators – used in the merge tool dashboard
  29. 29. The user must discard invalid values before deposit
  30. 30. 4Science Team <> Thanks for your attention IMPORTANT: What here presented is publicly available on GitHUB Angular UI: angular/tree/dspacecris_demo REST: ee/dspace-cris-master LIVE DEMO Recoding: