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Pax Primary school


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Pax Primary school

  1. 1. Pau Artiz Miquel Aragón Pax school
  2. 2. This is OUR school. It’s near the city center. It’s got 17 classes with 25 pupils each. It’s got about 435 pupils aged 3 to 12, and 28 teachers
  3. 3. Our playground is a very big forest. In this forest there are slides, wooden games, wood tables for working, a vegetable garden and lots of trees.
  4. 4. Library Kitchen Gym Dinning Room
  5. 5. kindergarten Primary Primary: Morning 9-13, Afternoon 15 -17 The school timetable is: Kindergarten: Morning 9 – 12, Afternoon 15 – 17
  6. 6. After school activities are: football, basketball, athletics, orienteering ...
  7. 7. The lunch service is a good service with a team of strict lunch instructors. The lunch is prepared in the school kitchen. It's good and healthy
  8. 8. The school organizes lots of activitites school camps, La Castanyada,Santa Llúcia's fair, The Christmas concert, The Carnival, Saint George's day, Tree day, Sports day ...
  9. 9. Thank you