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Top 10 Video Marketing Tips


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Video Marketing is one of the most powerful internet marketing strategies for driving targeted, passive traffic to internet websites.
Search engines also love video so it is not that difficult to get to the #1 position in Google with a well optimized video.
Implement the following 10 steps and you will notice a spike in your internet marketing traffic.

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Top 10 Video Marketing Tips

  1. 1. Top 10 Video Marketing
  2. 2. The marketer that uses videomarketing has a greater chance ofincreasing traffic to theirwebsites and making more money.To get that targeted traffic, youideally want to get your video tothe top of the Google searchresults for your keyword.Getting that #1 position is easierthan you might think if you knowthe secrets.
  3. 3. Below, I have listed 10 ways touse video marketing to get thosehungry buyers to your website as quickly as possible. These 10 steps are just waiting for you to try them.
  4. 4. Step #1: Pick a hot topicFollow the trends to see whatpeople are searching for. Ifyou know what they are searchingfor, you can target markets thatwill fill your pockets withmoney. The best sites for trendwatching are Yahoo Answers andGoogle Trends.
  5. 5. Step #2: Perform detailedkeyword researchSearch engines zero in onkeywords to help deliver thebest results for a searcher.There are tools available likeKeyword Elite that will help youfind the keyword phrases thatpeople are searching for.
  6. 6. Step #3: Decide on a theme for yourvideoDon’t just create a video and throw itup on YouTube. Figure out a theme thatfits both your product or service andsomething that people will be searchingfor. If you look at the most popularvideos on YouTube, they all have one ofthe most common themes like sex, humoror celebrity. Use this to youradvantage.
  7. 7. Step #4: Write the scriptA video is like a miniaturemovie. Would you go to a moviewith no plotline or sensibledialogue? Of course not. Write ascript that will inform andentertain while it sticks closeto the theme that you haveselected.
  8. 8. Step #5: Create the videoThe amount of software that you canuse to create your video is almostlimitless. If you want to create avideo from a presentation on yourcomputer, try Camtasia or CyberlinkPower Director. They can make thatsimple PowerPoint presentation looklike a professional grade video inno time.
  9. 9. Make sure that you add an“intro” and “exit” to your videothat shows your website URL.You do want people to visit yoursite, don’t you? Add a freegiveaway as an incentive toanyone that visits your website.That is a sure way of luring invisitors.
  10. 10. Step #6: Write a key word richheadlineRemember the keyword list thatyou created in step #2? Good.Take one of the most popularkeyword phrases and build yourvideo title around it. Thatwill drive search engine trafficto your site.
  11. 11. Step #7: Write a key worddescriptionIn your video description, thereshould always be a link to yourwebsite that people can click andvisit you immediately.Using a description that usespopular keywords will add to yourchances of getting to the top ofthe search engine results lists.
  12. 12. Step #8: Insert major key wordsin the tags fieldOnce again, the keyword researchthat you did in step #2 will behelpful. These keywords shouldbe in your video tag field.This will aid the search enginesin properly listing your video.
  13. 13. Step #9: Mass distribute yourvideoGet your video out to as manyplaces as possible. There arefree tools like Tube Mogul thatwill mass distribute your videoto dozens of video sharingsites. More exposure + moreviews = more money.
  14. 14. Step #10: Market Your VideosJust because you have postedyour video, that isn’t the endof your video marketing efforts.Once you have a link to yourvideo, spread that link as muchas possible. Find sites thatare in your target market andpost the link to your video.
  15. 15. There should be plenty of blogsand forums that you can find.There are tools like BookmarkingDemon that will uses socialmedia to drive traffic to yourvideo and your site.
  16. 16. If you use video marketingproperly, it will work wondersfor you. There is no need foryou to “reinvent the wheel” whendeveloping a video marketingstrategy. The blueprint hasalready been laid out for you.You just have to use it.
  17. 17. A great resource is YouTube Destroyer. It has worked for manyothers and can work for you if you let it. Download it and give it a try.