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Convert your MS Access app to a cloud app


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MS Access is widely used, yet by converting your system to a cloud app you get so many advantages: multi-user, available from any location, no more record-locking and so on. The 42windmills platform can help you give your MS Access db a second live by turning it into a native cloud application (hosted on Windows Azure).

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  • Microsoft Access already exists in cloud
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  • @mbredemeier I'm also using Caspio and liked it a lot. It's pretty easy to import/export MS Access data to the platform and do lots of things with them, as well as build and deploy web apps using these data. I guess it depends on what you intend to to with your Access data. You can always custom the plan based on data usage tho, and they have unlimited users.
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  • caspio is insanely expensive for a small business. You only get 3 forms/reports for 19/month, then 6 per page after that. You are basically forced to go to PRO for $250 per month if you want to upload most access databases.
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Convert your MS Access app to a cloud app

  1. 1. Your MS Access dbconverted to acloud basedbusiness application…… in justminutes!watch the Next Big Thing
  2. 2. See what it can do for you
  3. 3. Back in the 90’swriting a simplesoftwareapplicationwasn’t too difficult
  4. 4. Tons of applications are built on MS Access.
  5. 5. the technique is outdated …there is hardly support …
  6. 6. do yourecognizethis?
  7. 7. rebootingeverydayto fixlockedfiles
  8. 8. repair and compact
  9. 9. not scalable for multiple users
  10. 10. workingoutside theoffice…..not possible
  11. 11. Share your application?
  12. 12. What are the alternatives …
  13. 13. What tools wouldyou use to buildthem?
  14. 14. The truth is…we are indesperate need ofsimplicityin this industry.
  15. 15. 42windmills is all aboutsimplicity …simplicitysimplicitysimplicitysimplicitysimplicitysimplicitysimplicitysimplicity
  16. 16. What if you couldconvertthis legacy …
  17. 17. to a cloud basedbusinessapplication …… in record time!
  18. 18. Impossible?
  19. 19. Connectivity
  20. 20. Browser independentWeb based means …Available anywhereAvailable anytimeReduced maintenanceUnlimited access
  21. 21. Connectivity
  22. 22. … using Web ServicesConnect to any system…HRMCRMERPbookkeeping
  23. 23. Customizable
  24. 24. At any time…User defined lay-outsContext sensitive navigationUser defined reportsRole-based user managementChange any tableChange any formChange any relationshipwithout codingMobile integration
  25. 25. Free choice ofdeployment
  26. 26. it’s your choice…For developers: download source codeCloud Hosting1 Click deployment
  27. 27. See what it can do for you
  28. 28. This presentation is brought to you byFor more info visit or www.theprefappcompany.comContact us Now!