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48Hackathon_3 - Rampage - HiKing - 2015-06-29


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48Hackathon - 2015-06-29
Team: Rampage
Project: HiKing

Описание: HiKing - Умный рюкзак и приложение, для тех кто любит ходить в походы, ездить к комендировки (встроеннная зарядка, сбор статистики, GPS навигация и приложение, которое позволит составить список вещей, которые нужно не забыть взять с собой и с помощью датчиков проверит, находиться ли нужны приедмет у вас в сумке или чемодане).

Published in: Education
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48Hackathon_3 - Rampage - HiKing - 2015-06-29

  1. 1. intelligence behind your back
  2. 2. Billions of dollars lost every year With the average person losing over $95.78 worth of stuff every year
  3. 3. 1 of 10 people goes hiking at least once a year 1 out of 8 people gets lost during a hike and some of them never come back
  4. 4. The average lifetime of a smartphone battery is 47hrs The average time of a hike is 100+hrs
  5. 5. What is hiKing? It’s a smart backpack that can really help you on the way
  6. 6. a built in solar charged power bank. your statistics tracking GPS track pacKing features
  7. 7. Create checklists and track them automatically with your backpack
  8. 8. Always know, whether your backpack is closed
  9. 9. Feel safe with the alert button
  10. 10. Mobile App
  11. 11. Track and Share your hiking stats
  12. 12. Never forget a thing at home or after camping
  13. 13. Cooperate with your mates.
  14. 14. See the routes you walked in the past.
  15. 15. Business
  16. 16. } 40$ All the needed devices cost in retail
  17. 17. basic pro bag  All pacKing features;  Power bank with solar charging;  A set of 25 RFID marks;  GPS tracker;  Accelerometer Thermometer Barometer Humidity sensor;  1 year of free cloud services.  All pacKing features;  Power bank with solar charging;  A set of 5 RFID marks;  All the materials for hiKing setup;  30 days cloud service free trial. 50$ 70$  Backpack  All hiKing Pro features 120$
  18. 18. “The World's Smartest Backpack” bag “Intelligence behind your back” “The World's 1st smart bag” YES YES YES 26.000 mAh 42.000 mAh 6.000 mAh NO YES YES NO NO YES NO NO YES NO NO YES 350$ 459$ 120$ Battery presence Battery capasity Mobile Sync Price Environment sensors GPS tracking Cloud services
  19. 19. The idea is fresh enough to be presented on crowdfunding platforms like KickStarter If the campaign succeeds, hiKing backpacks and modules can be sold in retail through online stores BackUp plan How do we get money? If KickStarter wont help – we’ll find investors ourselves.
  20. 20. Baturovsky Artem Mogilevsky Sergey Zinovoy Dmitry Pozniak Anatoly Rampage mockup & cloud design & business android dev embedded dev