BWN/451 Your Personal Brand and Social Media


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As our online experiences become increasingly social, it is important for professionals to learn how to effectively manage their image online. Francis Skipper, Director of Search and Social Media Marketing at 451 Marketing, taught attendees how to craft and communicate a strong, unified personal brand online using social media to help achieve professional goals. Attendees learned learn best practices, tips, and tools that, when combined thoughtfully, can help them manage and leverage their personal brand online.

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BWN/451 Your Personal Brand and Social Media

  1. 1. Your Personal Brand and Social Media
  2. 2. I. Listen & Monitor
  3. 3. WHAT are people saying aboutyou/your brand onlineWHERE are people discussingyou/your brand onlineWHO is discussing you/your brand online
  4. 4. Francis Skipper
  5. 5. 451 Marketing
  6. 6. Also monitor…Industry CompetitorsNews #TrendingTopics
  7. 7. PROFESSIONAL v. PERSONAL Social Media Brand
  8. 8. II. Define Your Brand & Voice Who Am I? What Do I Do? What Do I Believe? +What Value Do I Add? =Your Personal Brand
  9. 9. II. Define Your Brand & Voice Search Marketer OR Global Search Marketing Executive Based in Boston and San Francisco
  10. 10. Francis Skipper is the Director of Search Marketing at 451 Marketing. @fskipLike Any Brand, Consistency is Key
  11. 11. III. Four Major Platforms
  12. 12. Social Tools Explained… I’m eating a #doughnut I ‘like’ doughnuts and doughnut- eating groups I have doughnut-eating skills and expertise These are my opinions and expertise on doughnuts …Using Doughnuts
  13. 13. (I’m eating a #doughnut)
  14. 14. Personal Brand Goals for Twitter1. Share content you have created with community2. Show your involvement in an industry dialogue3. Voice your opinions on relevant topics4. Identify yourself authoritatively amongst your target audience5. Extend your brand image
  15. 15. Anatomy of a Tweet Handle Credit the Source Content @451HeatCheck out our latest blog post by @maxesilver"Not -So-Quiet Riot: Why Boston’s #RubyRiotWas a Success" #Hashtag Link ≤ 140 Characters
  16. 16. Major Components of Twitter Profile Name Profile with links Profile Picture Handle to blog, website, etc. Chose a Background Which Reflects Your Brand
  17. 17. Proven Ways to Get More Followers1. Show who you are – a complete bio with link to your site2. Minimal self-promotion – don’t be that guy at the cocktail party3. Identify yourself authoritatively4. Avoid negativity - like sadness, aggression, negative emotions and feelings, and morbid comments (Dan Zarella, HubSpot)
  18. 18. Who Should You Follow?• People you want to engage with: • Clients • Potential clients • People in your industry • Competitors • Partners • Industry influencers
  19. 19. (I ‘like’ doughnuts and doughnut-eating groups)
  20. 20. Personal Brand Goals for Facebook1. Set personal/professional boundaries!2. Share content and ideas3. Extend your brand image using Timeline
  21. 21. Privacy Settings on Facebook
  22. 22. Branding Using Facebook Timeline Profile Picture Cover Photo
  23. 23. (I have doughnut-eating skills and expertise)
  24. 24. Personal Brand Goals for LinkedIn1. Connect with professional contacts2. Share relevant content you have created with community3. Show your involvement in an industry dialogue4. Voice your opinions on relevant topics5. Identify yourself authoritatively amongst your target audience
  25. 25. Setting Up Your LinkedIn Profile
  26. 26. Optimize Profile
  27. 27. Leverage Groups
  28. 28. Engage In Community AJ Gerritson
  29. 29. Set Alerts
  30. 30. Mobile Networking
  31. 31. LinkedIn Resources
  32. 32. (These are my opinions and expertise on doughnuts)
  33. 33. Personal Brand Goals for Blog1. Create central hub for your personal brand2. Share original content and opinions on topics relevant to your audience3. Identify yourself as a thought leader and showcase your writing skills4. Extend your brand image
  34. 34. Central place for content creation, establishingvoice, and positioning yourself as thought leader
  35. 35. IV. Tools To Monitor & Maintain
  36. 36. Tweets Written in Tweets You’ve People Who’ve Advance Already Sent Mentioned You Custom Created Search Terms
  37. 37. Nameplate Pages
  38. 38. Takeaways1.Research your online brand2.Establish your Voice (professional v personal)3.Be consistent across platforms4.Optimize your profiles5.Use tools to monitor
  39. 39. Questions?
  40. 40. Francis SkipperDirector of Search Marketing 617-986-0226
  41. 41. Your Personal Brand and Social Media