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Over and beyond basketball llc slide show presentation.pptx final 3

  1. 1. Over and Beyond Basketball LLC“Taking the Student-Athlete to New Heights”
  2. 2. Our VisionOur vision is about using basketball as a platform to teach life lessons in a manner that molds one as an individual through perseverance and adversity.
  3. 3. Student-Athletes…
  4. 4. Our MissionOur mission is to instill in every student- athlete a true sense of knowing how to compete to their full potential, academically and athletically.
  5. 5. Founder/CEO Over and Beyond Basketball was founded on Nov. 19, Omar Collington 2011. Omar Collington, who played basketball at Decatur High School (High School), UNC-Asheville (College/B.A. Sociology), professionally abroad (Germany, Luxembourg, and Spain) works within the community and with student-athletes to help them believe/achieve in their mission in becoming successful student athletes.“Regardless the sport, life lessons are taught on a daily basis”-Omar Collington
  6. 6. Membership packages include: (All Stars / Junior Stars / Rising Stars) Our Services •Membership Packages Free Skills Evaluation 1 1/2 hour Training Session Monthly Training Sessions •PAYGO (PAY As YOU Go) OABB T-shirt and Bag Parent Consultation •Camps 10% discounts on other OABB event (camps or clinics) On-going mentoring •Clinics PAYGOPay As You Go (PAYGO) is our group or individual training •Motivational Speakingsessions working on conditioning, real-game situations, andfundamental drills. •MentoringPAYGO includes: •OABB GEAR (Shop)Free Evaluation1 hour 30 minute training sessionsUp to (4) sessions per weekPrice: $45 per session ($10 discount for 3 days or more)OPEN TO AGES 8 and OLDER
  7. 7. Our Camps and Clinics include the following:-Ball Handling-Shooting-Footwork-Defense-“Real Talk Series”-Rules of the Game-And so much more…O.A.B.B. Services Continued…
  8. 8. O.A.B.B. Minis Over and Beyond Basketball Minis is our toddler and beginner basketball program, geared towards: - Creating early Interest in Sports - Developing Hand Eye Coordination - Fighting Early Childhood Obesity - Promoting Physical Activity All the while having fun…
  9. 9. O.A.B.B. MinisOur minis program has grownsince it first started inDecember 2012. We are nowpartnered with the AtlantaDream and call ourcollaboration program theO.A.B.B. Little Dreamers. Eachmini receives training fromOver and Beyond BasketballLLC, but also exclusive AtlantaDream opportunities.
  10. 10. Message from Founder/CEO Omar Collington… Being a former professional basketball player, I understand that my blessing and talents allow me to be someone the youth looks up to. Mentoring all youth is one of the many community services Over and Beyond Basketball LLC provides…Services Continued…
  11. 11. Support Student Over and Beyond Athlete Wristbands Basketball T ShirtsSHOP O.A.B.B Gear and Apparel
  12. 12. Event Timeline: Nov. 19, 2011 Over and Beyond Basketball Mini Camp/Open House Atlanta Hawks vs. Golden State Warriors Feb. 29th , 2012 Inaugural “Celebration of the Student Athlete”, March 17th, 2012 Hawks vs. Boston Celtics Game 5 of NBA Playoffs May 8th, 2012 O.A.B.B. Summer Skills and Drills Camp July 9th – 13th 2012 Take the Show on the Road (Partnered event with Atlanta Dream) OABB Minis @ Decatur First Baptist Three on 3 Charity Basketball Tournament Contact US
  13. 13. O.A.B.B. Mini CampFounder/CEO Omar Collingtonalong with members of aFraternity and Atlanta Aliens(members of the AmericanBasketball Association)opened up the first ever eventfor Over and BeyondBasketball. Mini camp washeld at the Ebster RecreationCenter a place where OmarCollington once called home.
  14. 14. Over and BeyondBasketball Mini CampChildren of the DecaturHousing Authority were firstintroduced to Over andBeyond Basketball LLC. OmarCollington grew up in theDecatur Housing Authority,while attending RenfroeMiddle School, and DecaturHigh School.Giving back to the communityis what Over and BeyondBasketball strives to fulfillwithin our communities.
  15. 15. Over and Beyond Basketball LLCAtlanta Hawks vs. Golden State Warriors Feb. 29th, 2012
  16. 16. Message from Founder/CEO Omar CollingtonBeing exposed to positiveenvironments with positiverole models, is just one ofmany ways to help guidestudent athletes on therejourney to being not onlymotivated athletes, but modelcitizens within thererespective communities.-Omar Collington
  17. 17. Inaugural Celebration of the Student Athlete“Celebration of the StudentAthlete”, was held on March17th, 2012 at the HousingAuthority community center.Student-Athletes wererequired to write a 750 wordessay on what it means to bea true student-athlete, andalso asked to read the winningessay in front of attendees.Founder/CEO, OmarCollington believes thatstudent-athletes have more ofa leadership role, than theyactually realize. We work tohelp develop the importanceof being a student-athlete.
  18. 18. Guard Lindsey Harding of the Atlanta Dream (WNBA), was guest speaker for “Celebration of the Student Athlete”. Lindsey attended Cy- Fair High School as a student athlete where she excelled in both academics and athletics. She then earned a full- scholarship to play college basketball at Duke University where she again excelled as a student-athlete, and now in her 4th season with Atlanta Dream.“Celebration of the Student Athlete”
  19. 19. Queen Alford, a former Decatur High School basketball star, excelled both on and off the court. She has been trained and mentored throughout her senior year with Over and Beyond Basketball LLC. Queen spoke to a group of 50+ individuals, on what it meant to be a true student-athlete. She now attends Jacksonville University a NCAA Division 1 program on a full four-year scholarship.“Celebration of the Student-Athlete”
  20. 20. Atlanta Hawks vs. Boston Celtics Game 5 of NBA Playoffs A crucial Game 5 of the 2011 – 12 NBA playoffs was held at the Philips Arena on May 8th, 2012. Student-Athletes and affiliates of Over and Beyond Basketball LLC, had an opportunity to watch the biggest game of the series which Boston Celtics eventually won 4-2.Game 5 of NBA Playoffs (Atlanta Hawks vs. Boston Celtics)
  21. 21. Game 5 NBA Playoffs AtlantaHawks vs Boston Celtics
  22. 22. Over and Beyond Basketball LLC, Summer Skills and Drills Camp was held at Decatur High School on July 9th – 13th. Participants learned the fundamentals of the game, while participating in “real talk series”, and mentoring segments of camps and clinics.Summer Skills and Drills Camp
  23. 23. We stress that in order to be successful on and off the court, you have to continue to believe in yourself and work hard. We believe that this leads to maximizing your potentials as a student-athlete, as well as life. -Omar CollingtonSummer Skills and Drills cont…
  24. 24. “Take the Showon the Road”Over and Beyond BasketballLLC, partnered with DecaturHigh School and the AtlantaDream as a part of theDream’s community servicetour around the state ofGeorgia to help promotewomen’s professionalbasketball, as well as helpraise funds for their respectivehigh school athletic program(girls basketball).
  25. 25. “Take the Show on the Road”
  26. 26. Omar Collington Founder/CEO Email: overandbeyondbball@yahoo. Work Phone 404-662-6715 Helen Bohanna PR/Marketing Email: overandbeyondbball@yahoo.Contact Us...
  27. 27. O.A.B.B. Minis Our Minis Program is a fun and innovative way to introduce the concept of being a student-athlete, fight early childhood obesity, develop basketball fundamentals, learn new languages, and most importantly have fun.O.A.B.B. Minis Doing Work….
  28. 28. Decatur Alumnae Charity Basketball Tournament
  29. 29. Tournament Committee @ V-103 Onset
  30. 30. Three on 3 Charity Basketball Over and Beyond Basketball, hosted the tournament, assisting the Delta’s of the Sigma Delta Theta Sorority in a Three on 3 Charity Basketball Tournament. Sneakers were collected as entry fee and then donated to a charity supplying foreign countries with our generous collections.Three on 3 Charity Basketball Tournament
  31. 31. Website: overandbeyondbasketball.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/OverandBeyondBball Twitter: http://twitter.com/oabbllcFind us on the Web…