42angelitos - startup catapult from Europe to Silicon Valley


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42angelitos connects entrepreneurs with professionals and catapults awesome disruptve business ideas from Europe to Silicon Valley to incorporate and go to market as quickly as possible

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42angelitos - startup catapult from Europe to Silicon Valley

  1. 1. The Startup Catapult from Europe to Silicon Valley Christian H. Leeb CEO
  2. 2. Entrepreneurs need… •  ...Right ecosystem to focus on product •  •  development and market entry ...Professionals ready to work for stock options ...Smart money to cover expenses for living and travelling Problem: Entrepreneurs waste their time with acquisition, discussions, admin and other non-productive stuff
  3. 3. Professionals need... •  ...The right ecosystem to focus on their •  •  specific skills and expertice ...Right startups to work for in parallel ...Possibiity to get more money compared to consulting business or working as full time employees for large enterprises Problem: Professionals waste their time with acquisition, discussions, admin and other non-productive stuff
  4. 4. Our Solution •  42Angelitos brings the right professionals to •  •  •  entrepreneurs 42Angelitos covers all initial work for incorporation and organisational setup of a startup as fast as possible 42Angelitos shares knowledge and skills between entrepreneurs and professionals 42Angelitos catapults startups to the right ecosystem: to Silicon Valley
  5. 5. Mission •  42Angelitos supports early bird •  entrepreneurs having disruptive biz ideas with worldwide growth potential and catapults them from Europe to Silicon Valley All initial supportive work will be done by professionals we call „Angelitos“, so the entrepreneur can focus on productizing and market entry
  6. 6. Objecive 42Angelitos will have a portfolio of 20 startups till midth of 2014 and grow the value of the whole group as quickly as possible
  7. 7. Our Principles •  Angelitos Inc. and all startups are Delaware •  •  companies All legal documents have the same structure Professionals get stock options of Angelitos o  Depending on depth of work for individual startup additional stock options of the startup are granted •  Entrepreneurs get stock options of Angelitos o  As a signal to belong to the 42Angelitos group
  8. 8. Unique Value Proposition •  42Angelitos is a bottom up approach by •  •  entrepreneurs and professionals only interested in developing ideas to valuable companies as quickly and cost effective as possible Overall 42Angelitos and all startups need less money because of sharing and caring 42Angelitos is a consulting-free zone and runs a no-public-funds-strategy
  9. 9. Market •  There are many startups each year •  42Angelitos picks a small number of them at •  •  an early stage, sometimes even when there is only an idea and nothing else 42Angelitos is only focussed on crowd, social, internet based, large scaling solutions which could generate huge value Each 42Angelitos startup has the potential to become a 100 Million $ company
  10. 10. Core Team Christian H. Leeb CEO Visionary Portfolio Entrepreneur Frederik Hermann CMO Living in the ecosystem of Silicon Valley Harald Weiss CFO Future Oriented Controller Ilie Ghiciuc CTO Innovative Technician with market orientation Rainer Dechet Investor Relation Hands on Networker
  11. 11. Professionals & Partners •  Legal: Wilmerhale •  Banking: Silicon Valley Bank •  ...and many other professionals for finance, technology, sparring, investment, team building, organisation, marketing, sales, business development
  12. 12. Competition •  Early stage investors •  Accelerators •  Incubators We believe that there is only a little overlap, so we will and can cooperate •  National public funds in Europe We believe that the market shall decide – not funding organisations So, we have a clear no-public-funds-strategy
  13. 13. Exit Strategy •  venture capital companies o  Angelitos is focussed on early stage o  VC could continue in series A rounds •  IPO o  Angelitos is entrepreneur focussed o  Angelitos could leed to a new way for startups supported by the crowd, by entrepreneurs, and by professionals building a bottom-up portfolio
  14. 14. Now it is your turn! •  Become part of our movement! N ! W O
  15. 15. Thank You! Christian H. Leeb CEO Angelitos Inc. CA-94304 Palo Alto, US www.42angelitos.com chris@42angelitos.com