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4692.ME is an application which enables everyone to leverage their social content to create One-Stop Digital Webfront. Build on Next GenerationHnyB Application Platform, 4692.ME provides a clean interface for every one to create their own Converged Social Reflection at no cost.

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  1. 1. ….Showcase your Socials
  2. 2. is a Revolutionary Social MediaIntegration Application which brings SocialPresence of user across all Social Networksinto elegant and cohesive online presence.
  3. 3. Simple yet Truly Social4692 is handcrafted with an aim to letpeople share and showcase their SocialContent in beautiful, simple, andmeaningful ways. Now show the power ofyour Social Content to the World with4692…….
  4. 4. Make Your Own World of SocialReal-time, Single clickdesign interface with 6different design layoutsand no coding required. It’ssimple, but the possibilitiesare endless.
  5. 5. Bring Everything Together Connect more than 12 Social Networks into a single page which will become your Social Presence Gateway for the whole World
  6. 6. Showcase Your ContentPresent your Social Mediain stunning visual fashionwith a customizableDesign, Creative Visualsand Interactive Videobacked by designer Themesand layouts.
  7. 7. Seamless on Mobile Your site will look and feel just as sleek on a handhelds like mobiles, Smartphones and tablets as it does on the desktop which will give ease of use to you and viewers.
  8. 8. Your Own Website with Your Own URLCreate your own website ina minute!!! Use yourexisting domain name forquick and easy completebranding which will give anextra edge.
  9. 9. Easy Social Connect If you have already connected your Social Network with your HnyB Account than it will automatically get connected with seamlessly.
  10. 10. Brand your Product UniquelySet appropriate Theme andPicture, Connect yourBrand Pages/ Videos/Pictures, Go live by on your CustomDomain and enrich yourBrand with a unique SocialWebpage
  11. 11. Make Public Profile Truly Public Anyone in the World can see your Public profile without login to any Networks or which makes your Public Profile Truly Public.
  12. 12. Beautify your Social WorldUse Single ClickCustomization Options andTheme matching best toyour personality’s designer themeportfolio to make yourSocial Portfolio looksbeautiful.
  13. 13. Benefits Extra Edge with Mobile & Tablet Compatibility
  14. 14. ….Showcase your SocialsAbout is an application build on Next Generation HnyB Application Platform, provides aclean interface for curating and showcasing your Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr,YouTube and other feeds into a one-stop digital storefront. It is an Application for a userwho have longed for a home worth showcasing his many online wares (personal socialprofiles, Blogs, Videos, microblogs, fan pages, commercial promotion, brand marketingand everything in between).