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About 4P research mix 2012


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About 4P research mix - a research company located in Warsaw's city center, Poland.

4P research mix is a member of ESOMAR, AQR, PTBRiO, OFBOR.

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About 4P research mix 2012

  1. 1. Made to measure 4P research mix helps to build a competitive advantage by providing knowledge about the market and consumers, and offering expert guidance for research projects. We are specialists in delivering ad hoc and tracking research projects designed to meet your business objectives. Clients about us* • they build valuable recommendations, • researchers feel responsible for the research results and are easy to work with, • they offer excellent value for money, • they adjust research tools to meet their clients’ needs, • they make fieldwork quality their priority and they are good organizers. * Study on research companies’ image - PTBRiO 2011Włodek Daab, PresidentCo-editor of the revised ICC/ESOMAR Code, Vice-Chairman of ESOMARProfessional Standards Committee. Founder of PTBRiOand OFBOR, professional and trade organisations in Poland
  2. 2. 4P research mix in rankings We are listed as a TOP 10* company in Poland providing research for: public sector, retail, electronic media & internet, telecommunications, and pharmaceutical products. * Report PTBRiO Research market in Poland, 2012. Awards II Audience Award - Kongres Badaczy 2011 Dr Barbara Frątczak-Rudnicka: “Unplugged. Technology fatigued societies” I Audience Award - Kongres Badaczy 2010 Dr Agata Grabowska: “Borrowers” II Audience Award - Kongres Badaczy 2008 Dr Agata Grabowska, Tomasz Dulinicz, Agnieszka Pilawska: “1, 2, 5…Do consumers know how to count?”Basia Frątczak-Rudnicka Ph.D.,VP Knowledge MgtESOMAR and AQR Member, author of reports and practitioner articles,juror for Effie Awards
  3. 3. Clients Our Clients who agreed to publish their name: Blue City, BMW Group Polska, Discovery Channel, GlaxoSmithKline , JTI Polska, LG Electronics Polska , Lot Catering, ONE MS, Play (P4), Roche, Royal Unibrew Polska, Sandoz, Tchibo, Telekomunikacja Polska / PTK Centertel (Orange), Tesco, UCB, USP Zdrowie, Vobis, and many more. Co-operation with 4P research mix is a sign of professionalism and complete confidence in ordering marketing data. I quite often testified the flexibility of its employees. They have a good attitude in the event of custom expectations. I recommend 4P research mix as a research house. Karol Rubinkiewicz, Telekomunikacja Polska S.A. (Orange)Paweł Wójcik Ph.D., VP Customer ServiceESOMAR Member, OFBOR VP 2004-2007Psychologist, 22 years in consumer research
  4. 4. Research mix for marketing mix price product • new product development • consumer trends • segmentation analysis • price and market evaluation tests • brand and communication research • shopper marketing • loyalty and satisfaction research • reference marketing place promotionAgnieszka PilawskaSenior Research Executive
  5. 5. Black & white an Interviewer Quality Control 4P research mix has obtained Programme Certificate (PKJPA) for carrying out qualitative and quantitative research projects in 2012. PKJPA is an initiative of the Polish Association of Public Opinion and Marketing Research Firms (OFBOR) the aim of which is to improve the quality of research. We are a member of global and national professional organisations: 1. European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research 2. Polish Society of Market and Opinion Researchers 3. Organization of Opinion and Market Research Firms 4. The Association for Qualitative Research We employ cryptographic techniques to effectively protect electronic data which we process in accordance with good IT practices.Liliana Stołowska, VP TechnologyMathematician, StatisticianAdvanced Market Intelligence Consultant
  6. 6. Professional We apply a mix of methodologies, research tools and analyses designed to fit the key elements of the marketing mix. our qual tools • FGI, IDI, diads, triads, Assisted Shopping Trips • chat FGI - focus group discussions on laptops • View &Track - applications and web usability tests • observation • projective techniques • creative techniques • semiotic analysis • ethnographic research We also • concept lab use public social • metaphors networking platforms for research and quant tools • PAPI, CATI, CAPI, CAWI, CLT • Conjoint (CBC, CVA) • MaxDiff, BPTO, PSM • segmentation analysis • perceptual mapping • structural models and regression analysis • multidimensional scaling, correspondence analysisLech KomendantR & D Executive • mystery shopping
  7. 7. Technologies in research We test and implement new technologies, such as: • platform for online qualitative research • communication platform for webinars, meetings, and conferences • system for audio-video transmission, i.e FocusVision We have developed our own platform for building online panels. Its flexible structure allows us to create panels for specific projects and connect them with external systems, such as loyalty programs. Our CAWI is based on CADAS platform. We cooperate with external consumer panels and distribute invitations on the Internet or via personalized mailings. The system allows us to create advanced questionnaires and control the progress of research.Karol DąbrowskiIT Manager
  8. 8. We With passion organize creative Collaboration between specialists with workshops based various competences enables each on consumer of them to use their potential and knowledge trends to the fullest. We have 27 researchers and 5 consultants within 7 teams. Our consultants have been working in research for more than 20 years, and are active in building standards for the industry on a global forum. We organize trainings for our Clients: • unconscious motives of consumer behaviour • market segmentation • shopper marketing research • brand studies • market research in practiceGosia Olszewska, VP MarketingOFBOR Board Director 2006-2010, AQR Member, ESOMAR Member,new product development consultant
  9. 9. Trends 2012 Trends Portfolio comprises 10 ready-to-use, well-described, nicely packed and served-on-a-platter consumer trends. Portfolio focuses on the prominent and interesting trends and phenomena, which have been manifesting in Poland and can be applied by businesses. Design TrendGuide 2012 is the result of co-operation with the Czteryczwarte Brand Design agency, the sociologists, and design critics. We have prepared a guide to dominant trends in design and their manifestations in packaging both in Poland and worldwide. We offer trends analyses in specific sectors and categories of products and services.Katarzyna DziugiełSenior Project Manager
  10. 10. Special projects Small Business DNA is a survey conducted since August 2010 by an online panel, which focuses on Polish micro- and small enterprises. Project partners: Psychographic research explores consumer values, attitudes, behaviours, personalities, and lifestyles. We have based our 4faces segmentation on the analysis of personality profiles of Polish consumers, and defined four personality types: aspiring pessimists, businesses-wise optimists, stubborn home- birds, and sensitive extroverts.Bartek SokołowskiResearch Team Manager
  11. 11. UE Projects 4P research mix is currently conducing its 8th research project co-financed by the EU, the funds for which are supplied by the European Social Fund. Our diagnoses on tailoring education and educational needs are targeted at schools, local authorities, job centres, and entrepreneurs. With this research project we support the development of local labour market in Dolny Śląsk, Wielkopolska, Mazowsze, Lublin, and Łódź provinces. We have an extensive experience in managing complex research projects co-financed by the EUJakub CichoszSenior Project ManagerSpecialises in managing studies co-financed by the EU
  12. 12. Metaphors Analysis of hidden metaphors is a tool which allows us to obtain unique and fresh insights useful in both strategy development and marketing communications. This qualitative method has an exploratory character. It can be used to study the image of brands, categories, specific experiences (such as getting up from bed, the way to work) and definitions (e.g. youth, hangover). Each research project includes several individual interviews preceded by selection of respondents and a special homeworkAnna Bartnik-MazerantQualitative Insights Director
  13. 13. Dedicated research devoted to OTC and Rx pharmaceuticals as well as medical products and services. 4P medical is a team of experienced researchers with profound knowledge of the complex rules of pharmaceutical market and studies conducted among healthcare professionals. Our competence allows our Clients to save time, ensuring substantive and useful findings. We can help you face new challenges related to the business environment of a pharmaceutical company.Anna KrasińskaSenior Project Manager
  14. 14. Fieldwork capabilities International projects in Russia, Ukraine, In 2011 Czech Rep, Hungary, Turkey CAPI 52 820 CATI 26 990 PAPI 55 239 mystery shopping 5747 512 FGI successfully completed and 370 IDI in 2011 333 projects every yearKasia FilipowiczFieldwork Director
  15. 15. Fieldwork standards Qualitative projects • at least 2 researchers work in parallel on every project/ report • at least 3 recruiters are responsible for a single focus group • over-recruitment is a standard • recruitment quality control at every stage • best viewing facilities available Quantitative projects • we conduct pilot tests of our research tools • we monitor interviewers’ work: at least 5% of fieldwork; logical coherence of answers – 100%; data input – key variables (e.g. sampling criteria) – 100% • we do not separate research work from data processing tasks in order to adjust analyses in accordance with the Client’s marketing needs In the PTBRiO 2009 ranking of market research firms 4P research mix received top rating for fieldwork qualityBeata NowakQualitative Research Manager
  16. 16. Aubergine Studio Research studiosPuławska 12a/5 Focus studios: Aubergine Studio & Olive Studio • located in Warsaw city centre • FGI transmission on-line via FocusVision • palmtops for presentation of visuals • Wi-Fi in every room • translator booth and cordless earphones for simultaneous translation • high-tech audio and video equipment • air-conditioning in all rooms Olive Studio CATI Studio Puławska 12/9 Puławska 12/8 CATI Studio • 32 workstations • interview monitoring for Clients • CATI-Audio – audio material tests • system based on CADAS platform
  17. 17. We will be happy to work with you 4P Research Mix Sp. z o.o. ul. Puławska 12a/5 02-566 Warszawa tel. +48 22 565 27 50 fax +48 22 565 27 60 Join us onOla KnapczyńskaResearch Executive