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Negative Impact Created by Unsatisfied Customers using Social Media


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Negative Impact Created by Unsatisfied Customers using Social Media

  1. 1. Examples: Impact created byunsatisfied customers
  2. 2. United Breaks Guitars • Frustrated customer creates a song “United Breaks Guitars” • He chronicles how the airline mishandled guitar & showed apathy towards complaint. • The YouTube video has had 12 M+ views • The Times linked this video to 10% stock price*Source: dip for United Airlines
  3. 3. Nestle’s Social Media Meltdown • Nestle was buying palm oil fromacompany that was causing deforestation and extinction of Orangutan monkeys • Video as created by Green Peace supporters and uploaded on YouTube. • Led to lots negative comments including altered logo of KitKat and Nestle • Nestle lost its true followers and brand image*Source:
  4. 4. Unsatisfied customer goes all over
  5. 5. Summary• An unsatisfied customer can scare other customers away
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