Same Sh*T different day


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Same Sh*T different day

  1. 1. SSDDSame sh*t, different day
  2. 2. This is me Xaviera RingelingOwner of Never Ending WebFounder of 42bis.nlAvid social media user Serial site maker @Contentgirl
  3. 3. You and I must make a PAKT
  4. 4. Don’t worry. This doesn’t involve anyone’s soul
  5. 5. Whachu talking ‘bout?PersonalityAudienceKnowledgeTrust
  6. 6. Question What does a starry eyed customer look like?And why do companies want them?
  7. 7. Or was it starry eared….? Why do you want them? Buy your products – no questions askedDefend them – when something goes wrongDo your marketing for you – so you don’t have to
  8. 8. Something from yesteryearNet Promotor Score One of the leading metrics for customer loyalty and long term business success “How likely is it that you would recommend our company to a friend or colleague?” Nielsen: 90% of consumers trust recommendations from friends
  9. 9. ImpactNet Promotor Score Has even more impact in the internet age >>>
  10. 10. Only a few create70% of web users are spectators Creators, critics andconversationalists are a minorityA small group has more impact Even more so than offline
  11. 11. We’re all connectedOnline is eternal Bad press doesn’t disappearEven when you change
  12. 12. So you need them starry eyes Who love your brandAre willing to talk about itAnd recommend you to their followers And P.A.K.T will get them
  13. 13. Personality
  14. 14. Old skoolYour personality is you
  15. 15. Just yesterdayTheir personality comes from a carefully controlled brand strategy
  16. 16. But todayThat just won’t do in the social media age!People don’t do business withbrands, they do business with people With personalities
  17. 17. Challenge for big companies You are not that one person. But you have to operate and feel like that one person
  18. 18. AttractionA strong and clear personality attracts Customers, fans, friends
  19. 19. Forget persuasionAttraction is what you want
  20. 20. Personality - ToDo What is your personality? What does that mean for your company?How do you help your employees spread that message and enforce you personality?
  21. 21. Personality - remember It’s not a trick Not a thing you do Or a thing one dept. does It’s what you are!Figuring out your personality doesn’t change what your marketers do or your communications department does It changes how you do business
  22. 22. Audience
  23. 23. It used to be Knew your audience personally.Their names, their families. Their likes, their dislikes.
  24. 24. Just yesterday Didn’t know who they were.Used research to split them into groups. Used mass marketing and communication to reach them
  25. 25. But You were always off by an inchThere were a lot of innocent bystanders
  26. 26. Today Your customers want to beacknowledged. That you speak tothem as equals and become their peers.
  27. 27. Online they tell you their Wants Needs Hate Love What Moves Them
  28. 28. ToDoFigure out where your customers areFigure out how to listen to themListen and find out what moves them Deliver!
  29. 29. Knowledge
  30. 30. It used to be simpleYou just talked them face-to-face
  31. 31. Just yesterdayYou needed an agency to make it all happen for you. Creativity, scale and knowledge was bought.
  32. 32. TodayYou (!) need to understand both the technical restraints and possibilities of social platformsAND the culture in order to reach your customers
  33. 33. Not for sale Even if you do outsource, youneed knowledge to know what you’re buying
  34. 34. Not reallyWe just seem to forget that good web building, communications etc. requires expertise This is a strange phenomenon that’s specific to the web Between strategy and result is Knowledge
  35. 35. How it works No: Build it and they will come Yes: build it welland they will come
  36. 36. Recap…
  37. 37. Why? Personality Because this attracts customers so they come to you instead of the other way around AudienceBecause you need to know who you’re talking to, to speak the right words: to know what moves them Knowledge If you don’t do it well, it will have an adverse and long lasting effect
  38. 38. PAK leads to T So what is Trust?
  39. 39. There are 2 definitionsLogical Emotional
  40. 40. Logical PredictabilityBeing able to predict what other people will do and whatsituations will occur
  41. 41. Trust Personality Your behavior is predictable KnowledgeYou offer a certain predictable quality
  42. 42. Emotional Enabling others to takeadvantage of your vulnerabilitiesBut expecting them not toHow well, you are liked!
  43. 43. Emotional Audience Listening to the needs of youraudience and adhering to them makes you a friend
  44. 44. Net Promotor ScoreYou need P.A.K.T for a positive answer: “How likely is it that you would recommend our company to a friend or colleague” Nielsen: 70% of consumers trust online reviews By people they don’t even know!
  45. 45. Consumer behaviourHas consumer behaviour changed? We’re back where we started Just smarter (and a little overweight)
  46. 46. Consumer behaviour Good news for consumers Filled with opportunities for companies Make a PAKT!
  47. 47. Questions?