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  • Best food in the towm .Mr.Hemraj and Mr.Bishnu understand our test very well.
    All occassions in my house we only get food from Bombay Olive

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Bombay Olive Dinner Menu

  1. 1. 450 South Main Street West Hartford, CT 06110 Tel: 860.561.3000 Fax: 860.561.3004 Email: INDIAN & PERSIAN GRILL Welcome to Bombay Olive ! A uniquely decorated restaurant with tradition of Indian and Persian Grill. It is a place that blends with homely feeling with our friendly, professional staffs and your choice of food as we are committed to provide on the ability to preserve the guest need in eclectic cuisine. In addition, we also provide Nepalese Cuisine, which is prepped on health conscious recipes. Our selective cuisines are prepped as it has been in practice since 100 years ago in ancient Asian and Persian region. Your delightful dining experience is our commitment. Our management team as well as our crew members are trained professionals with extensive background in food & hospitality industry such as Sheraton, Marriott and Oberoi hotels in Asia. ALL YOU CAN EAT LUNCH BUFFET 7 DAYS A WEEK CHILDREN UNDER 11 EAT FOR HALF • UNDER 4 YRS EAT FOR FREE Hours: Lunch Buffet 11.30 am - 3.00 pm Everyday Dinner (Monday - Saturday) 3.00 pm - 11.00 pm Sunday 3.00 pm - 10.00 pm Free delivery for Take Outs in West Hartford And For Hartford, Farmington, Bloomfield & Newington Corporate Offices Only. Minimum $20.00 Remember us for your Events. We Cater for Graduations, Birthdays, Weddings, Showers, Anniversaries, Bar Mitzvah, Corporate Picnics & Luncheons.
  2. 2. All Orders will be prepared HORS D’OEUVRE just the way you like- For Vegetarian Lover Hot, Extra Hot, Mild and Extra Mild Vegetable Samosa(2) 3.95 Triangular stuffed peas and potatoes SOUP Rani Tikki(3) 3.95 Vegetable Soup 3.95 Ground mix vegetables patties dipped fried Minced vegetables cooked w/lentil Vegetarian Pakora 4.95 Tomato garlic Soup 3.95 Assorted Fresh veggies deep fried in batter. Fresh tomatoes sautéed w/garlic Paneer Pakora 5.95 Clam Chowder Soup 4.95 Indian Style fat less cheese, fried in batter. Classic Filled Tasty cap cod clams Nepali Spring Roll 5.95 Nepalese Wanton Soup 4.95 Stuffed, cabbage, carrot, celery, onion in Spice Choice of veg or chicken in broth Kathmandu Pot Sticker Chicken Soup 4.95 (Mo:Mo)6 pieces 5.95 Diced chicken with broth Cylinder dumpling stuffed w/ vegetable Paneer Chilli (spice) 8.95 SALAD Homemade cheese, pepper, onion sauted with green chilli and Greek Salad 5.95 Indian herbs Lettuce, Cucumber, Tomatoes, feta cheese and Kalamata Olive Sabzi Platter 8.95 Caesar Salad 5.95 Combination of vegetable appetizer Lettuce croutons Parmesan cheese Asian Salad 5.95 HORS D’OEUVRE Spring mixed, Mandarin Orange Segments, Rice Noodle, For Non-Vegetarian Lover Carrots, Scallions, Water Chestnuts, Cucumbers, Drizzeled with Ginger Dressing And Garnish Perrerpure Chicken Pakora 6.95 Boneless Breast of Chicken dedicated spiced, marinated in Kathmandu Grilled Chicken Salad 9.95 chickpea batter and fried in a small amount of oil Romaine Lettuce, Cucumber, Tomatoes, Onion, Bell pepper, Bombay Olive Wings (fried or baked) 6.95 tossed with Olive oil, lemon Juice, spices and grilled asparagus Tossed in choice of sauce hot or teriyaki Chicken Pot Sticker (Mo:Mo)(6) 6.95 Cylinder dumpling stuffed w/chicken Coconut Shrimp(6) 7.95 CHAT Shrimp with coconut flavor Samosa Chat 6.95 Nepali Chicken Sekuwa 9.95 Well cooked veg samosa dliced and tossed with onion, chick Bonless Chicken Breast marinated in mustard oil and Nepalese spice peas, tamrin sauce, mint sauce and chat massala Nepali Lamb Sekuwa 10.95 Dahi Papri 6.95 Bonless Cube lamb marinated in mustard oil with fresh ginger, Lentil crisps and cubed potatoes covered w/yogurt garlic and spices Chicken Chat 7.95 Chicken Chilli (dry) 10.95 Boneless cubes of chicken tossed in sweet & sour sauce White Chicken Breast sauted with fresh ginger, garlic and Chinese inspired spice Shrimp Chat 8.95 * Bombay Grilled Combo 10.95 Cubes of shrimp with sweet and sour sauce Combination of chicken tikka, seekh kebab and Boti Kebab
  3. 3. INDIAN VEGETARIAN INDIAN NON-VEGETARIAN ENTREE ENTREE All entrees are served with Nepalese fluffy Basmati rice All entrees are served with Nepalese fluffy Basmati Rice Dal (Black or Yellow) 10.95 CURRY Lentil sautéed in shallot with Indian spices. Channa (Karahi or Masala) 10.95 Curry entrees are gently simmered in onion sauce with Indian Chickpeas cooked in Indian herbs. spices and it can be spiced as your choice. Chicken Curry 11.95 Aalu Palak 10.95 Lamb Curry 12.95 Chopped spinach, potatoes, tomatoes and onions cooked with Goat Curry 13.95 cream garlic and fresh ginger Fish Curry 14.95 Aalu Matter 10.95 Shrimp Curry 15.95 Potato and fresh green peas sauteed with Indian inspired sauce Aalu Chutney 11.95 SAAG Saag is Fresh spinach cooked in a creamy tomatoes based sauce An outstanding work of culinary art, potatoes stuffed with with refreshing the flavor of Indian spices with choice of meat paneer and Simmered in a tangy chutney. This original dish is certain to leave the palate tingling. Chicken Saag 12.95 Chana Saag 11.95 Lamb Saag 13.95 Chick Peas sauteed with Indian style cooked spinich Shrimp Saag 16.95 Matter Paneer 11.95 Chefs original vegetarian delight of paneer and peas, cooked in a mild and rich gravy to make them juicy MANGO JALFREZIE Jalfrezie is colorful combination of Broccoli, pepper, onion, Mushroom Shabnam 11.95 Tomatoes, Sautéed with freshly ground spices and mango A colorful combination of mushrooms and paneer (cheese). Cooked with tomatoes and tampered with black cumin. Chicken Mango Jalfrezie 13.95 Navratana Korma 11.95 Lamb Mango Jalfrezie 14.95 Assorted fresh vegetable cooked in a rich gravy with cream and Shrimp Mango Jalfrezie 16.95 mild spices. Aalu Gobi 11.95 MASALA Masala is known as a royal dish. It is prepped with Tomatoes base Fresh cauliflower and potatoes sauted in tomato and onion. sauce and refreshing combination of brown onion w/touch of Bhindi Masala 11.95 cream. Fresh Okra cooked with onions, ginger, tomatoes and spices. Chicken Tikka Masala 13.95 Baingan Bhartha 11.95 Lamb Kebab Masala 14.95 Fresh eggplant baked and skin out and cooked in herbs. Fish Masala 15.95 Palak Paneer 11.95 Prown Kebab Masala 16.95 Spinach sauteed with homemade cheese, onion, tomatoes and touch of cream. Malai Kofta 12.95 KORMA Korma is known as a mild dish and it is gently simmered in Fresh vegetable balls simmered in cardamom, saffron, garlic, a sauce w/almonds, raisin, fresh spices and touch of saffron. cashews and light cream sauce. Sahi Paneer 12.95 Chicken Korma 12.95 Cheese sautéed with ginger, garlic, onions and cooked in creamy Pistachio Chicken Korma 12.95 tomato sauce. Lamb Korma 13.95 Paneer Tawa Masala 12.95 Shrimp Korma 16.95 Sautéed small pieces of homemade cheese with combination of bell pepper and fresh creamy tomato sauce
  4. 4. BALTI BIRYANI Balti means Milking pot where it uses for milking and this dish is prepared with Afghan style combining Colorful bell pepper and Biryani is aromatic Indian Rice cooked with fresh herbs, and fruit onion nuts, it can be cooked adding as choice of Veggie, Chicken, Lamb Chicken Balti 13.95 & Shrimp. All Biryani served with Raita. Lamb Balti 14.95 Vegetable Biryani 11.95 Shrimp Balti 16.95 Chicken Biryani 12.95 VINDALOO Lamb Biryani 13.95 Vindaloo; is known as a hot Dishes and it accompany by Fresh potatoes, tomatoes, sautéed with shallot and Touch of vinegar Goat Biryani 14.95 Chicken Vindaloo 12.95 Shrimp Biryani 16.95 Lamb Vindaloo 13.95 Bombay Olive Biryani 19.95 Shrimp Vindaloo 16.95 Combination of chicken lamb & shrimp MADRAS Madras is one region of India where you can find lots of coconut tree and as they have easy to find coconut it is cooked with coconut combining other choice of dish and it is spicey TANDOORI SIZZLING Chicken Madras 13.95 DISHES Lamb Madras 14.95 Shrimp Madras 16.95 Tandoori is a Clay oven and all dishes cooked from here are CHILLI KARAHI being served with house salad and Kachouri Sauce and Rice Karahi is cooked w/fresh chopped onion, tomatoes, green chillies Veggie Mixed Grill 12.95 and spices. Chicken Tandoori (with bone) 12.95 Chicken Chilli Karahi 13.95 Lamb Chilli Karahi 14.95 Chicken Tikka (cube chicken) 13.95 Fish Chilli Karahi 15.95 *Seekh Kebab (ground lamb) 13.95 Shrimp Chilli Karahi 16.95 * Boti Kebab (cube lamb) 14.95 STIR FRY Tandoori Salmon 16.95 Vegetables Stir Fry 11.95 * Lamb Chops 17.95 Sauteed Vegetables, served with side of Rice Shrimp Tandoori 17.95 Tofu Stir Fry 12.95 *Tandoori Mixed Grill 19.95 Tofu Sauteed with fresh ginger and garlic, tomatoes, onion Chicken tandoori, Chicken Tikka, Boti Kebab, Seekh kebab and and seasonal vegetables with Indian inspired and served two pieces of Shrimp. with side of rice. Portabel Mushroom Stir Fry 12.95 Mushroom sauteed with fresh garlic, ginger, onion, tomatoes BOMBAY OLIVE SPECIAL and seasonal vegetables and Indian inspired sauce Chicken Do-Piaza 13.95 Boneless pieces of chicken cooked in tomatoes, onions and Chicken Stir Fry 13.95 garlic in yogurt sauce Sauteed chicken and vegetables tossed with Low min. Kashmiri Lamb Rogan Josh 14.95 Shrimp Stir Fry 16.95 Tender Lamb cubes cooked in purified butter, brown onions, Sauteed shrimp and Broccoli, Bell Peppers, served with fresh ginger, touch of garlic and gently simmered in selected side of Rice spice and yogurt Please notify the management if any member of Grilled Vegetables Salmon 16.95 your party are allergic to nuts or dairy products. Grilled Salmon, Grilled Vegetables served with sauteed Potatoes, drizzled with Rooted Red Pepper Pure and side of sauce If you like to order any dishes besides menu please ask your server
  5. 5. BREAD SIDE ORDER All the Bread are leavened and made by hand, baked in Clay Oven. It can be plain or stuffed as you like. Papad 1.95 Naan (plain butter naan) 2.95 Raita 2.95 Roti (whole wheat) 2.95 Mixed Pickle 2.95 Chapati (2 pieces) 2.95 Indian Flat Bread Mango chutney 2.95 Basil Nan 3.95 Bombay salsa 2.95 Paratha (whole wheat) 2.95 Garlic Naan (with garlic) 3.95 Onion Naan (with onion) 3.95 Alu Naan (with peas & potatoes) 3.95 BEVERAGES Alu Paratha (whole wheat with peas & potatoes) 3.95 Poori (2 pieces) 3.95 Sweet Lassi 2.95 Deep fried puffy bread Chicken Naan (with diced chicken) 4.95 Mango Lassi 3.95 Peshawari Naan (with nuts) 4.95 Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Bread Basket 10.95 (Alu Naan, Garlic Naan, Plain Naan & Roti) Root Beer & Ginger Ale 1.95 HOMEMADE PIZZA Juice (Mango, Cranberry, Apple, Pinapple) 2.95 FROM THE OVEN Masala Tea 1.95 Cheese Pizza 10.95 Indian Tea 2.95 Vegetarian Pizza 10.95 Coffee 1.95 Chicken Pizza 11.95 Bottle Water 1.95 Pepperoni Pizza 11.95 Perrier Water 1.95 Shirley Temple KIDS MENU 1.95 Grilled Cheese 4.95 Fries and Fruit 4.95 Hot Dog 4.95 Chicken Fingers 5.95 *Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, Chana Poori 5.95 seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness, especially if you have certain Chickpeas and puffy bread medical conditions.
  6. 6. VEGETARIAN AND PERSIAN GRILL NON VEGETARIAN Persian Entrees are good for Weight Watcher as it has low fat and PERSIAN ENTREES low calorie. All entrees are served with our fluffy Rice and Sauce charcoal grilled Tomatoes and Fresh Naan Bread and our special spices sumac on side. Mirza Polow 13.95 Bonless Joojeh Kabab 15.95 Specially seasoned oven roasted eggplant sauteed with onion, Delicate Chicken Breast centered with green pepper, onions garlic and tomatoes topped with eggs and served with Fluffy Rice marinated with saffron and lemon juice. and Naan bread. Kabab Joojeh Koubideh 15.95 Chef special ground chicken marinated with saffron and grated Veg. Albaloo Polow 13.95 onions, wrapped around a skewer open flame-charcoal grilled. Flame Charcoal grilled skewer of tomatoes, green paper, onions and native red cherries marinated in our special sauce and Chicken Soltani 16.95 One skewer of bonless chicken breast and one skewer of ground saffron. Served with fluffy rice and Naan bread chicken marinated with saffron and fresh lemon juice open flame charcoal grilled. Veg. Shereen Polow 13.95 Flame Charcoal grilled skewer of tomatoes, green paper, onions Lamb Soltani 16.95 silvered almonds, orange peels silvered carrots and pistachio One Skewer of grilled lamb and one skewer of Ground Lamb cooked in open flame charcoal. nuts. Served with fluffy rice and Naan bread Kabab Bareh 16.95 Chicken Albaloo Polow 15.95 Fresh lamb center with green pepper and onions, marinated with Native Persian Cherries marinated in our special sauce and grated onion open flame-charcoal grilled, served two skewers. saffron. Served with fluffy rice and oven roasted chicken and Kabab Lamb Koubideh 16.95 topped with mild orange sauce with Naan bread Specially seasoned ground Lamb with fine mild persain spices, wrapped around a skewers open flame charcoal grilled. Two Chicken Shereen Polow 15.95 skewers. Silvered almonds, orange peels, silvered carrots and pistachio nuts. we add our special sauce and generous portion of oven Bareh Combo 16.95 One skewer of fresh lamb centered with green pepper, onions roasted chicken topped with mild orange sauce. Served with and one skewer of prime bone less chicken breast marinated in fluffy rice and Naan bread. with fresh lemon juice and saffron. Open flame charcoal grilled. Addas Polow 16.95 Young Cornish Kabab 18.95 Fluffy Rice mixed with lenils, raisin, dates and silvered almonds Delicate young Cornish hen marinated with saffron, fresh lemon and served with a portion of Lamb and Naan bread juice, grated onion. Open flame charcoals grilled. Sabzi Polow Mahi 17.95 Open Sandwiches Our fluffy textured Rice is mixed with Persian herbs and served Our sandwiches serves with freshly baked Naan Bread, Kachauri sauce with 8 Oz. Salmon marinated in our wine and saffron sauce and along with Greek Salad and open flame charcoal grilled one skewer. Naan bread Open Vegetable Sandwiches 7.95 Open Chicken Sandwiches 8.95 Mastercard Open Lamb Sandwiches 9.95 Visa Open Shrimp sandwiches 10.95 Discover American Express 18% gratuity will be added for group of more than 6 No personal check please