Theo Forbath - Frog Design - Strategy & Innovation - 4A's Strategy Festival


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Theo Forbath's presentation during the Strategy & Innovation session at 4A's Strategy Festival 2013. He is the VP, Innovation Strategy for Frog Design. More info at

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Theo Forbath - Frog Design - Strategy & Innovation - 4A's Strategy Festival

  1. 1. 4A's Strategy Festival October 2013 Theo Forbath Global VP, Innovation Strategy
  2. 2. Creative Strategy Engineering
  3. 3. Innovation Strategy Brand Design Design Research Experience Design Product Design Technology Design Software Engineering frog Think™
  4. 4. We bring game-changing innovations to market.
  5. 5. Clients come to us with a broad range of strategic questions:
  6. 6. Our business strategy practice ensures that the products and services we design are market ready and meet business objectives.
  7. 7. Whether defining a new product or extending a service portfolio, we understand how the full ecosystem is affected.
  8. 8. six offerings: Futurecasting Market Attractiveness Evaluation frogFocus Ecosystem Landscape Evaluations Conceptual Architecture Product Realization Management
  9. 9. Device Manufacturer:
  10. 10. Telco:
  11. 11. DEI:
  12. 12. Global Energy Provider:
  13. 13. Global System Manufacturer:
  14. 14. Home Energy
  15. 15. FROM: A World of Things
  16. 16. TO: A World of Smart, Connected, Programmable Things
  17. 17. This has happened over the last sixty years of technology evolution in three waves 1st WAVE Information Graph 2nd WAVE Social Graph 3rd WAVE Physical Graph
  18. 18. The First wave was typified by computing experiences that were immobile and lacked contextual awareness
  19. 19. Second wave
  20. 20. 35
  21. 21. FOUR FORMS OF BUSINESS VALUE CREATION LOWER RUNNING COSTS AMPLIFY THE PRODUCT Minimize costs associated with maintenance, repair and operations, as well as IT support. Generate an information layer that amplifies the value of a product or service SELL THE DATASTREAM Generate an information layer that can be monetized by advertising, direct marketing, data brokering, research reports, etc. CREATE NEW VALUE Better and lower cost sensors and communications have created entirely new forms of value. These are cases where IoT doesn’t just amplify a product, but creates a datastream that is the product.