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13 Most Famous Entrepreneurs of the world!


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13 Most Famous Entrepreneurs of the world! They build billion dollar companys out of their garages and completly from scratch. See the charts of the 13 Most Famous Entrepreneurs of the todays world.

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13 Most Famous Entrepreneurs of the world!

  2. 2. RANK 1Steve Jobs co-founder of Apple
  3. 3. RANK 2Bill Gates co-founder and chairman of Microsoft
  4. 4. RANK 3Fred Smith founder and chief executive of FedEx
  5. 5. RANK 4Jeff Bezos founder and CEO of online company
  6. 6. RANK5Larry Page and Sergey Brin founders of search engine giantGoogle
  7. 7. RANK 6Howard Schultz chairman and chief executive ofStarbucks
  8. 8. RANK 7Mark Zuckerberg co-founder, chairman and chiefexecutive of social networking site Facebook
  9. 9. RANK 8John Mackey co-founder of Whole Foods Market
  10. 10. RANK 9Herb Kelleher co-founder and former chief executive ofSouthwest Airlines
  11. 11. RANK 10N.R. Narayana Murthy co-founder of Infosys
  12. 12. RANK 11Sam Walton founder of Walmart
  13. 13. RANK 12Muhammad Yunus founder of Grameen Bank
  14. 14. RANK 13Richard Branson founder Virgin