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Bogotá city


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Bogotá city

  1. 1. BOGOTÁ CITYITS ENVIRONMENT Angie Julieth Orjuela jaimes
  2. 2. The deforestation in Bogotá cause the destruction of ecosystems, reduce co2.Trees help maintain ecological balance.
  3. 3. •The evil management of garbage affects all rivers in bogota .
  4. 4. • The bicycle is a mode of transportation USED IN BOGOTA.• And not defile the PLANET
  5. 5. Many in BOGOTA parks where we can find much FLORA AND FAUNA
  6. 6. • Bogota is campaigning to restore parks.• Many people collect garbage
  7. 7. Bogota pollutionby garbagecause flooding.
  8. 8. Bogota hasmany riversandecosystemsthat must beprotected, notlittering, use thebike more.
  9. 9. pollution ofBogota isgiven byautomobiles,publictransportation, misuse ofenergy andwaste
  10. 10. Bogota has a train of Savannah, which although is as old and cause pollution tothe capital is a tradition for citizens
  11. 11. Bogotá, Colombia ischaracterized by an extensivesystem of parks which areintegrated together by a set ofbike paths and pedestriancorridors. These come together inharmony with the squares,plazas, wetlands and malls togive a symbolic significance tothe city.This system of district parks bydefinition what constitute a set ofgreen areas, urban parks,protected areas andmanagement areas especial.2