Proving the Value of Search


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As a communications professional, you already know the value of integrating search optimization techniques into your marketing campaigns. As technology has become more and more incorporated into our day-to-day routines, search engines have become the most powerful tool to gather and evaluate information about businesses, news, personalities - everything. For most, if you can’t be found in online search, you might as well not exist. But, while these tools have become the central source for information, it can be difficult to prove the value of search marketing. So, how do you "sell" the value of search to your CMO, your online marketing team, and other marketing channel managers internally?
Francis Skipper, 451 Marketing’s Director of Search Engine Marketing, will teach you why search marketing is one of the most valuable components to any businesses’ success in this FREE webinar. Francis will outline the best tools to monitor search, how to set them up, and explain how to leverage these tools to determine ROI (or ROAS). Attendees will gain a more in-depth knowledge of search and how to “sell” search to their teams and CMO.

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Proving the Value of Search

  1. 1. Proving the Value of Search #451Search
  2. 2. Agenda• Search Basics• Selling to the CMO• SEO Tools• Selling to Internal Teams
  3. 3. Why should I care about search?Worldwide, 88,000,000,000 searchesare conducted on Google per month. 34,000 Per Second 2,000,000 Per Minute 121,000,000 Per Hour3,000,000,000 Per Day
  4. 4. SEOFundamentalsSEO FundamentalsCode Content Connections Video Web Pages Blog Social News Images
  5. 5. Why is Search Important to Business? 2 out of 3 of all searches online are driven by an offline triggerSource: Jupiter Research, 2007
  6. 6. SERP: Organic vs. Paid Search Paid Organic
  7. 7. “Ok. So I get Search.How do I sell itup the chain?”
  8. 8. Selling to the CMO
  9. 9. Problem: CMO’s Are Busy
  10. 10. Solution: Be Prepared Set a Time Easy on Tactics Know your company’s marketing goals
  11. 11. Solution: Show impact on bottom line
  12. 12. Problem: Many CMO’s Come From Traditional Marketing
  13. 13. Solution: Show missed opportunities
  14. 14. Solution: vs. Compare competitors to your site
  15. 15. Solution: Show valuable figures to back up your argument Show valuable stats to back you up
  16. 16. Problem: Proving the Value
  17. 17. Solution Show examples of success
  18. 18. Spyfu gentle giant
  19. 19. Solution: DIRECT MAIL Show search as part of complete marketing picture SOCIAL AIL PRINT
  20. 20. Problem: Social is Getting All of the Buzz
  21. 21. Solution: Social impacts search – and vice versa Bing and google slide showing social and search
  22. 22. Problem: Explaining Risks
  23. 23. Solution: MANAGE EXPECTATIONS!
  24. 24. SEO takes time to be effective
  25. 25. PPC is instant gratification – but has a higher price PPC is instant gratification…at a price
  26. 26. Search marketing has low cost relative to other channels
  27. 27. Position as a measurable and trackable solution
  28. 28. Problem: Objections
  29. 29. Common objections
  30. 30. Solution: Use all tools at your disposal
  31. 31. Free• Unique site visitors• Top keywords to drive trafficPro• 5 sites• 2 years back• Demographic Details
  32. 32. Free• Demographic data• Similar sites• Traffic data• Even more benefits with pixel association
  33. 33. Free• Overlay 2-3 metrics• Conversion and goal tracking• Adwords integration• Geo-tracking
  34. 34. Free• New interface (easier to use)• ROI, ROAS reports• Keyword opportunity reports• Exportable reports
  35. 35. Free• Who are organic/PPC competitors• Who is spending what• The $ value of your organic campaign (in terms of PPC)
  36. 36. Selling toInternal Marketing Teams
  37. 37. Direct traffic and organic traffic increases during direct and email flights
  38. 38. TV, radio, print – use unique campaign links to track effectiveness
  39. 39. IT as part of revenue – not just a cost center (when appealing to IT Director or CIO)
  40. 40. Proving the Value of Search• Be Prepared• Lead with Problem, Not Solution• Use Competitive Data• Focus On Bottom Line Benefits• Use Your Tools• Have Fun
  41. 41. Who Is 451 Marketing?Founded in February, 2004Headquartered in Boston with an office in SanFranciscoA collaboration of 25 industry veteranscommitted to being best-of-breed publicrelations, search marketing, and social mediaspecialistsRecently named a 2011 Boston BusinessJournal PacesetterGoogle Adwords certified
  42. 42. We work with and build great brands:
  43. 43. Francis Skipper,Director of Search Marketing451 Marketing100 North Washington StreetBoston, MA 02114617-259-1605 x
  44. 44. QUESTIONS?