Generate Sales Using Public Relations


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In a stressed economy, marketing budgets are usually the first to feel the pinch. When times are tough, companies are forced to re-evaluate their current marketing campaigns and increasingly demand higher ROI from their marketing teams. When executed in a thoughtful manner, investing in traditional public relations can have a dramatic effect on your brand’s bottom line.

Want to learn how traditional and emerging public relations tactics can affect your bottom line? AJ Gerritson, 451 Marketing Founding Partner, will outline the key elements of a well-planned and integrated public relations campaign in this free webinar. Attendees will gain an understanding of how to leverage both traditional and digital public relations tactics to reach their target audience and increase their bottom line.

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Generate Sales Using Public Relations

  1. 1. How to Generate SalesWith Public Relations
  2. 2. AJ GerritsonFounding Partner 617.986.0224
  3. 3. In a Stressed Economy……Marketing Budgets Often First to Feel Pinch
  4. 4. Public Relations Almost Always …Yields a Better ROI* *Compared to mass media advertising
  5. 5. “All public relations campaigns are created equal.”Without clear and concise objectives, you may be sending your message to deaf ears…
  6. 6. Successful PR Campaigns• Created in a thoughtful manner• Defined targeted audience and voice• Research and results-based
  7. 7. Five Steps to aSales-Generating PR Plan
  8. 8. I. Align PR Efforts With OBJECTIVES Business Objectives
  9. 9. Consider the Following• What are my company’s overall goals for sales and marketing?• Do my public relations efforts align with current ongoing marketing efforts?• What is the philosophy of my public relations firm? Do they take a “press for the sake of press” approach?• Do the public relations opportunities that I am getting help to support overall goals for my brand?
  10. 10. II. Focus Your PR Campaign On Lead Generation
  11. 11. Where is Your Audience?
  12. 12. III. Integrate New Media
  13. 13. >845 million >300 million >135 million >15 million/month *compare that to the NY Times 1 million monthly readership
  14. 14. Monitoring Tools
  15. 15. Broadcast & Messaging Tools
  16. 16. Connection Tools
  17. 17. IV. Employ Search- Leveraged PR
  18. 18. Search Leveraged PR• Better search engine optimization• Increased qualified leads• Reputation management
  19. 19. Integrate Search Terms• Overall Brand Messaging and Site Copy• Optimized Press Releases• Social Media Properties and Messages
  20. 20. V. Set Success Metrics thatInclude Tracking New Leads
  21. 21. Ask Yourself…• Am I satisfied with the number of leads resulting from my current public relations campaign?• Is my agency/public relations team measuring how effective their campaign is to help us generate new leads or business?• How much has our lead-flow increased from our current public relations campaign?
  22. 22. Tracking PR Efforts
  23. 23. About The Yankee Candle Company, Inc.• Leading designer, manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer of premium scented candles• More than 500+ locations and 25,000+ retailers in 48 countries
  24. 24. Overview• Releasing a new limited-time collection, the Stars and Stripes patriotic line• Needed to raise national awareness among The Yankee Candle demographic in time for the Memorial Day holiday weekend
  25. 25. Overview• 451 Marketing identified an ideal partner in Tory Johnson, CEO of Women for Hire and author who appears regularly on ABC’s Good Morning America as its workplace contributor• Tory was seeking out brands to feature on Memorial Day Deals segment
  26. 26. Challenge 1:Deal must offer significant discount
  27. 27. Challenge 2:Short lead time to prepare for feature
  28. 28. Challenge 3:Large amount of uncertainty surroundingwhether feature would air
  29. 29. Approach• 3 large jar candles from collection for $30 – nearly 60% discount.• Deal to run for five days – from the Thursday of the feature through to midnight Monday (Memorial Day).• Emphasis on the fact that The Yankee Candle Company manufactures its candles in the USA, another key selling point for the patriotic themed feature.
  30. 30. Broadcast ResultsSegment Viewership: 4,243,869
  31. 31. Broadcast Results Ad Value: $658,000
  32. 32. Facebook Results Tory Johnson 12,933 Fans Good Morning America 276,231 Fans Yankee Candle Co. 346,044 Fans
  33. 33. Twitter Results @TheYankeeCandle 3,449 Followers @ToryJohnson 23,147 Followers @GMA 1,720,975 Followers Total 1,767,571 Impressions
  34. 34. Deal Site Attention Visitors/Month CouponCabin 1.2 million DealNews 1.3 million SlickDeals 4.2 million RetailMeNot 4.4 million
  35. 35. Drove 15,000 Visitsto
  36. 36. >6,000 Transactions in Stores
  37. 37. “Just wanted to let you know that SALES ARE ON FIRE already this morningafter the GMA segment. Phones are ringingoff the hook, customers are pouring throughour doors, calling their friends, bringing their friends with them!!!! It’s simply lovely!!!” -Yankee Candle Retail Employee
  38. 38. >9,000 Transactions>27,000 Candles Sold33% New Customers
  39. 39. To Review I. Align PR With Business Goals II. Focus PR Efforts on Lead Gen III. Integrate New Media IV. Leverage Search V. Track Results
  40. 40. Questions?
  41. 41. – Founded in 2004– Based in Boston– 30 Communications Professionals– Partners Nicholas Lowe, AJ Gerritson, and Tom Lee– Named a 2011 BBJ Pacesetter
  42. 42. AJ GerritsonFounding Partner 617.986.0224
  43. 43. 100 NORTH WASHINGTON STREETBOSTON, MA 02114(617) 259-1605451MARKETING.COM