Search Leveraged PR Workshop 6.5.12


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Search Leveraged PR Workshop 6.5.12

  1. 1. Search Leveraged Public Relations
  2. 2. Francis SkipperDirector of Search Marketing 415.542.6250 @fskip
  3. 3. Agenda • Background on Search • How Events Shape Search Results • Search Strategies • SEO • PPC • Crises and Search • Resources
  4. 4. A Few Search Stats 80% of users click on organic listings (50% of users ignore paid ads)Market share of search engines 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results 4% 73% 23% ASK YAHOOGOOGLE + BING
  5. 5. To put that into perspective…Worldwide, 88,000,000,000 searchesare conducted on Google per month. 34,000 Per Second 2,000,000 Per Minute 121,000,000 Per Hour3,000,000,000 Per Day
  6. 6. Search Engine Results Page (SERP)SearchQuery PaidResultsOrganicResults
  7. 7. But…I’m in PR, Why Should I Care? • Breaking News Drives Online Searches • Breaking News Fuels Growth Of Online Content • Competitors, Lawyers, and Injured Parties First to Post
  8. 8. Breaking News Drives Online Searches
  9. 9. Search StrategiesSearch Engine Pay-Per-Click Optimization (PPC) (SEO)
  10. 10. PPC (Pay-Per-Click) • Client’s Agency Runs • Advertisers Pay Engines • Ads based on Keywords • Bid/Auction System • Ads go live immediately
  11. 11. SEO Has Three Core ComponentsCode Content Connections
  12. 12. Press Releases• Press Releases are Web Pages• Same SEO Rules Apply – Keywords – Good Content – Juicy Backlinks• Help Dominate the SERPs• Link Directly to Conversion Page
  13. 13. Elements of Press Release 1. Title 2. Summary 3. Body 4. About the Company (Boilerplate) 5. Press Contact
  14. 14. Title: Include the keyword phrase in the titleSummary: synopsis of the press release using 1-2 secondary keywords
  15. 15. Body• 1-2 quotes/testimonials• 3-4 keyword phrases• Keyword rich links• Links to home page• Links to social networks
  16. 16. About the Company (Boilerplate):• Your standard boilerplate should be optimized for search using keywords and links• Include a link to your homepage in the summary (preferably in anchor text.)
  17. 17. Managing Crisis Online
  18. 18. Peanut Butter Recall Spinach / Lettuce Recall1.8 Million Pages on the Web 1.95 Million Pages on the Web 8,405 Blog Posts 6,750 Blog Posts 2 1
  19. 19. Competitors, Lawyers, and Consumer Action Groups are Often First to React 2 2
  20. 20. Get Out In Front of the Issue• The Moment Information is Available, Make it Findable: • Optimize PR’s • Launch PPC campaigns • Route all info to PR’s, official statements (away from negative info)• Use Site, Sound and Motion for Maximum Impact • Youtube, Facebook, Twitter • Videos of official statements, rebuttals, corrections• Target Searches and Content in Post-Event Proactive Branding Campaigns: • Launch micro-site targeted toward the issue• Get the Word Out about Positive Community Relations • Use the above to lead with any positive press • Community relations, corporate governance, charity work
  21. 21. Make it FindableWal-Mart funnelled searches for its class actiondiscrimination lawsuit to a target portion of it’s sitethat addressed the claims. 2 4
  22. 22. Video Statements “JetBlue Stories” “JetBlue Apology”Jet Blue passengers were stranded on the tarmac at JFK leading frustrated customers to postvideos on YouTube.JetBlue’s Founder responded by posting an apology on YouTube, whichbecame one of the Top Ten Most Viewed Videos of the week His apology received more than 85K views in 48 Hours and 272K total views to date. 2 5
  23. 23. Proactive Branding Campaigns The “Splenda Truth” campaign was set up to counternegative press coming from the “Truth About Splenda” splenda facts
  24. 24. Positive Wins – Community Relations 2 7
  25. 25. Tools & ResourcesKeyword Research: Guide to SEO: Copy Writing: Insights and Trends:
  26. 26. Francis SkipperDirector of Search Marketing 415.542.6250 @fskip