Defining Your Social Brand Online


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  • Do you have different subsets of audiences who require different messaging? Do you have multiple purposes (customer service, sales, news, recruiting) that reauire more than one voice
  • Different profiles for different locations
  • Different profiles to meet varying demands
  • Intro to 451 Marketing
  • Defining Your Social Brand Online

    1. 1. Defining Your Social Brand Online
    2. 2. #451Workshop AJ Gerritson Founding Partner 617.986.0224 @ajgerritson
    3. 3. 451 Marketing Social Media Series Social Media 101 Defining Your Social Brand Online Creating and Executing a Social Plan
    4. 4. Today’s AgendaI. Social Media Brand Voice – Persona, Tone, Language, PurposeII. Speaking Through Your Brand VoiceIII. Creating a Consistent Presence Online
    5. 5. I. Determining Brand Voice
    6. 6. Character/Persona ToneFriendly Playful Personal HonestWarm Authoritative Humble DirectInspiring Professional Clinical Formal Social Media Brand VoiceLanguage Purpose Complex Simple Engage Entertain Savvy Jargon-heavy Educate Delight Insider Fun Inform Sell Serious Whimsical Enable Amplify Social Media Explorer, 2011
    7. 7. Character/PersonaHow does your brand sound? Friendly Playful Warm Authoritative Inspiring Professional
    8. 8. Character/PersonaWho does your audience want to hearfrom?
    9. 9. Character/PersonaQ: Is my persona an “I” or a “WE?” I WE
    10. 10. Is there well known figurehead orpersonality who can speak for your brand (or, do you want to establish one?)
    11. 11. Character/PersonaQ: Is my persona the brand itself or theteam behind the brand? BRAND TEAM
    12. 12. Character/PersonaQ: Do I have the need/resources for morethan one persona? ONE MANY
    13. 13. ToneWhat tone do you use with youraudience? Personal Honest Humble Direct Clinical Formal
    14. 14. Tone Formal Personal
    15. 15. LanguageWhat kind of words do you use in yourcommunications? Complex Simple Savvy Jargon-filled Insider Fun Serious Whimsical
    16. 16. Language Serious Whimsical Jargon-heavy
    17. 17. PurposeWhy are you on social media? Engage Entertain Educate Delight Inform Sell Enable Amplify
    18. 18. Purpose Engage Sell
    19. 19. • This: Break out the biscuits and celebrate! The Dog Days Sale is here Character/Persona – what pet products are you stocking up on?Casual, Playful, Inspiring • Not This: Don’t miss the Dog Days Sale, unless, of course, you don’t love your dog • This: We love our dogs –which is why we love the Dog Days Sale. Get Tone Everything you need for your best friend today!Personal, Honest, Humble • Not This: We have the best sale in the world! Buy now or miss out. • This: Our Buy One, Get One sale is the cat’s meow! Stock up now on Language our favorite kitty treats, toys, and essentials. Simple, Fun, Savvy • Not This: We have lots of fab stuff for you and your kitten. Be ITK on our BOGO sale. • This: Our Breed of the Week is Wire Terriers. Bring yours in & we’ll Purpose take a pic for our wall of fame. What’s your favorite breed?Engage, Delight, Entertain • Not This: We think Wire terriers are the best. Send us a pic. Social Media Explorer, 2011
    20. 20. II. Speaking Through Your Voice
    21. 21. Be Transparent
    22. 22. Keep in Mind Confidentiality
    23. 23. Correct Mistakes and Misinformation
    24. 24. Give Credit Where Credit is Due @451Heat Check out our latest blog post by @maxesilver "Not -So-Quiet Riot: Why Boston’s #RubyRiot Was a Success" Credit the Source
    25. 25. Be Respectful
    26. 26. When in Doubt, Ask!
    27. 27. III. Creating Consistent Presence Online
    28. 28. Establish Your Brand
    29. 29. Just Like a Storefront,Important to Create a Branded Identity on Social Media
    30. 30. Facebook Branding
    31. 31. Cover PhotoGives you the opportunity to get creative and further extend your brand experience for Facebook users.
    32. 32. Timeline Apps and Tabs“About” Section
    33. 33. Twitter Branding
    34. 34. Google+ Branding
    35. 35. Questions?
    36. 36. Integrated Communications CampaignsThe experienced team at 451 Marketingspecializes in integrating public relations,social media, and search marketing tacticsinto dynamic communications campaigns.We work with brands to build awareness,engage customers, and drive businessusing custom, integrated communicationscampaigns.
    37. 37. – Founded in 2004– 30 Communications Professionals Based in Boston– Partners Nicholas Lowe, AJ Gerritson, and Tom Lee– Named a 2011 & 2012
    38. 38. AJ GerritsonFounding Partner 617.986.0224
    39. 39. Defining Your Social Brand Online