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Question 1 poster


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Question 1 poster

  1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? <br />
  2. 2. Conventions of a poster!<br />I have started by researching into existing posters for films in the same genre as me. I wanted to create a poster which will fit in with the conventions of a romantic film poster and therefore the genre will clearly be established to the audience. <br />Conventions of a poster<br />-Title<br />-Picture of the two main characters, normally a boy and a girl for a romantic film<br />-Age restriction <br />-Extra information about the directors, actors ETC.<br />-Clear bold text stating the names of the actors which are shown in this film.<br />-The photograph tends to be a photograph where the actors are in a similar of the same location as they are seen in the trailer. <br />-Colour<br />-Bold text<br />-Easy to read title<br />-A small caption which the audience/reader will remember.<br />-Needs to stand out to catch the audiences attention.<br />
  3. 3. Research!<br />I have began by researching into the existing posters for the films which i have previously spoken about their trailers. These films included ‘The notebook’, ‘Love Happens’, ‘Dear john’ and ‘Remember me’. I wanted to create a poster which will stand out among the background and therefore be able to draw the attention to my target audience.<br />The genre of my products is romantic therefore i wanted the audience to see clearly that it was a romantic genre. I researched firstly into the types of fonts which were used in existing romantic posters. I have previously decided to used a calligraphy font in my film trailer to help portray the theme of romance. I found this worked well in order to show a romantic film . I have decided to use this font in my poster. i have tried out a number of different fonts from This website helped me choose from a variety of different fonts under the heading of calligraphy. I also came across some fonts which where under handwritten. However i found this portrayed a more family film rather then a romantic film. The curly ends to the individual letters helped to show the romantic genre, the curly ends to the text reminded me of the old fashioned writing which you would find on scrolled paper. i have decided to used this effect in the trailer which i have previously created. <br />
  4. 4. Research!<br />I secondly went on to research into the different photographs and pictures which have been used on the front of existing romantic posters. I have looked at the colours used, the backgrounds and also the different poses and connections which the characters appear to have. <br />Looking at the backgrounds which have been used in the posters i have realised that the background appears to be a snippet from the film itself. This helps to link the trailer and the poster together. I really liked this idea therefore i have chosen to take photograph of my two characters in an area which i have previously filmed in. I have decided to take the photographs of the two characters sat on a bench up the hill. I have ensured the characters wear the same clothes as they have previously in this shot to help link the trailer and the poster together. I have decided this location as i felt this was one of the more romantic scenery in my trailer. I have also decided to pick this atmosphere because this is one of the last scenes within my trailer. After watching the trailer you will remember the last bits you have seen rather then the beginning areas, therefore this makes is easier for the audience to recognize the poster linked in with the trailer. <br />
  5. 5. Research!<br />I have looked at the different positions which the characters have been placed in within previous posters which i have looked at. In all of the posters including the names of the ones i have previously looked at, the characters always have some kind of connection. They are either looking at each other in some way to suggest romance or their body language suggests they are in love. I have used a photograph of the two characters body positions which suggest their romance towards each other in my magazine front cover . I wanted to try and portray the connection between the two characters through looking at each other in my poster. I have positioned the two characters sat on a bench looking at each other in the eyes and smiling at each other. This was to help show the two characters connections to each other. Their clothing is the same to what was seen in the trailer linking the two together. I wanted to add in a feel to show that something bad happens in this film through the poster. I really liked the effect from the poster of ‘Remember Me’. In the image on the front of the poster ‘Remember Me’ the picture has been converted into black and white. This suggests that although they may look happy together, not everything is perfect. I have used this technique on the photograph on the front of my poster. I have converted the photograph into black and white to symbolise the problems which may occur in the film.<br />
  6. 6. Research!<br />When positioning my photograph onto my poster my main concern was making it look too crowded. I didn't want the photograph to overcome the poster and make it look too crowded that people wouldn't be interested in it. I have found a resolution to this problem after looking at the front cover from ‘Love Happens’. The photograph was placed in the middle of the poster in a box taking up less then half of the poster. I really liked this idea and have used this in my poster, this has resolved the problem of the over crowded background. This also made is possible to catch the readers attention. I have decided to leave the background white to help the black and white photograph stand out and making the poster light to look at instead of heavy and dull. <br />I have added in a caption which states when the film will be released. I have decided to add this text in red. The reasons for this was because red suggests love and romance and because i wanted to add in a small amount of colour into my poster. Because the text isn't too big this doesn't take your attention off the main picture of the poster therefore it doesn't dominate the poster. <br />
  7. 7. Research!<br />I have added in some small text and the bottom which includes extra information on the producer, director, costume management and other similar information. I have made sure this information has been added in small text at the very bottom in order to keep the interest once again on the picture. Not many people are interested in this information therefore i have added this in small text. This text is also a grey colour instead of a black text to help camouflage into the background. This is information which is shown in all posters. <br />I have lastly added in a age restriction on to the bottom right hand corner as this is also a main convention of any poster. I have added this is small next to the writing at the bottom as once again i didn't want this to dominate the main focus of the poster.<br />