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What is social media


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What is social media

  1. 1. What is Social Media?
  2. 2. Purpose• Leave you with an ability to distinguish Social Media from other online Media Platforms
  3. 3. 94% of Marketers are using Social Media for BusinessSurvey by Social Media Examiner in which 3800 marketers participated
  4. 4. Struggle is in using it effectively
  5. 5. So, what exactly is Social Media?
  6. 6. We’ll answer this in two parts• What is “Media”?• What type of Media qualifies as “Social Media”?
  7. 7. What is Media?• Media is about Publishing & Distributing content – One set of people publish content – And another set of people read that content Media
  8. 8. Who publish Content in Media?• Editors – A select group of people – Mostly employed by the platform• Users – Act out of their own will – Not controlled by the platform
  9. 9. Media where User GeneratedContent Dominates is Social MediaEditorial Content User Generated Content
  10. 10. Editorial Media: The NewspapersEditorial Content User Generated Content
  11. 11. Social Media: FacebookEditorial Content User Generated Content
  12. 12. Social Media: LinkedInEditorial Content User Generated Content
  13. 13. Social Media: YouTubeEditorial Content User Generated Content
  14. 14. Social Media: Blogging PlatformEditorial Content User Generated Content
  15. 15. Editorial Media: BlogEditorial Content User Generated Content
  16. 16. 100s of Social Media Channels • Social Networks • Content Sharing Sites • Social Games • Discussion Forums • …
  17. 17. Summary• Media is about publishing & distributing content• Content can be generated by Editors or Users• Wherever User Generated Content dominates is Social Media
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