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Blogging for Business


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Rachel Watkinson and Phoebe Green discuss the advantages of blogging for businesses and the impact it has on SEO. Throughout the discussion they discussed the importance of building relationships with bloggers and publications to achieve a long-term mutually beneficial outcome.

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Blogging for Business

  1. 1. 4Ps Marketing #4PsEDGE Blogging for Business
  2. 2. Our Approach
  3. 3. What is Digital PR? Building bespoke, strategic relationships with powerful journalists/sites to achieve online press coverage linking back to a brand’s site, which increases rankings, site visibility and conversions for the client What is the objective of Digital PR? To increase overall site visibility and conversions
  4. 4. What good is great content if no one can find it? A collaborative and integrated approach to content marketing and search engine optimization is essential to make sure that the content is being seen by the right audience
  5. 5. How do you measure the ROI of Digital PR?  Non-brand revenue  Non-brand traffic  Revenue from referring sites  Assisted conversions through multi-channel funnel  Authority of partners  Sociability  # of partners  # of coverage achieved
  6. 6. The Two Faces of PR: Digital And Traditional  Know your audience  Create and maintain powerful and meaningful relationships  Develop and communicate a clear and consistent message  Be authentic & credible  Engage & entertain your audience with big ideas and valuable insight  Learn how to use digital tools  Communicate using multiple touch-points  Manage your reputation proactively through online word of mouth  Combine and strategically merge SEO and PR efforts
  7. 7. Digital PR Is Used To… Build relationships Thought leadership / Authorship Enhancing existing client relationships Brand awareness Blogging and partnering with online publications
  8. 8. Highly targeted content leads to…  Quality coverage  Higher site authority and visibility  Additional conversion opportunities  Ultimately, lead generation Digital PR
  9. 9. 1. Research and define partners 2. Strategy 3. Approach partners specific to demographic 4. Create bespoke content plan 5. Measure performance
  10. 10. Onsite Blogs  Bring Customers to Your Website  Keep Your Website Fresh with Blog Content  Brand Yourself as an Expert  Position your Brand Personality  Accommodate Long-tail Search Queries in Semantic Content  Easily Showcase Company Highlights
  11. 11. Guest Blogs  Give you exposure  Enhance your authority  Give you social media growth  Allow you the opportunity to gain inbound links  Build relationships with influencers; opens you to influencers’ networks
  12. 12. The Benefits of Business Blogging  It helps drive relevant, targeted traffic to your website  It helps convert that traffic into leads  It helps establish authority  It drives long-term results
  13. 13. ID&C A Case Study
  14. 14. Brilliant Basics  Mapped keyword strategy  Tightly themed pages  Consistent and precise meta data  Highly relevant on page text  Embedded video content  Great usability
  15. 15. Offsite / Content Marketing
  16. 16. Any Questions