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  • Intro to 451 Marketing
  • Intro to 451 Marketing
  • Webinar online tools

    1. 1. Digital Marketer’s Toolkit
    2. 2. Francis SkipperVP of Digital Marketing 617-259-1605 francis@451marketing.com linkedin.com/in/francisskipper @fskip www.451Marketing.com
    3. 3. Half of the money I spend onadvertising is wasted;the trouble is I don’tknow which half. -John Wanamaker (1838-1922)
    4. 4. Search engine popularity has increased Worldwide, 1,722,071,000,000searches conducted on Google last year. (Yes, that’s trillion) 4,717,000,000 Per Day
    5. 5. 901 MillionActive Monthly Users 500 Million Twitter Users
    6. 6. Who is Visiting Your Online Properties?
    7. 7. How Are People Finding You Online?
    8. 8. How is Your Online Audience Segmented?
    9. 9. What Types of Content Engages Your Target Audience(s)?
    10. 10. clicks media mentions views What You Measure Should downloads Be Based on Overall Sales,impressions Marketing, and Brand Goals purchases shares unique visits keyword performance/effectiveness
    11. 11. Should You Adjust Your Online Marketing Strategy?
    12. 12. Agenda• Search Marketing Tools• Public Relations Tools• Social Media Marketing Tools• Q&A aka “Francis, How Do I Measure This?”
    13. 13. Search Marketing Tools
    14. 14. www.google.com/analytics/
    15. 15. www.google.com/analytics/
    16. 16. User can control what data they view and customize reports
    17. 17. Real-time reporting
    18. 18. Track social campaigns
    19. 19. Track digital advertising
    20. 20. What Can You Measure? Traffic sources: direct, referral, search, campaigns Page visits Downloads Mobile visits Top referrers Conversion rates and goal tracking Geo-tracking Adwords comparison (we’ll get into this a little later)
    21. 21. Google Analytics is FREEGoogle Analytics Premium costs $ (451 Marketing will be hosting a Google Analytics webinar in August – stay tuned!).
    22. 22. www.google.com/AdWords
    23. 23. www.google.com/AdWordsCreate ads and choose keywords which are related to your business.
    24. 24. Pay only for resultsWith AdWords youre charged only if someoneclicks on your ad and lands on your website, notwhen your ad is displayed. In other words, youonly pay when your advertising works.Start with any budgetHow much you invest is up to you – there are nominimum budget requirements and no minimumterms.
    25. 25. FYI: Standard Ad Pricing LingoCPM  Cost Per Thousand ImpressionsCPC  Cost Per ClickCPL  Cost Per LeadCPA  Cost Per Acquisition
    26. 26. www.google.com/insights/search/
    27. 27. www.google.com/insights/search/Computes how many searches have been done for the terms youve entered relative to the total number of searches done on Google over time
    28. 28. www.google.com/insights/search/• Compare SEO keyphrase popularity• Filter results by Web, News, Image or Product searches• Filter results by region, timeline, category• View impactful content for those keyphrases• View related searches• View “rising searches”
    29. 29. www.google.com/insights/search/FREE
    30. 30. https://adwords.google.com/o/KeywordTool
    31. 31. Google Adwords Keyword Tool utility helps with discovering the phrases people enter while searching for what they want
    32. 32. https://adwords.google.com/o/KeywordTool FREE!Google Keyword Tool is helpful for beginners to learn keyword phrase research and its role in SEO before investing in premium SEO tools.
    33. 33. www.wordtracker.com
    34. 34. www.wordtracker.com Save time - get thousands of keywords instantlyAttract more website traffic - create Google-friendly content
    35. 35. www.wordtracker.comFind long tail keywords that are relevant, steal your competitorskeywords which helps you piggyback on their success, and it can helpyou organize all of your work without tons of spreadsheets.See whos linking to your web pages as well as your competitorspages. Target a specific sector and build/manage as manycampaigns as you want.Increase your productivity. Find your targeted keyword niches. Planyour PPC and organic campaigns. See Googles estimates ofseasonal trends in popularity. Report and monitor your results. Youcan also discover your sites market share of target keywords.
    36. 36. www.wordtracker.com7 day free trial on their premium products but it does cost to use the program. However WordTracker does offer some free tools including keyword research tool, Gtrends and more.
    37. 37. www.spyfu.com/
    38. 38. www.spyfu.com/Keyword Tools, SEO Software, and AdWords Software All-In-One.
    39. 39. www.spyfu.com/1. SpyFu Classic2. Kombat3. SmartSearch4. Ad History5. SpyFu Labs
    40. 40. www.spyfu.com/SpyFus pricing ranges from $79per month to $999 per month.
    41. 41. http://www.seomoz.org/
    42. 42. http://www.seomoz.org/• SEO Management• Social Media Monitoring• Recommendations all in one place
    43. 43. http://www.seomoz.org/Seo Moz ($99/month)
    44. 44. http://raventools.com/
    45. 45. http://raventools.com/Raven Internet Marketing Tools is an online platform that helps usersquickly research, manage, monitor and report on SEO, social media and other Internet marketing campaigns.
    46. 46. http://raventools.com/• SEO tools• Social media tools• Advertising tools• Campaign tools• Content tools
    47. 47. http://raventools.com/$99/month for individuals, $249/month for agencies
    48. 48. http://www.clickable.com/
    49. 49. http://www.clickable.com/• All-In-One Pay-Per-Click Advertising Management• Manage Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Facebook Ad Accounts• List revenue goals• ActEngine SEO Technology
    50. 50. http://www.clickable.com/
    51. 51. http://www.marinsoftware.com
    52. 52. http://www.marinsoftware.com Search optimization services Advertising campaign managementCustomizable dashboard to measure insights
    53. 53. http://www.marinsoftware.com$$$
    54. 54. http://www.compete.com/us/
    55. 55. http://www.compete.com/us/ See traffic data for over 1 million sites Discover competition and related sitesMonthly email reports of sites youre interested in. Compare multiple sites in one graph
    56. 56. http://www.compete.com/us/• Create apps, tools, and graphs to visualize data• Plan advertising campaigns based on consumer behavior• See impact of previous advertisements
    57. 57. http://www.compete.com/us/• Pro mode enables you to see marketing strategy of competitors• Shows 2 years of metric data• Compare multiple domains at once• See keyword search success of competitors
    58. 58. http://www.compete.com/us/Compete (Free or Pro for $500/mo.)
    59. 59. Public Relations Tools
    60. 60. http://www.google.com/alerts
    61. 61. http://www.google.com/alertsGoogle Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your queries.
    62. 62. • Filter the new information of the Internet• Be updated whenever new content hits the Web (news, blogs, videos, etc.).
    63. 63. http://www.quantcast.com/
    64. 64. http://www.quantcast.com/• Measures more than 25 million web audiences• Aims to connect advertisers with customers• Measures site activity and demographics/geographics
    65. 65. http://www.quantcast.com/• Helps you understand what specific audiences are likely to engage in• Allows you to learn about audience behaviors and tendencies
    66. 66. http://www.quantcast.com/
    67. 67. http://www.quantcast.com/ FREE
    68. 68. Social Media Tools
    69. 69. http://hootsuite.com
    70. 70. http://hootsuite.comFully-customizable dashboard of Twitter content. Sync Twitter/Facebook accounts
    71. 71. http://hootsuite.com• Schedule tweets• Allows for integration of internet apps such as YouTube (advantage over TweetDeck)• Organize lists, trends, interactions, and tweets• Pro version allows for integration of Google Analytics and Facebook Insights.
    72. 72. http://hootsuite.com
    73. 73. http://hootsuite.comFREE$5.99/mo Pro
    74. 74. www.facebook.com
    75. 75. www.facebook.comAccessible from any existing page (admin status required)
    76. 76. www.facebook.com• Real-time graph of all page posts and impact (interactions, reach)
    77. 77. www.facebook.com• Shows percentage change over time.• See how users access your page (web or mobile)• See how many people check in to your venue
    78. 78. www.facebook.com• See demographics of users accessing your page.• Weekly email updates
    79. 79. https://bitly.com/
    80. 80. https://bitly.com/• Allows users to shorten lengthy URLs• Useful to include in social media outlets.• Sign in easily with Twitter/Facebook account
    81. 81. https://bitly.com/
    82. 82. https://bitly.com/User-friendly dashboard tracking clicks, referrers, locations – real time or over time.
    83. 83. TweetDeckwww.tweetdeck.com
    84. 84. www.tweetdeck.comAn online app by Twitter to help you organize and schedule tweets.
    85. 85. www.tweetdeck.com• Very similar to Hootsuite, minus analytics dashboard• Sync Twitter with account• Organize lists, trends, interactions, and tweets• Fully-customizable dashboard of Twitter content.• Pro version enable integration of Google Analytics and Facebook Insights Free or $5.99/mo. for Pro
    86. 86. Questions?
    87. 87. • Founded in 2004• Based in Boston• 30 Communications Professionals• Partners Nicholas Lowe, AJ Gerritson, and Tom Lee• Named a 2011 and 2012
    88. 88. Francis SkipperVP of Digital Marketing 617-896-1605 francis@451marketing.com linkedin.com/in/francisskipper @fskip www.451Marketing.com