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47 Media: Network & Publisher Development Services


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47 Media, Inc. is an online media consulting firm specializing in ad network strategy, publisher development, new media syndication, monetization strategy and outsourced business development.

We consult with companies to develop the next stages of their online strategy, from technology and operations to advertising product development. We retain a staff of publisher specialists who focus on publisher recruitment and business development, leveraging our database of over 8,000 online publisher contacts.

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47 Media: Network & Publisher Development Services

  1. 1. Media Strategy and Publisher Development<br />Bring Your Digital Media Business to Scale<br />February 10, 2010<br />
  2. 2. The Internet is Breaking.<br />You’ve heard it before. We’ll say it again: The web is shattering — and not just into a few fragments. It’s breaking into thousands of different pieces. Consumers used to visit 10 websites per week. Now they visit hundreds. <br />Advertisers are freaking out. They need a big, targeted audience to deliver results. They used to get this from a single domain. Now they need hundreds.<br />2<br />Any technology or media company that wants to stay in the game and compete with large third-party ad networks needs to start building — and fast. <br />Construct a single, solid network of high quality inventory, and you’ll start bringing in the ad business you deserve. <br />
  3. 3. What do you have to lose?<br />Everything. A company that does not supply what the market demands — be it audience size and shape, the ability to run unique ad campaigns and formats, or quick adoption of new technologies — is going to get replaced by those who can.<br />3<br />What do you have to gain?<br />Everything. <br /> By recruiting a set of content-related affinity sites to complement your current properties, you will strengthen the authority of your brand and extend the reach of your targeted audience to levels that will make advertisers come running.<br />What does it mean? Increased sales volume, higher CPMs across inventory, better margins, and long-term revenue growth.<br />
  4. 4. How do we do it?<br />47 Media has made ad network building a seamless process:<br />4<br />Strategy<br />Scale<br />Execution<br /><ul><li>Execute on partner development plan to further growth
  5. 5. Org chart and training
  6. 6. Finalize new processes and workflow to enhance efficiencies
  7. 7. Develop new partner-driven advertising products
  8. 8. Scale revenues, increase margins, build market share</li></ul>Days 180-365<br /><ul><li>Create publisher target list
  9. 9. Create sales collateral outlining value proposition
  10. 10. Close 5-10 publisher accounts per month
  11. 11. Implement publisher on-boarding process
  12. 12. Develop publisher contracts, revenue structure, best practices
  13. 13. Share market feedback, refine offering</li></ul>Days 15-180<br /><ul><li>Interview stakeholders
  14. 14. Work with executive team on vision, strengths, and revenue goals
  15. 15. Assess existing assets, technologies, workflow and ops structure
  16. 16. Establish 3-6 month plan
  17. 17. Identify new technology partners and ad products
  18. 18. Agree upon deliverables</li></ul>Days 1-30<br />
  19. 19. Who is 47 Media …and why are they so darn good? <br />Strong Leadership<br />Network Professionals <br />5<br />Scott Swanson, a 10-year veteran in online advertising, will be your key advisor, acting almost as an interim VP of network development. <br />Scott applies his knowledge of emerging technologies, real-life pricing and revenue predictions, and the latest trends in web monetization directly to your company’s business goals, allowing for smart decision-making.<br />The 47 Media team is a group ofnetwork development professionals with a strong background in building vertical ad networks from scratch, with long-held contacts in the web publisher community.<br />Like Scott, they’ve worked directly for leading players in the space, including Glam Media, Vibrant Media, CNET, and Tribal Fusion. <br />We’re a plug-and-play team, combing the right strategy with the right relationships and essential expertise. <br />
  20. 20. 47 Media Principal: Scott Swanson<br />Scott is an established veteran in online advertising, with 10 years <br />of experience in building and developing successful ad networks.<br /> — General Manager & Vice President of Publisher Networks (Glam Media)<br /> — Vice President, Network & Partner Development (ViTrue, Inc.)<br /> — Vice President, Network Development (Tribal Fusion founding team)<br /> — Has also held positions on publisher development teams<br />at Engage MediaandFlycastCommunications<br />6<br />Extremely well-known in the publisher development space for his groundbreaking work <br />with Glam Media and Tribal Fusion, but also for the continuity of his network expertise <br />and ongoing success in scaling media businesses.<br />Scott is also a thought leader in the online media industry, publishing articles in Adotas& iMedia<br />Connection, and speaking at industry conferences such as Digital Hollywood and Ad:Tech.<br />
  21. 21. 47 Media Publisher Development Team: Director Level<br />AzarHafizi<br />Director of Publisher Development<br />with 10 years of interactive media experience:<br />—Director, Network Development, Glam Media<br />— Sr. Publisher Account Executive, Pheedo<br />— Interactive Media Buyer, Exile on 7th<br />Business development executive specializing in closing Tier 1-2 publishers and vertical/niche sites.<br />7<br />Scott Pannier<br />Director of Publisher Development <br />with 8 years of business development and sales experience:<br />— Ad Network Development, ValueClick<br />— Senior Affiliate Manager, Tribal Fusion<br />— Business Development, Nextag<br />— Director of Media, Motive Interactive<br />Specializes in consultative selling to ComScore Top 500 sites<br />
  22. 22. 47 Media Publisher Development Team: Manager Level<br />Colette Gumm<br />Manager of Publisher Development<br />with 5 years of experience recruiting and managing publisher relationships:<br />— Publisher Development, Vibrant Media<br />— Traffic Manager, CNET Networks<br />— Program Manager, Digital Impact<br />Specializes in publisher recruitment, lead generation, and Tier 2-3 sites<br />Robin Skyrzypek <br />Manager of Publisher Development <br />with 10 years of sales, marketing, and business development experience:<br />— Senior Business Development Manager,<br />InsWeb Corporation<br />— Director of Business Development,<br /> Princeton Solutions Group<br />Uses his strong understanding of multiple industry verticals to sign a number of publisher partnerships.<br />8<br />
  23. 23. Our secret weapon: PubContact<br />9<br />All of these years of experience add up to more than just tried-and-true strategy, surefire methods, and smooth teamwork.<br />What it really comes down to is relationships.<br />You simply can’t buy the kinds of warm, trusted relationships that each member of the 47 Media team has from their years of working with some of the web’s top content publishers.<br />On top of these “friendlies,” 47 Media has built a database of thousands of publisher contacts, for a fast, reliable sales connection.<br />PubContact is 47 Media&apos;s proprietary database of over 10,000 publishers and online professionals at US-based web properties. <br />Sites cover 17 niche online verticals, including Automotive, Education, Entertainment, Health, News, Parenting, Shopping, Sports, and Travel. <br />
  24. 24. But don’t take our word for it.<br />In just one year of operations, 47 Media has built over a half dozen successful ad networks for premium clients in key niche verticals, providing a strong, sustainable model for revenue growth. <br />10<br />Here’s what they have to say:<br />“We’d use them again in a heartbeat, for both consulting services and active publisher recruitment.”<br /> – Mark Westlake, Chief Revenue Officer<br />“We’ve been using 47 Media’s services for over 9 months. We’re continuously impressed with the quality of their team and their uncanny ability to deliver the results we need.” <br /> – John Mracek, CEO<br />“Scott Swanson’s specific experience really motivated us to hire 47 Media; his team’s skills fit exactly what we needed to grow our company.”<br /> – Stanley Wong, Co-Founder & VP Marketing <br />
  25. 25. Contact us to get started today.<br />500 Sansome St. #504San Francisco, CA 94111t: 415-504-1357e:<br />11<br />