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Discovery phase - Appreciative Inquiry


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Appreciative Inquiry - Discovery Phase

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Discovery phase - Appreciative Inquiry

  1. 1.  It is the study and exploration of what gives life to human systems when they are at their best.  It is an organization development methodology based on the assumption that inquiry into and dialogue about strengths, successes, values, hopes and dreams is in itself transformational.
  2. 2. Discovery “What gives life?” (The best of what is) Appreciating Dream “What might be?” (What is the world calling for) Envisioning Results Design “What should be--the ideal?” Co-constructing Destiny “How to empower, learn, and adjust/improvise?” Sustaining Affirmative Topic Choice
  3. 3. how we look like innovators of change innovative, different, creative, updated, in the vanguard recognized as an institute that does things differently respected, well-known, flexible **, young, fresh, dynamic *** more professional and more clients professional **** competent, capable, prepared, willing to learn bigger but maintaining the advantages of being small a “we care” company a team **** excellent group of people, people feeling comfortable with each other, committed to each other *, a warm organization excellent, everybody looking towards the same goal committed to our goals * , happy with what we are doing * * small, but with a strong purpose as a consulting institution on education respected, well-known
  4. 4. what people are doing working in groups, in teams sharing ***** materials, knowledge, experience, teamworking working more effectively their best, working hard working happily asking how each other is, helping each other, caring about each other working on improving content courses training new teachers doing things that are necessary working on areas of interest creating, producing, studying, preparing, learning*, improving learning from each other adopting technology *** thinking about the future committed *
  5. 5. how we are working with technology, taking advantage of it with technology * in teams working with people from different parts of the world in teams***, cooperatively, collectively, sharing knowledge* helping people training other teachers happily, with love, positively, in a respectful and friendly environment doing research developing programs gaining expertise on areas of interest professionally, seriously responsibly, motivated *
  6. 6. Discovery
  7. 7. seeks to understand you explores your thoughts and feelings focuses cares goes beyond what is actually said begins to notice what is ‘unsaid’
  8. 8. I’ve grown professionally since I started working for 4D If a problem cant be solved, that’s not a problem You get support but you don´t feel controlled “Keep at it, there´s always something else.” I would like 4D to “be everywhere” “Everything was there for us to create” “Sky is the limit”
  9. 9. Dream Friday , June 22