Integrating SEO and PPC Workshop 10-16-2012


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  • Research what keywords are triggering the article or willProduct offeringsCompany names (former & current)ExecutivesModifers (including “sucks” “scam” “rip off”, etc)
  • Over 2 million searches on 10 keywords related to “lower electric bill”
  • Over 2 million searches on 10 keywords related to “lower electric bill”
  • We can control the P and OToday we’re going to talk about how to increase the EBy engaging your users through search
  • We ran a test to see what the best position was to be in to drive click through and found that, for non-branded keywords it was best to be next to the organic results. So, if the keyword was in position 3, the PPC ad did best in position 5, in position 2, it was best to be in position 4, etc.
  • A neilson survey show that when PPC and SEO are run together there is a 32% increase in the click rates.
  • Integrating SEO and PPC Workshop 10-16-2012

    1. 1. Integrating Paid Search With SEO 10.16.2012
    2. 2. Francis SkipperVice President of Digital Marketing 617-259-1605 @fskip
    3. 3. Agenda: Steps to Successful Integration 1. Communicate clearly to search engines 2. Think like your customers 3. Integration (putting it all together)
    4. 4. 1. Communicate Clearly to Search Engines!
    5. 5. SEO Has Three Core ComponentsCode Content Connections• Crawlability • On-Page • Linking • HTML • Keyword Density • Directories • XML sitemaps • Title Tags • Social, blogs, articles • URL Structure • Meta tags • Press releases • Robots.txt • H1, H2 etc • Partners • Navigation • Anchor Text • Internal links • 301’s • Navigation • 404’s • Canonical
    6. 6. Pay-per-click (PPC)
    7. 7. Search Engine Marketing SEO PPC Organic Paid Pro: Pro: Great Long-term ROI Quick Set up High Ceiling & Volume Highly measurable & quantifiableMore exposure, branding, awareness Less development resources needed Con: Con: Tough to quantify More expensiveLots of work (design/development) Lower ceiling & volume potential Takes a while (not for short-term) May be subject to “ad blindness”
    8. 8. Keyword Research Your Feedback Keyword Website Content Industry News Historical Data Data Organic Search Data Web Analytics Data Competitor Sites Variation Keyword Plurals Misspellings Synonyms Concatenations Keyword Tools
    9. 9. Keyword Themes and Query Intent Navigational Queries Informational Queries 80%of all Searches Transactional Queries 9
    10. 10. 2. Think Like Your Customers!
    11. 11. Keyword Research Brainstorm Search Queries • What would users who know my products type in? • e.g. Full service moving company • What about users who don’t know about my products? • e.g. Moving supplies and boxes • What are some searches I DON’T want to show up for? • e.g. piano movers
    12. 12. Keyword Research
    13. 13. Think About the Purchase Funnel Increase Brand Visibility Awareness Impressions & CPM Drive Qualified Traffic Education Customer Reviews, product comparisons, demos Generate Leads Consideration Newsletter subscriptions, Email captures, etc. Sales Purchase Revenue, orders, CPO, ROI, ROAS
    14. 14. Optimize Keyword Targeting teaching jobs in school 60,500 teaching jobs schools 33,100 teaching in a private school 14,800
    15. 15. Capitalize on Keyword Trends
    16. 16. Capitalize on Keyword Trends
    17. 17. The Long Tail
    18. 18. Think: Ad Copy Testing Feeler Email Marketing Reach your customers and actuallyEmphasis on human connection and feelings have time for lunch. Free trial. Intuitor Email Marketing Grow your small business with Words like “grow” and “growth” to infer forward, future thinking email marketing. Free trial. Sensor Email Marketing Reach customers before your Action words focusing on achieving results & being competitive competitors do. Free trial. Email Marketing Thinker 200,000+ small businesses choose us for email marketing. Free trial. Words invoking confidence in product, community-themed
    19. 19. Creative Testing Control Creative Test Creative Acme Home Security {KeyWord:Acmes Rapid Response} Find affordable, reliable home Help Assure Safety & Security w/ an Safety security and surveillance systems. Acme Home Security System. CTR: 0.27% CTR: 0.94% Avg. CPC: $1.75 Avg. CPC: $1.46 Using keyword insertion and targeted Standard Home Security increasedMotion Intrusion Motion Detection Get A $99 messaging {KeyWord:Acme Home Detection} Acme Home Security Help Protect from System Install. Contact Us Today! Acme Monitored Home Advantage. CTR, improved keyword Quality CTR: 0.83% CTR: 2.78% Score and lowered average CPC $1.90 Avg. CPC: $2.54 Avg. CPC: Acme Home Security {KeyWord:Acme Fire Alarms} Find affordable, reliable home Help Keep your Family Safe w/a Fire Fire Alarm security and surveillance systems. Alarm from Acme Home Security. CTR: 0.21% CTR: 1.71% Avg. CPC: $2.15 Avg. CPC: $2.11
    20. 20. Campaign Optimization & Execution Track & Report Optimize Performance Targeting - Rankings, Impressions and Clicks - Meta Tags, Taxonomy, URL Structure - Traffic, Click-Through Rate, Bounce Rate - Refined Bidding and Budget Strategies - Conversions and Conversion Rate - Optimize Lading Pages - Cost-Per-Acquisition - Improve Ad Copy and A/B Testing Integrate Strategies Quarterly Review Coordination SWOT - Re-allocate Keyword Phrases - Identify Top Keywords - Online-Offline Marketing Integration - Identify Challenges - Integrate PPC-SEO Efforts - Identify Cross-Site Opportunities - Continuous Testing - Leveraging Social Media and Dominate The Page Strategies
    21. 21. Push PPC Wins In SEO
    22. 22. 3. Integrate Channels
    23. 23. Categorizing Digital Advertising Paid TV Commercial, Web Banner Ad, Paid Search Owned Website, Blog, Facebook Page Earned Blog Mention, Word of Mouth, Buzz POEM
    24. 24. P EO E
    25. 25. SEO/PPC Integration
    26. 26. Non-branded PPC CTR Increases WhenNext to Organic Result 1.99% PPC CTR increased to 6.88% CTR Test position adjustments for PPC keywords to measure impact on PPC CTR
    27. 27. Internal Search Logs #2 Searched Term: “bed spreads”
    28. 28. SEO/PPC Integration 32% increase in the click rate Paid & Natural Natural Only Paid Results 70 6% % 0% 0% 2% 6% 60% 22 % 4% 28% Natural 2% 0%
    29. 29. 29
    30. 30. Local Search pages can see 300% increase in conversions! 30
    31. 31. In Review Communicate Clearly to Search Engines • SEO – 3 c’s • PPC – Quality ad copy Think you’re your Customers • Keyword Research • Reassure Visitors and SE’s of Keyword Themes (conversion enhancement) • Capitalize on Trends Integrate (putting it all together) • SEO and PPC • Social, Video, PR, Local
    32. 32. Questions?
    33. 33. Francis SkipperVice President of Digital Marketing 617-259-1605 @fskip
    34. 34. Using Paid Search to Enhance Organic Search Efforts