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Brand yourself with brand reinforcing content!


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I gonna show you possibilities you have to brand yourself with brand reinforcing content.
Branding yourself will give you the chance to expand yourself and your business and make it recognizable against your competitors!

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Brand yourself with brand reinforcing content!

  1. 1. Produce your own podcasts (audio or video)
  2. 2. Dedicated video channels for you on sites like YouTube.
  3. 3. Launch an online initiative related to your profession.
  4. 4. in other online initiatives to get noticed.
  5. 5. Put out press releases when you have a newsworthy accomplishment to share
  6. 6. Write op-ed articles for mainstream media
  7. 7. Start a newsletter about your field of expertise.
  8. 8. Conduct (free?) webinars about up and coming topics.
  9. 9. Create your own products.
  10. 10. Grow an affiliate network to promote your products, which means they’re also promoting you.
  11. 11. Likewise, promote products that you can recommend honestly and whose buyers will appreciate you bringing it to their attention.
  12. 12. Leave insightful comments on related blogs.
  13. 13. Have online chats or Q&A sessions about brand-related topics.
  14. 14. Guest post on pertinent blogs
  15. 15. Interview industry celebrities, trendsetters and other people of interest
  16. 16. Be one of those people of interest and get interviewed on related topics
  17. 17. Post presentations you’ve given on topic, such as by publishing them on your LinkedIn profile and blog
  18. 18. Write an eBook.
  19. 19. Release free reports about latest events in your industry and your predictions for the future
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