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The Cook Book App Presentation


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Published in: Education
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The Cook Book App Presentation

  1. 1. THeCookBook By Lucy Durke, Jasmine Gale, Emma Kerber and Hannah Fitz- Costa. 4PEAS
  2. 2. About us We are 4Peas, a group of 4 students who have created a unique app which is called TheCookBook. 4PEA S
  3. 3. Our Research During our research we have found that there are many similar apps on the market. This is what we found; -Recipe Search: Can search recipes and it can tell you the calories. Search recipe and filter your dietary needs also you can save a recipe. -Change4Life: Categories for main meals, breakfast and lunch. And tells calories.
  4. 4. What is the life problem our app solving?  The first problem our app solves is coming home from work or school and not knowing what to cook due to laziness or simply not knowing what to cook.  A second problem our app is solving is when people tend to take the easy option of buying takeaways.
  5. 5. Student Profile. This is Sam she is an 18 year old student who finds cooking hard at times after a day at university. Therefore she buys takeaways or ready made meals or stops off at a chip shop for her meals instead of cooking. This is unhealthy for Sam this is where our app becomes useful to Sam. Sam
  6. 6. How will our app help with the problem? Our app helps young students and adults to eat healthy and save them money. -our app has simple recipes -our app compares takeaways and healthy meals -our app saves you money -our app is easy to use -our app gives you nutritional information -our app has a large range of different types of dishes -our app is useful for anyone stuck on what to cook.
  7. 7. How our app works ? The features of our app are unlike any other. Our unique design includes - Nutritional comparisons. - Filter for the users dietary needs. - Finds the cheapest price for the ingredients using WIFI. - A timer feature has been added so the user can use it to time how long a meal must be cooked for. - A search feature is added so the user can search a chef of specific meal of their choice. - The app also filters the type of meals included in the app.